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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-09 18:50:37
Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of Pro Wrestling Syndicate's "Thank you Jerry" from Metuchen, NJ. The event is being broadcast live via iPPV by, which will broadcast a six minute preview of their forthcoming documentary on The legendary Dynamite Kid during the intermission of the iPPV.

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Apollyon vs. Lance Anoia

Lance tried to use his speed early but Apollyon wiped him out with his power.  Apollyon beat him down with chops and stiff shots.   He whipped Lance into the corner but was kicked away during a charge.  '

Lance worked him over with a series of heatbutts but was cut off  and nailed with a Black Hole Slam.   Lance caught him with a Uranage and came off the top with a frog splash.  Apollyon caught him with a leaping DDT and scored the pin.

Your winner, Apollyon!

Black Hollywood vs. Enhancement Talent

 Black Hollywood, Ruthless Ray Smith and Blackstar Shawn Edwards are PWS students.  They got a big pop.   They got some hot offense but were cut off by Enhancement Talent.   Hollywood made a comeback but couldn't get the pin.  One of Hollywood nailed a scissor kick and got the pin.  Short but sweet.

Bonesaw vs. Craven Varro vs. Keith Migs vs. Lucifer Darksyde vs. TDS (The Drunken Swashbuckler) vs. Mia Yim

Varro started off with Miggs, controlling him and scoring a two count.  Bonesaw tagged in and clotheslined Varro hard then backdropped him over.   TDS tagged in and scored with a series of armdrags on Varrro.  He ends up on the apron and drops down, grabbing the ropes. Bonesaw goes over the top to the floor. 

TDS hit a dive to the floor. Varro went for one but was nailed by Darksyde, who press and slammed him to the outside.    Darksyde and Yim faced off and went back and forth.  He drilled her with headbutts and a slam but missed with a flip legdrop.  He drilled her with a series of kicks and maneuvered Darksyde into the ropes, where he fell to the outside.  Yim kicked him from the apron and went to the top, hitting a moonsault to the floor.

Migs followed up with an Asai Moonsault to the outside but slipped.  Thankfully, they caught him.   Bonesaw caught him with a spinebuster for a two count.  

Darksyde grabbed TDS for a muscle buster but instead flipped him forward into a sitdown powerbomb, which looked great.  He then grabbed a tossing suplex on Varro.  Darksyde continued laying waste to everyone.  He came off the top for a moonsault and nailed it but Yim drilled him with s series of kicks.  They battled to the outside.  Meanwhile, Bonesaw came off the top with a great flying elbow and scored the pin on Varro.

Your winner, Bonesaw!

A hard worked and fought Six Way.  You could see everyone really trying to give everything this get, despite the relatively young careers of everyone involved.  Yim's time in Japan has really served her well.

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