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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-14 22:55:00

TNA's Sting & Bully Ray vs. Aces & Eights - No DQ

Sting wore a Bully Ray shirt while Ray was painted up like Sting used to be. Love it.

Aces and Eights came out from a door in the Arena, dragging Joseph Park to ringside. They handcuffed him to the rail. They nailed him after cuffing him. Ray and Sting attacked them and they began brawling around ringside.

It appears Aces & Eights are the former Luke Gallows and Mike Knox.

Sting smashed one of them into the broken table from earlier while Ray slammed another into the ring steps. Ray worked over one whole Sting and the other went back and forth. Ray assisted Sting with an elbow off the stairs to the head of the other A&8. Ray then smashed him over the head with a table piece.

The crowd chanted for tables, while Ray played up. Ray whipped one into the stairs. Sting went for the Stinger Splash against the guard rail but the other A&8 pulled his partner away. He worked over Sting and they returned to the ring. It settled into a traditional tag match with Sting getting worked over and kicking up several times. Sting made a comeback and went for the Scorpion Deathlock but was attacked from behind.

Ray rallied Sting with the crowd and got the hot tag. He cleaned house and nailed a neckbreaker on one. He shoulderblocked the other. An Irish whip was reversed and Ray was drilled in the back with a knee. They worked him over but Ray nailed a double clothesline on both and hit a big splash for a two count.

Outside, Sting was whipped into the guard rail. Ray worked over a member of Aces. Another member (Wes Brisco?) nailed Ray with a low blow. Outside, Joseph Parks in a fit of strength, broke the handcuffs and was shocked at himself, then attacked the new member. He beat him down and chased him away up the ramp.

The remaining members attacked Sting and Ray Ray saved Sting. They nailed the Doomsday Device on one of the members. They each nailed splashes in the corner on the other one. They did the :"Get The Tables" spot. Ray got the table and set it up. Sting was dragged out of the ring when another members, completely disguised (Devon?) hit a chokeslam through a table on Ray, who was then pinned.

Your winners, Aces & Eights, who now have full TNA access.

All the members attacked and worked over Ray and Sting. The crowd chanted for Hogan, who walked to the ring (now you know why there's a ramp). Hogan dispatched the members that charged him at the ramp and ripped off his shirt. He was down to one member left who worked him over. Hogan hulked up and did the point. He nailed a series of rights and a big boot to the face. He teased umasking him, which the crowd went nuts for. He unmasked Devon and all three were stunned, especially Ray. Devon said, "Something to think about now. All those was always me." He and the other members left and walked out through the crowd. Bubba asked, "Why?"

The three TNA heroes were left stunned in the ring. The crowd chanted, "This is awkward."

TNA champion Austin Aries was interviewed. He said that Jeff Hardy wants to be champion but he has to get through the greatest man who ever lived to do so. He said he's going into the match with anger tonight and no one has ever seen him angry, except for when he kicked Hardy with the groin shot on Thursday. He said tonight is not Hardy's redemption.

TNA champion Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy

New Hardy theme song.  Aries is playing full fledged heel.

They did some back and forth wrestling early.  They faced off.  There were a lot of chants for Aries early.   Hardy backed Aries into the corner as they locked up and Aries shoved him.   Hardy drilled him with a kick to the gut and nailed him with several shots across the back.  Hardy rolled up Aries for a two count.

Aries came back with a side headlock takedown.  They went back and forth with near falls.   Hardy locked in head scissors to wear down Aries.  Aries bridged out into a head stand and escaped.  He went for a dropkick out of it but Hardy rolled out of the way.  Hardy kicked him and stomped the hell out of Aries.  The pro-Aries fans hated that.

Hardy nailed a shoulderblock and a sunset flip but Aries rolled through and dropkicked Hardy in the mush.  Aries used his boot to smother Hardy and drilled him across the chest.  Hardy made a comeback and nailed a big suplex for a two count.  Aries rolled to outside.  Hardy nailed a double sledge to the floor.

Hardy tossed Aries into the ring steps with Aries taking this forward flip bump into them.  Jeff hit Air Hardy against the guard rail.   Aries cut him off when they returned to the ring and Aries scored several near falls.  Aries drilled him with knees to the back and an elbow for a two count.

Aries worked over Hardy and tied him up on the mat.  Hardy finally broke free with a face first suplex.  Hardy nailed a series of right hands but Aries cut him off and nailed a corkscrew splash after slingshotting himself into the ring.  Dueling chants.  There have been so many pro-Aries chants that the announcers are acknowledging it.

Aries went for the Last Chancery but Hardy grabbed his legs to prevent it.  Hardy kicked him off and nailed a forward flip powerbomb.  The crowd chanted "TNA."  Haven't seen that spot in a long time.

Hardy nailed a series of rights and had Aries on the run.   Hardy nailed a flying forearm and whipped Aries into the corner.  Aries kicked him off but Hardy caught him charging out.  Hardy nailed a legdrop and a dropkick for a two count.

Hardy used a head scissor to send Aries to the floor.  He went for a slingshot dive that took forever for Aries to get into position for and missed, possibly because Aries was playing opossum.  Aries then drilled him with a heat seeking dive to the outside.  Yep, Opossum.

Hardy pulled himself up and Aries nailed another, this time a high cross bodyblock through the ropes.  Aries worked over Hardy in the ring and tossed him to the ramp outside.   Aries went for a brainbuster but Hardy landed on his feet.  He went for the Twist of Fate but was shoved hard into the ring ropes and was clotheslined.  Aries nailed a neckbreaker on the outside with the story being Hardy hit the ramp's edge as well as the ring apron.

Aries nailed a missile dropkick into the ring  and then went for a dropkick in the corner but Hardy kicked him off.  Hardy and Aries battled back and forth.  Aries went for the discus forearm but was kicked and nailed with the Twist of Fate for a two count.  Good stuff.

Hardy went to to the top but was crotched.   Aries ascended to the top and hit a top rope jumping super-rana into the ring.  That looked awesome.   Aries nailed a hard running dropkick in the corner and a brainbuster but Hardy kicked out.  Aries laid there stunned on the mat that someone kicked out of his finisher.

Aries went for a double stomp off the top but missed.  Hardy nailed a stunner out of the corner and a Twist of Fate.  Hardy went to the top and nailed the swanton, scoring the pin.

Your winner and new TNA champion, Jeff Hardy!

Really good main event.  Aries and Hardy both told a hell of a story and looked great here.  The crowd being so pro-Aries gave a nice extra dimension to the bout too.  They really worked their asses off here and it was a match where you felt like the guy who won earned it.

Overall, a real good show with a lot of hard work from top to bottom.   Worth the replay.

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