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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-09 22:55:00

TNA champ Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Roode

They did the big time intros.

Roode took control on Hardy early, stomping the hell out of him.  The storyline is that the champ is going in hurting because of Thursday's attack.   Roode nailed Hardy and covered him several times for near falls.

Hardy backdropped Roode but was hurting.  Roode rolled to the outside and was nailed with a sliding kick.  Hardy hit a crossbody block over the top to the floor but grabbed at his ribs.

Hardy rolled Roode back into the ring for a two count.   Roode regained control and whipped Hardy hard into the buckles and focused his attacks on the back and mid-section.  Hardy went up and over to avoid a charge in the corner but was caught with a slam for a two count.

Roode began stomping away at Hardy and nailed a big suplex.  Roode nailed a big kneedrop for a two count.   He stepped on Hardy's back in the corner, compressing his ribs as Hardy screamed.  Roode locked in a side chinlock following another near fall.

Roode drilled Hardy into the buckles and killed him with a clothesline, then hit a rolling snapmare for a two count.  He cinched in another rear chinlock on Hardy, working him down on the mat.

Roode used his boot to choke Hardy and screamed at him that he was no champion.  He slammed the champion and went to the top.  He came off but Hardy put his feet up.  Hardy sent him into the buckles and nailed a Russian Legsweep. 

Hardy came to life with some momentum rebounding off the ropes but Roode used it against him, throwing him out of the ring to the floor.  Roode threw him into the ring steps and brought him back to the ring for another two count.

Roode cinched in another rear chinlock.  Hardy made a comeback, nailing the Cruncher legdrop and a dropkick between the eyes.  Roode reversed an Irish whip but was kick running into the corner.  Hardy nailed a splash off the ropes for a two count.

Hardy went for a piledriver but Roode reversed it and turned it into a catapult in the corner.  Hardy landed on the ropes and dove off into The Whisper in the Wind for a two count.  Roode rolled him up for a two count but ate a kick to the face.

Hardy nailed him with a gourdbuster and went to the top for a Vader splash off the ropes for a two count.  Hardy grabbed at his ribs after the move.  Hardy was sent into the ropes and nailed with a big spinebuster but kicked out at the last second.

The crowd tried to rally Hardy, who nailed the Twist of Fate.  Roode bumped out of the ring.  Hardy nailed a flying clothesline to the floor.  He grabbed the steel stairs and set them up.  He went for Air Sabu, leaping off the stairs for a spin kick but Roode jumped out of the way, so Hardy actually nailed the top of the railing and bumped into the crowd in one of the most brutal looking bumps of the year.  It looked insane.

Roode brought Hardy back into the ring but the champ kicked out at the last second.  He placed him atop the ropes for a superplex attempt.  Hardy fought him off and nailed a swanton off the ropes.  Hardy was too hurt to capitalize and began screaming.

Roode recovered first and drilled Hardy with a hard running spear but Hardy again kicked out.  This match is awesome.  

Aces and Eights came out to the Impact Zone.  Roode acted like he didn't want them around and began screaming.  That allowed Hardy to hit the Twist of Fate and shock him for the win.

Your winner, Jeff Hardy!

Immediately, Aces & Eights attacked Hardy and began beating him seven on one.   They powerbombed him down.  Roode was down in the corner and had nothing to do with the attack.  He recovered and began screaming at them that he paid them to do the job on Thursday and they ruined it.  Devon attacked Roode and they all beat the hell out of him as well. Doc drilled him with a big chokeslam. 

The show went off the air with Aces & Eights standing tall.

Really strong main event. The angle did take a little away from the finish but the effort from both men was off the charts great and they told a hell of a story in the ring. Plus, the ending adds to the chaotic nature of Aces & Eights being involved in the TNA scene and that is the big storyline going forward so I can see why they booked it the way they did.

A really good PPV if you like in ring action. TNA closes out the year highly improved from a year ago!

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