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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-14 22:55:00

Jeremy Borash interviewed Joey Ryan.  He said he just wanted to speak the truth.  The truth is he should have been handed the contract before he was asked to be on Gutcheck.  He said that he went through with the match, trended on Twitter and 87% of the audience wanted him in TNA.  He said that the judges thought they knew what the audience wanted more than they do and turned him down.  He said that was stupid and ripped on Snow.  He said he was a West Coast guy and had the home field advantage and was bringing sleazy back to Bound for Glory.

Al Snow vs. Joey Ryan

Ryan immediately backed off and didn't want to lock up.  Snow got on his hands and knees, offering Ryan the chance to lock up.  Ryan went after him amateur wrestling style, but Snow reversed and chased him into the corner.  Ryan stuck himself half out of the ropes to stop Snow.

Snow snapped Ryan down after grabbing his leg and slapped Ryan.  That pissed off Ryan but he ran into a knee to the gut and was smashed into the buckles.  Ryan reversed but was nailed again. Ryan was mad and ran into a back elbow.  Snow slammed Ryan down.   Lots of "We want head" chants.

SSnow dropped an elbow on Ryan and used a headlock takedown.,  Ryan tried to turn it into a head scissors but Snow reversed that and grabbed a side headlock on the mat.  Nice reversals.  Ryan cut off Snow and drilled Snow with a running knee.  He followed up with several more knees and suplexed Snow over for a one count.

Ryan used his leg to smother Snow with a boot in the corner and drilled him with a right hand.   Snow was sent into the corner.  Ryan measured and drilled him with a right hand.   He whipped Snow again but Al caught himself and drill Ryan with a clothesline and a backdrop.

Snow grabbed Ryan for a series of headbutts and grabbed him by the chest hair.   Snow nailed the Snowplow but Ryan kicked up.   Snow was surprised by that.    Snow went under the ring and retrieved Head. Big pop for that. He went to nail Ryan with it but the referee grabbed it.  Ryan sent Snow into the referee.

Ryan nailed Snow and dropkicked him out of the ring.  He kissed Head on the lips and missed a sliding kick.  Snow trapped him in the ring skirt and worked him over.   He went to grab Head when Matt Morgan hopped the rail and hit the Carbon Footprint.

Ryan covered Snow and scored the pin.  Ryan earns a TNA contract.

Your winner, Joey Ryan!

After the match, Ryan celebrated and shook Morgan's hand.  Morgan told the camera that TNA wanted to screw with his career so now they are going to have to deal with him.

Match was OK and more of a story being told than a great series of moves.  It accomplished what it needed to do.  If Morgan doesn't work here, why didn't security hit the ring?

Jeremy Borash interviewed Daniels and Kazarian.  Kazarian buried Twitter.  He said that people consider them a bad influence.  Daniels quoted RUN DMC saying, "Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good."  He said they stacked the deck against them but he doesn't care because on the biggest stage in TNA history, were going to eat them alive and wash it down with a delicious beverage.  Good promo.

TNA Tag Team champions Kazarian & Christopher Daniels vs. Kurt Angle & AJ Styles vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Hernandez

The  champions let Guerrero and Styles start the bout.   They did some nice back and forth wrestling early.   Styles maneuvered Guerrero to his corner and tagged in Angle.

Angle worked over Guerrero in the corner with chops and stomps.  Guerrero, who had his shoulder taped, was slammed by Angle.  Daniels tagged in when Angle wasn't looking. He was sent into the corner and Styles tagged himself in.  Guerrero nailed Styles with a suplex and tagged in Hernandez.

Hernandez locked in a bear hug, then nailed an overhead belly to belly suplex.  He slammed Styles.  Guerrero hit a slingshot senton on Styles.  Hernandez slammed him own partner on Styles, then hit a diving splash for a two count.

Kazarian tagged himself in and worked over Styles.  Styles nailed a dropkick and tagged Angle in.  Angle nailed a back suplex for a two count.  Guerrero tagged himself in and nailed Kazarian with a series of uppercuts and kicks to Kazarian in the corner.

Hernandez and Guerrero worked over Kazarian.  Hernandez used an over the shoulder backbreaker on Kaz, dropping down.  Guerrero covered him for a two count.  Daniels and Styles tagged in and Styles nailed a series of kicks to the best.  Daniels cut him off but was nailed with a head scissors takedown.  Styles missed a leaping splash in the corner and was nailed from the outside with a clothesline from Kazarian.

The champions scored with a series of moves for a few near falls.  Daniels worked over Styles in the corner with kicks and tagged Kazarian in to trounce him some more.  Kazarian covered Styles but Guerrero kicked them to break up the pinfall.

Kazarian locked on a sitting full nelson.  Styles fought out and was nailed with a monkey flip.  Styles landed on his feet, backed off from being hit by Guerrero's team and nailed the Pele Kick on Kaz.  He made the hot tag and Angle cleaned house on everyone before hitting a pair of German suplexes on Kazarian. 

Daniels came in with a sunset flip but Angle turned it into an anklelock.  The champions worked over Angle, which set off a series of insane moves and dives.  Daniels hit an Arabian Press to the outside on Angle.  Hernandez nailed his insane dive to the outside.  Kazarian leapt off the top onto Hernandez, outside on the apron and nailed a rana to the floor.  Kazarian came down in an insanely sick bump on his shoulder and side.  I thought he was dead.  Styles was going for the springboard forearm but changed his mind and hit a double springboard 450 to everyone on the floor.  Awesome.

Back in the ring, Guerrero nailed the Three Amigos and placed him on the top.  Hernandez went for the Border Toss but Styles tagged in.  He and Styles worked over Hernandez.  Guerrero tossed Angle to the floor.  Guerrero was nailed by Styles.  Kazarian nailed a F5 on Styles.  Daniels hit the BME but Styles kicked up.

Guerrero returned and nailed Daniels.  Kazarian went after him but was knocked to the floor.  Guerrero dove off the top to the floor on Kazarian.  Daniels went for Angel's Wings but Styles escaped and nailed the inverted DDT.  He set up for the Styles Clash but Hernandez tagged himself in.

He nailed Daniels with the Border Toss and Guerrero came off the top with the frog splash.  Hernandez covered Daniels for the pin as Kazarian tried to break it up but was too late.

Your winners and new TNA Tag Team champions, Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero!

Real good match which was great in spots.  Some of the sequences here were out of this world with lots of insane spots.  Everyone worked their asses off here.

Guerrero did a promo on the ramp after saying they promised to win tonight and did. He said he was dedicating it to Eddie Guerrero. The team is obviously designed to capture the attention and interest of the Hispanic audience. Funny to see them going for that since they had it in LAX and let it disappear.

TNA Knockouts champion Brooke Tessmacher vs. Tara

They showed the cast of the TNA British Bootcamp reality series at ringside.

They went face to face and then began battling back and forth with punches and forearms.  Tessmacher went for a double leg takedown and rolled through with a two count.  They went back and forth with near falls.

Tessmacher hit a spinning headscissor to the outside on Tara.   Tessmacher slid out and chased her around the ring.   Tara hid behind referee Taryn to protect herself and nailed Tessmacher, kicking her to the outside.  She slammed Tessmacher face-first on the apron several times.

Tara punted her in the ring and then lifted her into the air, slamming her into the buckles.   Tara lifted her onto her shoulders but Tessmachers rolled through with a sunset flip for a near fall.  Tara laid her out and rubbed her face in the mat before locking her in a rear chinlock, pulling at her hair for additional momentum.

Tara was kicked off of a charge in the corner.  Tessmacher went for a spinning head scissors and turned it into a DDT.  Both were down and fought to regain their footing.  Tara recovered first and began slamming her into the mat.  They fought to their feet, going back and forth with shots.   Tessmacher nailed a series of clotheslines and hair mares.  She drilled Tara down with another leaping clothesline and ascended to the top rope.

Tessmacher nailed a top rope twisting rana into the ring.  Tara held onto the ropes to stop Tessmacher's offense and placed her on the top.  Tessmacher fought her off and sent her to the mat.  Tessmacher went for a flying elbow but missed.

Tara nailed the Widow's Peak and scored the win.

Your winner and new TNA Knockout champion, Tara!

Good match.  They worked hard and had a decent back and forth match.  It's nuts how much Tessmacher has worked to improve in recent months.  Tara seemed really motivated here.

Tara said that she bets everyone did this for her but she did it for her sweet Hollywood boyfriend.  She said that we've probably seen him on TMZ and said he was bigger than George and Leonardo and Brad Pitt.  It was Jesse Godderz from Big Brother, who has been training in OVW.  Godderz got in the ring and made out with Tara.  The crowd chanted, "Who are you?"    Not a bad way to introduce Godderz but the way it was pushed, you would have thought they had a name coming in.  At least it wasn't Scott Baio!

They aired clips from the TNA Hall of Fame.  Why is Hulk Hogan in a t-shirt???

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