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By Stuart Carapola on 2012-11-03 19:55:03
Open The United Gate Title Match: CIMA & AR Fox vs Genki Horiguchi & Ryo Saito

Saito and Horiguchi start us off, as Horiguchi takes CIMA to the ropes and breaks clean. CIMA takes Horiguchi down with a drop toehold and goes to an armbar, but Horiguchi armdrags out and CIMA rolls him into a crucifix for 2. Horiguchi catches CIMA with a clothesline and whips him to the corner, but CIMA leapfrogs and nails Horiguchi with a dropkick, so Horiguchi tags in Saito. Saito doesn't fare much better, absorbing several kick from CIMA before Fox tags in and knocks Saito to the floor with a dropkick. Fox quickly goes out to the apron and wipes Saito out with the kick flip, then rolls him back inside and covers for 2. CIMA and Fox with a double dropkick on Saito, then CIMA goes to a surfboard and then changes that to...something I just can't identify. CIMA finally gets bored pulling out weird submission holds and rolls Saito up for 2, then gets a wristlock and fires kicks at the arm until Saito catches his foot and drags him over to Horiguchi, who tags in and gets tosses across the ring by his dreadlocks by CIMA. Fox tags back in and connects with an elbow to the back of the neck, then hits a twisting split legged senton for 2. Fox gets an abdominal stretch on Horiguchi, then CIMA comes in and fires off more kicks before leg whipping Horiguchi and putting him in a figure four stump puller and rolling him to his back for 2. Fox ties Horiguchi up in a rear chinlock and shows no sign of a knee injury from last night as he pops back to his feet and stomps Horiguchi before putting him back in the abdominal stretch. The champions are trying to take Horiguchi apart limb by limb, but Horiguchi gets out and tries to set Horiguchi up for the fabric trick they did last night, but CIMA nails Saito and gets the fabric, then uses it on Horiguchi instead. Now it's Saito's turn, as the fabric slaps him in the face like it did his partner, and the challengers are in deep trouble here as they've gotten almost no meaningful offense. CIMA gets a drop toehold on Horiguchi and gets an elevated surfboard while holding onto Horiguchi's dreadlocks. CIMA and Fox get a double slingshot suplex on Horiguchi for 2, and Horiguchi finally manages to get some offense by dropkicking Fox's knee out from under him while Saito knocks CIMA off the apron.

Saito drags Fox to the ropes and springs off the bottom rope and right onto Fox's knee and covers for 2. Saito ties Fox's leg around the apron so Horiguchi can dropkick it, then Saito just grinds the heel of his boot into Fox's leg before Horiguchi drags Fox out to the middle of the ring and gets a seated half crab. Saito comes off the top rope with a double stomp to Fox's gut while Horiguchi still has him in the hold, and a quick series of double teams gets another 2 count on Fox. Fox gets Sliced Bread #2 on Saito and then a springboard Ace Crusher on Horiguchi, and he finally manages to tag CIMA, who comes in and cleans house on both challengers before chasing them outside so Fox can hit a springboard forward rolling 450 to the floor. CIMA and Saito come back inside where CIMA connects with a series of kicks and a back senton, then he springboards out of the corner and double stomps Saito for 2. Saito blocks the 2K1 Bomb and gets a series of rolling fisherman's suplexes before hitting a fisherman driver for 2. Saito goes to the top, but CIMA hits the Venus punch and Iconoclasm, then Fox comes off the top with a splash on Saito for 2. Horiguchi with a dropkick to Fox, but Fox gets a spinning enziguiri to Saito and the rolling DVD to Horiguchi for 2. Horiguchi blocks Sliced Bread #2 and pops Fox in the air for a high angle German suplex from Saito that gets 2. Horiguchi suplexes CIMA and Saito comes off the top with a splash for 2, then gets a release Dragon suplex on CIMA, followed by a tornado DDT from Horiguchi, then a bridging half nelson suplex from Saito gets 2 on CIMA. CIMA superkicks Saito and hits the Schwein, but Saito kicks out at 2. CIMA hits a lungblower on Saito and holds him there so Fox can come off the top with a 450, then a series of charges in the corner spell trouble for Horiguchi, then they sit Horiguchi on the top rope so Fox can hit the springboard Spanish Fly before hitting a dive to the floor on Saito so CIMA can hit Meteora on Horiguchi and get the win.

Winners: CIMA & AR Fox

Tons of action and some pretty innovative stuff in that one, but CIMA and Fox were so in control of most of this match that Saito and Horiguchi didn't come off like very credible challengers. CIMA says that since he's the Open The Dream Gate Champion, Fox needs to win the Open The Freedom Gate Title so they can be the best in Dragon Gate. Sami Callihan comes out and says he doesn't understand a word CIMA said, but he's going to beat him tomorrow night and win the Open The Freedom Gate Title. Fox says that Callihan will have to go through him if he wants to win any titles here, and Callihan gives him the death stare, but leaves without incident. CIMA says he doesn't understand what Callihan said because his English is no good, but he's feeling giving tonight because he lets Fox ask the fans if they enjoyed the show and say they'll see them next time.

Good wrestling on this show, but other than the Jon Davis-Johnny Gargano segment and the Generico-Callihan match, there wasn't really anything on this show that jumped out to me as must see. It was good, but last night's show is the better of the two if you really want to see a show that'll knock your socks off.

Thank you for following's live coverage of DGUSA Uprising 2012, I'll be back tomorrow to cover Dragon Gate USA's final show of the year Freedom Fight 2012!

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