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By Stuart Carapola on 2012-11-03 19:55:03 iPPV

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of Dragon Gate USA: Uprising 2012! You can click on the poster above for information on ordering the iPPV stream.

Jigsaw & Fire Ant vs Arik Cannon & Pinkie Sanchez

Fire Ant and Cannon start us off with a feeling out process in the middle of the ring. They exchange a few wristlocks and Fire Ant takes Cannon down to the mat, but Cannon shows surprising agility by handspringing back to his feet. Fire Ant maintains control, however, holding onto the wrist until Cannon drills him in the jaw with a forearm. Fire Ant does a double or triple springboard off the ropes and armdrags Cannon, but Cannon quickly dumps Fire Ant out to the floor before Jigsaw slips in and dumps Cannon as well. Pinkie comes in to face off with Jigsaw, so I guess tags aren't necessary here, and Pinkie goes for a test of strength, but it was just a ploy to lure him in so he could kick Jigsaw in the midsection and get an advantage. Jigsaw doesn't stay in trouble for long, taking Pinkie back down to the mat with the wrist and applies a sort of standing Rings of Saturn. Pinkie makes it to the ropes and then takes Jigsaw down with a double leg. He tries a figure four, but Jigsaw manages to squirm out of the hold and then he comes off the ropes with a forearm. Jigsaw with Pinkie in the Gory Special and really goes deep on the hold, sliding him far enough forward that he turns it into a backslide and gets 2. Fire Ant back in, and he gets a snapmare and a series of sentons for 2. Jigsaw comes back in and puts Pinkie down to the mat with a chop, then whips Pinkie to the corner and charges in. Pinkie leapfrogs Jigsaw, leapfrogs him a second time, and gets kicked out to the floor. Cannon comes right in and hammers Jigsaw with a chop in the corner, then gets a snapmare and charges in with a baseball slide to the back for 2. Cannon brings Jigsaw back to the DUF corner and tags in Pinkie, and then put Jigsaw down with a double hiptoss before Cannon kicks Pinkie in the breadbasket and uses him as a weapon by giving Pinkie a Death Valley Driver onto Jigsaw. That was unique. Jigsaw makes a break for the corner and gets cut off by Cannon, who ties him up in a straitjacket hold. Pinkie comes back in and whips Jigsaw to the ropes, but Jigsaw holds onto the top rope and pulls himself out of the ring, allowing Fire Ant to come in and clean house with some high flying lucha offense. He dropkicks Cannon out to the floor and then wipes him out with a running dive as Jigsaw dropkicks Pinkie in the ring for 2. Pinkie holds the ropes to block an O'Connor Roll, but Fire Ant gets a Stunner and Jigsaw with a German suplex for 2 on Pinkie. Cannon comes back in and drills Fire Ant into the mat with a pop-up brainbuster, but only gets 2. Fire Ant blocks a Saito suplex and comes out behind Cannon, but Cannon picks Fire Ant up like he's going to give him an atomic drop, but just tosses him ass-first into the corner. Pinkie makes Jigsaw about three inches shorter with a nasty looking DDT, but Fire Ant manages to break up the pinfall attempt at 2. Pinkie with a Burning Hammer on Fire Ant, but he makes a lazy cover and blows what surely would have been the end for Fire Ant. Pinkie goes to the top rope and comes off with a double stomp, but Fire Ant moves out of the way and Pinkie runs right into a missile dropkick from Jigsaw. Jigsaw immediately gets turned inside out by a clothesline from Cannon, but Fire Ant knocks Cannon out to the floor and then Fire Ant double stomps Pinkie into a sort of assisted Jig and Tonic for the upset win.

Winners: Fire Ant & Jigsaw

I really didn't expect the DUF to lose this one, but things get worst for them as the Scene runs in to beat the DUF down. The beating continues until Marti Belle runs in, and Cannon chases the entire Scene crew off before coming back to check on Pinkie. He picks Pinkie up over his shoulder, grabs his beer, and they head back to the drawing board.

Samuray Del Sol vs Akira Tozawa

These two go right to the mat, as Del Sol takes Tozawa down and ties him up in a figure four. Tozawa quickly gets to the ropes to force a break, then he takes Del Sol down with a snapmare and goes to a chinlock. Del Sol quickly scurries to the ropes to force the break, and we're back at a stalemate. Del Sol shoves Tozawa, Tozawa responds with a forearm to the jaw, and Del Sol responds to that with a pair of dropkicks that make Tozawa backpedal to the corner. Del Sol is pissed now, and stuarts putting the boots to Tozawa before getting a slingshot 450 from the apron for 2. Del Sol hammers a forearm into the skull of Tozawa before delivering a butterfly suplex and catching Tozawa in a cross armbreaker on the way down. Tozawa makes it to the ropes and Del Sol tries coming off the second rope, but Tozawa falls to his back and gets his knees up, and Del Sol comes right down on the knees and is promptly disposed of out to the floor by Tozawa. Tozawa goes out after Del Sol and now takes the fight back to Del Sol, ramming him into the ringpost and then standing on his face before rolling him back inside and covering for 2. Tozawa with a charging forearm in the corner and tries another cover, but still only gets 2. Tozawa with a full bodyslam and a senton in the middle of the ring that gets 2. Del Sol tries a charge, but runs right into a forearm from Tozawa. Tozawa tries to grab Del Sol, but Del Sol suddenly pops into the air and lays Tozawa out with an unassisted Sliced Bread #2. Del Sol is on the offense now, firing a series of forearms at Tozawa and popping him over with a Dragon suplex for 2. Del Sol slowly picks Tozawa up, but Tozawa suddenly pops to his feet and powers Del Sol over with a vertical suplex. Tozawa tries to go to the top rope, but Del Sol connects with a leaping enziguiri and does the most visually stunning move I've seen so far this weekend by leaping off the top rope, twisting in midair, and catching Tozawa in a victory roll off the top rope for 2. They go out to the apron where Tozawa throws some forearms at Del Sol, but Del Sol superkicks Tozawa and tries a suplex, but Tozawa blocks and bicycle kicks Del Sol before German suplexing him on the ring apron. Del Sol comes down hard and with an audible thud before rolling out to the floor, and Tozawa sets up for a charge, but runs into a leaping enziguiri from Del Sol. Del Sol gets back up on the apron, but Tozawa boots him right back down to the floor and wipes him out with two consecutive dives through the ropes. They head back inside and slowly get to their feet, trading forearms in the middle of the ring before trading big boots and superkicks. Tozawa comes out on top of that exchange and pulls Del Sol to his feet, but then they knock each other silly with simultaneous bicycle kicks. Tozawa still gets to his feet first and throws several forearms, but Del Sol springs off the ropes with an inverted Frankensteiner for 2.999999999. Del Sol tries another Sliced Bread #2, but Tozawa shoves Del Sol off to the corner and bicycle kicks him in the back of the head and hits a German suplex for 2. A second one gets 2 again, so Tozawa hits the straitjacket suplex and finally puts Del Sol down for 3.

Winner: Akira Tozawa

Great match, I liked how intense it became as they both got pissed off and tried to kick the crap out of each other. Tozawa goes to shake Del Sol's hand, but then lays him out with a jab to the face before walking off laughing.

Jon Davis comes out for a promo and says he's not dressed to wrestle because he took Johnny Gargano out last night, but Gargano's music hits and the Open The Freedom Gate Champion himself comes out of the back in his own street clothes with a referee in tow, and it looks like Davis is going to be wrestling after all!

Anything Goes: Jon Davis vs Johnny Gargano

Davis nails Gargano before he has a chance to do anything and repeatedly rams his injured back into the ring apron. Davis rolls Gargano into the ring to officially start the match, and he takes Gargano out with a short clothesline for 2. Gargano's in a real bad way, and Davis comes off the ropes with a huge lariat and covers Gargano for the easy win.

Winner: Jon Davis

I had a feeling this was the kind of match we were going to see after what happened between them last night, I just didn't expect Davis to squash Gargano in under a minute. That's a pretty big deal. Davis takes a couple of chairs out from under the ring and sets up a table at ringside, but the referees quickly hustle what's left of Johnny Gargano to the back before Davis can cause any more damage.

Davis takes his time heading to the back, and suddenly Gargano leaps out of nowhere and dives onto Davis, then drills him with several chairshots. Davis shrugs the attack off and unloads on Gargano with some forearms, but Gargano starts firing right hands back at Davis and rolls him into the ring. Gargano looks determined to put a hurting on Davis, but Davis kicks him low and goes for an Awesome Bomb. Gargano slips out the back and shoves Davis out to the ring apron, and goes back after him with another flurry of punches. Davis grabs Gargano by the throat and chokeslams him, but Gargano pops right back up and superkicks Davis off the apron and through the table Davis set up at ringside.

Even after slowing Davis down for the time being, Gargano is still in a real bad way and has to be helped to the back a second time. The referees show some poor judgment by going to check on Davis as he slowly gets back to his feet, and the camera is staying on them a little too long for me to believe this scene will end uneventfully. Davis finally is up and shoves one of the referees into the barricade before slowly hobbling to the back, as it appears that the predator has been wounded.

The action continues on Page 2!

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