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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-09 22:55:00

AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels for the Last Time

They went right at each other.  Daniels shoulderblocked Styles down.  They noted there has to be a winner by pin or submission.  Styles grabbed a side headlock and turned it into a hammerlock.  Styles used a snapmare to escape and locked in a side headlock.  Daniels floated over but Styles escaped a head scissor and went back to the side headlock.  Some nice, fluid mat wrestling early.

Daniels drilled Styles with several running shoulderblocks, leading to Styles rolling to the outside.  Styles and Daniels went for a test of strength when he returned to the ring.   Styles and Daniels went back and forth until Styles drilled him with a big clothesline and a series of kicks.

Styles used several chops and strikes in the corner, laying Daniels out.   Styles whipped him across the ring but it was reversed.  Styles went up and over out of the corner and used a nice rolling head scissors to take down Daniels.  Daniels was whipped into the corner and nailed with a leaping clothesline in the corner.

Styles locked on an Indian Death Match.  They battled to the apron where Styles suplexed Daniels on the outside of the ring.  Ouch.  Styles continued the onslaught as they battled on the apron again.  Daniels caught Styles with a Uranage on the outside. 

Daniels followed that up with a suplex into a slam on the ring steps.  Daniels nailed a Northern lariat to Styles, covering him for a two count, then cinched in a rear chinlock.  He continued working over Styles, including a hard punt kick to the mid-section.

Daniels began slapping Styles, screaming that he was better than you.  Styles was fired up by that, hitting a series of shoulderblocks in the corner but Daniels nailed him across the back and took him down.  Daniels locked in a crossface.  Styles battled to the get to the ropes but Daniels cinched his arm, using it to straightjacket  Styles.

Daniels nailed a tiltowhirl slam for a two count.    They continued back and forth until both went for a bodypress at the same time and clunked heads.  Styles was immediately bleeding from a cut above his eye.  Styles avoided a charge in the corner and nailed several strikes.  Daniels cut him off with a Uranage but missed a BME.

Styles hit a big flying forearm and nailed several kicks.  He locked a Torture Rack on Daniels, then slammed him down for a two count.  Styles' eye was swelling up.  He and Daniels had an awesome back and forth flurry of moves, ending with Styles nailing a Headscissors.  Daniels came back with a twisting sitdown powerbomb.

Daniels placed Styles on the top and pulled him overhead, slamming him down to the mat for another two count. Daniels went for an inverted DDT but was thrown off.  Styles hit a moonsault into his inverted DDT for another two count.  Good back and forth wrestling here with some hard hitting exchanges.

They battled to the top, where Styles nailed a superplex.  Both men were down and out, spent from the battle.  They recovered and exchanged fists and forearms.  Daniels kicked him in the face but Styles rebounded with a discus clothesline and a glancing Pele Kick.

They continued the battle.  Styles pulled Daniels to the top for an attempted Styles Clash off the ropes.  Daniels grabbed the ropes, so he held on and Styles crashed hard.  Daniels nailed Styles with his own move, the Styles Clash, and scored the pinfall.

Your winner, Christopher Daniels!

Daniels lost his mind and began screaming "I told you!  I told you!

Styles sat there with a glazed look in his eyes dejected.

Really good match.  I don't think this was their all time best match but it was a really good physical match that had time to tell a story inside the ring.  Styles getting busted open added a good dimension to the story visually.  Daniels getting the win made the most sense given Styles' storyline, so we'll have to see where they go. Styles reacting so strongly to the losses actually makes the wins and losses mean more, which is something sorely lacking in most of pro wrestling, so I really enjoy that aspect.

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