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By Stuart Carapola on 2012-09-21 15:30:00
Welcome to's live coverage of ROH Death Before Dishonor X, broadcast live on iPPV from Chicago Ridge, Illinois!

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UPDATE 9:03: As we posted on the front page of the site, ROH is again having trouble with people trying to get onto their website to watch the iPPV. Adolfo Acosta is at the show and is sending in results, which will be updated in a separate post on the site. If/when the stream comes up, I'll do play-by-play on whatever parts of the show are left.

UPDATE 9:58: The show has continued to roll on without us, I'm updating the "still to come" section below, and will be on hand if the stream ever comes up. In the meantime, you can still get match-by-match results from the iPPV in the separate article Adolfo Acosta has posted.

UPDATE 10:11: The iPPV stream is back up, they're currently at intermission and I'll be providing live coverage for the second half of the show.

Irish Airborne vs Roderick Strong & Michael Elgin

This is the first time we've seen Irish Airborne in an ROH ring in forever. Jake Crist and Strong trade wristlocks, Strong takes Crist down with a drop toehold as the afro-clad Truth Martini extolls his virtues from ringside. Strong hits the ropes and takes Jake out with a leg lariat, then raises the roof at Elgin for kicks. Strong with a chop to Crist, but Crist sweeps Roderick's leg and hits a leaping enziguiri from the floor. Dave Crist hits a quick Lionsault and Jake covers Roderick for 2. Irish Airborne with a quick double team sequence on Roderick for 2, but Roderick connects with a couple of well-placed boots for 2 and tags in Elgin. Jake uses his speed to outmaneuver Elgin briefly, but Elgin connects with a hard forearm for 2. Elgin with a (very) delayed vertical suplex for 2, then he flattens Jake with a clothesline in the corner. Jake Guile kicks Elgin as he charges the corner, and Jake tries a flying bodypress, but Elgin catches him, so Dave Crist comes in and dropkicks Jake onto Elgin for 2. Irish Airborne with a series of double teams ending with a double superkick, and Dave gets 2 on Elgin. Elgin blocks a suplex and reverses to one of his own, but Dave starts firing back and tries a DDT, Elgin blocks and counters to a windmill backbreaker. Airborne again take to double teaming Elgin, with Jake hitting a Northern Lights suplex for 2 on Elgin. Elgin goes for a tag but Roderick walks away from him, so Elgin goes out to the floor and gets into a shoving match with Strong. Jake tries a dive and Elgin catches him, but Dave comes over the top with a dive of his own and that takes Elgin out. Elgin with a double fallaway slam on both members of Irish Airborne and covers Dave for 2. Roderick is jumping up and down in the corner begging Elgin to tag him in now that Irish Airborne is basically down and out, but Elgin flips him off, powerbombs Dave into the corner, then gives him a normal powerbomb. Elgin backfists Jake and picks him up for another powerbomb, but Roderick tags himself in and quickly covers Dave as Elgin powerbombs Jake into the corner so hard he flips backward and out of the ring.

Winners: Roderick Strong & Michael Elgin

Truth Martini tries to raise Elgin's hand, but Elgin won't let him and walks off. Nigel McGuinness & Kevin Kelly are talking, but I can't hear a word they're saying and didn't for the entire last match. Looks like commentary is out.

Matt Hardy comes out for commentary on the next match, and Nigel McGuinness asks him for a few words and to tell people what he's looking to do here in ROH. Hardy says he's here to watch the TV Title Match, and that he's going to go to the broadcast table to call some professional wrestling right now.

TV Title Match: Adam Cole vs Mike Mondo

Mondo says that if they're going to do this, they're going to do it under No Fear Rules: no time limit, no countouts, just two men fighting until there's a winner. Cole says he's the TV Champion, and he never backs down from a fight, so if Mondo wants those rules, he's on.

They tie up and jockey for position for quite a while until Mondo takes Cole to the corner. Mondo breaks clean, but charges right back into the tie up and they both tumble out to the floor while holding onto the tie up. They tie up all around ringside and then back into the ring where Mondo goes to an armbar. Cole picks Mondo's leg, but Mondo rolls away as we get a shot of Matt Hardy sitting at ringside with Nigel and Kevin, with us completely unable to hear a word they're saying. Cole takes Mondo down with a side headlock, Mondo tries to suplex Cole, but Cole lands on his feet and takes Mondo out with a kitchen sing and knocks him out to the floor. Mondo comes right back inside and they go nose-to-nose in a tense staredown. Mondo takes Cole down with a Greco-Roman knucklelock and a headscissors, then tries to muscle Cole to his back. Cole fights his way out of the hold, but gets backdropped to the floor. Cole comes back inside and starts kicking at Mondo's leg, trying to take his knee out from under him, then hits a dragon screw legwhip for 2. Cole hangs Mondo's knee over the second rope and dropkicks it, covers for 2, then gets a rare kneebar on Mondo's bad wheel. Cole with a second rope dropkick for 2, but Mondo hits a divorce court out of nowhere and now Cole's arm is hurting. Mondo wraps Cole's arm around the ring rope and drives a knee into it, Cole gets a sunset flip for 2 out of nowhere but Mondo gets Cole's leg and uses it to climb the mountain and stomp Cole in the back. Mondo with a short armscissors, Cole tries a couple of times to roll Mondo to his back fo a pin, but can't quite put him away, so Cole whips Mondo hard into the corner to cause a flip sell instead. Cole cleans house, sending Mondo to the floor and wiping him out wih a dive. Now Cole is on the offensive, ramming Mondo from barricade to barricade. Mondo reverses one and sends Cole into the barricade, then they fight their way up the aisle until Cole picks Mondo up and dumps him on the floor. The go back down to ringside and Cole again goes flying into the barricade, with Mondo following soon after with a football tackle into the rail. They go back inside and go to-to toe in the middle of the ring. Cole with a big right hand that nearly knocks Mondo silly, but he's out at 2. Mondo gets an advantage and stomps Cole silly, then he goes to the top rope. Cole dodges a kneedrop, Mondo dodges a superkick but Cole takes Mondo down and goes for a figure four. Mondo tries to fight it, but eventually Cole completes the hold and has Mondo trapped right in the middle of the ring. Mondo reverses, but Cole reverses back and Mondo taps.

Winner: Adam Cole

Good match, but it probably would have come off better if we could hear the fans or commentary since Matt Hardy's presence was such a focal point of the match. Matt Hardy comes over to congratulate them on a good match, then Hardy comes in and shakes both men's hands. Matt says he wants to observe the Code of Honor, and he shakes both men's hands. He continues by saying that a lot of people have told him how Cole reminds them of a younger version of himself, but Matt says there's one big difference: he was better than Cole at his age, and he's MUCH better than him now.

Commentary finally returns before the next match as we go to ringside as Nigel and Kevin discuss the tag tournament finals that is up next. Nigel is holding what appear to be new title belts, and they discuss what winning the title will mean to each of the finalists.

ROH World Tag Team Title Tournament Finals: Rhett Titus & Charlie Haas vs Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs

Haas & Corino start us off and they spend a lot of time circling and feeling each other out before Haas tags out to Titus. Titus comes off the ropes with a pair of shoulderblocks, but nobody moves. Corino gets a deep armdrag on Titus, Titus counters to a head scissors and bars Corino's arm, so Corino tags out to Jacobs, and now Jacobs takes an armdrag. Jacobs gets Titus in a corner and gets a cheap right hand, but Titus hits a monkey flip and goes back to the armbar. Titus dodges a charge in the corner and backdrops Jacobs, but Corino comes in and blindsides Titus, leading to more double teams from SCUM. Haas kicks Jacobs in the back from the ring apron, then tags himself in to beat Jacobs up. Haas with an overhead release suplex for 2 on Jacobs and is in control, but winds up in the wrong corner and on the receiving end of a beating from SCUM. Haas makes the hot tag to Titus, who cleans house...oh wait, no he doesn't, Corino take him out with the Colby Shock for 2. Now Titus is on the receiving end of a series of double teams from Corino & Jacobs, and Haas tries to make the save, but Corino dumps him out to the floor. Titus takes advantage of the distraction to clean house on SCUM and make the, he changes directions and goes back after Jacobs, hitting a windmill slam for 2. Titus with the Razor's Edge for 2, and now Haas is in to go at it with Corino. Haas dumps Corino to the floor and hits the Hacker Slam on Jacobs, but Corino runs in and breaks up the fall at 2. Haas and Corino go at it while Jacobs pulls the spike out of his boot and goes after Titus with it. Titus dodges and goes at it with Jacobs, but Shelton Benjamin comes into the ring and superkicks Jacobs into next week. Shelton gets into a shoving match with Titus, who doesn't appreciate Shelton's interference, and Shelton pretends to back off, but comes back in after Titus turns his back and hits him with Paydirt. Shelton slips out to the floor as Jacobs crawls over and pins Titus for the win.

Winners: Jimmy Jacobs & Steve Corino

Haas starts arguing with Shelton because he cost them the match, but then a furious Titus gets to his feet and yells at both Haas & Benjamin before attacking them by himself. Titus ends up getting stomped out and takes a double team powerbomb from WGTT as a group of ROH officials comes out to break the situation up.

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