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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-02 13:14:20

Rey De Voladores Tournament: 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Jojo Bravo vs. Oliver Grimsley vs. Shane Hollister

They went back and forth with some fun combinations early.  Bravo is a smaller guy billed from Monster Island, which led to some creative stuff where he needed help to leap up, etc.   Hollister has an unbelievably hot redhead with him.  He nailed Bravo with a tilotwhirl backbreaker as Scorpio returned to the ring.

They ran off everyone else.  Bravo tried to slam Scorpio but failed.  Scorp nailed him with a big shot across the back and a series of forearms.   Bravo came off the top with a double knee to the chest for a two count.  Hollister returned to the scene and battered both with forearms.   Bravo used a head scissors to send him into the buckles.

Bravo was eliminated.  He had a good showing.

Scorpio was grabbed by Grimsley in the well, nipples.  Grimsley used them for momentum to send Scorp up and over to the mat.  That was funny.  Hollister drilled Grimsley with a running boot.  He redhead grabbed him but Scorp nailed Hollister.

Grimsley reversed and grabbed the redhead, who I am told is nailed Scarlett.  Scorp teased a powerbomb but was superkicked by Hollister.  Hollister was nailed with a 619 by Grimsley.  Scorpio then nailed Hollister with a kick, sending him to the floor.  Hollister and Scorpio battered each other back and forth.

They battled to the top but Scorp failed to nail a top rope rana.  Hollister called him and old man and drilled him from the top for a two count.   Scorpio nailed a 450 splash and pinned Hollister who was eliminated.   Grimsley immediately nailed Scorp with a splash and covered him for a two count.

They battled back and forth.  Grimsley nailed a springboard into a bodypress for a two count.   Scorp went for a slam but it was turned into a twisting DDT.  Hollister nailed a backcracker on Scorpio for a two count.

They had some nice exchanges and near falls until Scorpio nailed the 450 splash for the win.

Your winner, advancing to the finals tonight, 2 Cold Scorpio!

Really fun match!

Kaiju Big Battel will feature American Beetle & Neo Teppen vs. Dr. Cube & Sekmet.

Kaiju Big Battel features characters that are "monsters", inspired by the old great Kaiju films (think Gamera and Godzilla).  It's awesome but there are so many wacky characters I don't know where to begin, but if you haven't had a chance to check them out, you should.  American Beetle's team won.  It was great.  When no less an authority than Tony Lewis loves it, you know it's good.

Wrestling is Respect presents Drew Gulak vs. Francis O'Rourke.

They did some really good back and forth mat wrestling and reversals early.  Gulak trapped O'Roure in a head scissors.  Just as he was about to escape, Gulak snapped on a side headlock.

They went back and forth  and finally battled their way to the top and Gulak was drilled with a monster superplex.  Gulak was worked over but came back with a rolleup into a submission and forced O'Rourke to tap.

Really good submission style match.

Your winner, Drew Gulak!

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