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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-02 13:14:20

Arik Royal & Chiva Kid vs. Ric Converse & Trevor Lee, presented by CWF Mid-Atlantic

Royal and Converse started out.  Converse controlled early.  Lee and Kid tagged in.  Kid hit a series of hot moves that the crowd got into.    Lee cut him off with a big elbow.     They worked over Kid in their corner.  He fired his way out with elbows and punches, then nailed a springboard dropkick on both.  Kid followed that up with a leaping dive to the floor on Lee, then returned to hit onto on Converse, who was on the opposite side.

Back in the ring, Kid was cut off by Converse, who drilled him with rights and a back suplex.  Lee tagged in and cut Kid off, working him over on the mat.  Converse tagged in and worked over Kid, including a nasty spike DDT. 

They went back and forth with some great stuff.  Royal tagged in and hit some nice stuff.  Kid went for a springboard but was caught with a sitdown slam.  Converse drilled Royal with a big kick.  Kid tricked Lee into nailing Converse. Converse was nailed with a brainbuster.  Kid went to the top  and hit an insane double rotation moonsault.  THAT brought down the house.

Your winners, Arik Royal & Chiva Kid!

Excellent old school match with Kid bringing some kickass flying.  NC was well represented today.

p>Matt Tremont vs. Latin Dragon vs. Rory Mondo, presented by CZW.

Tremont overpowered the others when he locked up with them.  Everyone is wearing "Wrestling Fears CZW" shirts.   They sent Tremont to the outside.  Mondo went for a dive through the ropes but caught his legs on the ropes and nearly died.  How he was OK is beyond me, but he was.  He came back to hit an Arabian Press on Dragon.

Tremont returned to the fray and began beating the piss out of both men.   He nailed Dragon with a Facewash, then did the same to Mondo.   Mondo went for a flying head scissor but slipped, so he ended up taking a back suple to the floor.  Dragon hit a dive over the top on both.

Dragon continued to work over Mondo but was caught with a big head and arms suplex by Tremont.     Tremont chopped away at Mondo.    Mondo fought back and drilled Tremont with a double stomp off the top.  Dragon caught him with a full nelson suplex and went to the top for a 450 splash.  Tremont came off the top with a frog splash on both as Dragon tried to pin Mondo, then powerbombed Dragon for the pin.

Your winner, Matt Tremont!

Good match but man some of those spots scared me.  Mondo is lucky not to be dead.

Wrestling Is Art presents Colt Cabana vs. Mike Quackenbush

They battled back and forth with some nice counter wrestling.  Cabana pulled out some trademark silliness.  Quackenbush tied up Cabana on the mat but was caught in flying head scissors.    Quack finally bounced his way out of it and landed on his feet.

Quack began working over Cabana's arm but Cabana rolled to the mat and kicked him off.  They did a series of reversals, leading to Cabana cinching in a rear chinlock.  The crowd rallied Quack.

They went into some fun Johnny Saint inspired British comedy and takedowns.  It was awesome.   They went into a great back and forth series of pinfall combinations. 

They continued going back and forth until Cabana shocked the entire place getting the pin with a forward roll.  They shook hands after.  Great match that was a totally different spin on pro wrestling.

Your winner, Colt Cabana!

After the bout, Bill Apter came out to present an award to Cabana for being the ambassador for independent pro wrestling.  That is certainly a deserved honor.  Cabana said that everyone came here because they love pro wrestling.  He said when he was a kid, he read the old Pro Wrestling Illustrated issues and had a dream to be one of those heroes, so he's touched that he gets to come full circle and get an award from Bill and give something back to pro wrestling means the world to him.   He told a story about going to WWE and being treated like crap but coming back and being welcomed with open arms by the family that is independent wrestling.  He said that indy wrestling isn't a taboo but a family and it has some of the best athletes and performers in the world.  Great speech.

Beyond Wrestling: Sugar Dunkerton & Aaron Epic vs. Eric Corvis & Chris Dickinson

They started off hot with Dunkerton and Epic working over Corvis.    Epic controlled Corvis but was cut off.  Dickinson tagged in and controlled Epic, who was trapped in the opposition's corner.  They tagged in and out working him over.

They continued working over Epic as Dunkerston rallied the troops.   Dickinson suplexed Dunkerton on the floor.  Corvis missed a charge in the corner and was nailed by Epic.  Epic went for a superplex but was shoved off.  Corvis hit a splash.  Dickinson hit the scene  and drilled Epic with a series of kicks.  Epic fought back with several hard shots as Dunkerton finally pulled  himself to the apron and tagged in.

Dickinson tagged Sugar with a series of kicks but Dunkerton got right into his face and challenged him for more.   They traded some stiff headbutts and forearms.   Dunkerton nailed a back suplex but was grabbed by Corvis for a tombstone.

Corvis whipped Epic into the corner but was nailed with a stunner.   They continued going back and forth.  I missed the finish because they had so many guys around the ring.

Your winners, Sugar Dunkerton & Aaron Epic!

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