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By Stuart Carapola on 2012-09-21 15:30:00
We see a video package looking back at a couple of weeks ago on ROH TV when Jay Lethal, who had been told that he wasn't getting a shot at Kevin Steen because he doesn't have enough of a killer instinct, kicked Matt Taven in the groin and laid out a referee to show that he can be nasty and have a killer instinct. We then go to a backstage promo where Lethal says he's not completely turning on ROH or rebelling against the company, but he's been pushed too far and he wants to show that he's got what it takes to beat Kevin Steen. He's wrestling a former ROH World Champion tonight in Homicide, and he's going to prove that he can hang on that level.

Jay Lethal vs Homicide

These two have a lot of history in ROH, which I touched on recently when I reviewed the Jay Lethal DVD set that covered much of the Lethal vs Rottweilers feud of 2005. Lethal and Homicide have an extended feeling out process, Homicide takes Lethal to the corner and nearly breaks clean, but fires in a right hand and Lethal responds with chops and punches of his own. Homicide sends Lethal to the floor with a flying headscissors and teases a dive, but stops short and flips off the fans. He goes to the apron instead and tries a running dive onto Lethal, but Lethal catches him and smashes his back into the ring apron. Now Lethal comes out of the ring with a dive and then rams Homicide into the barricade, Homicide tries to grab a chair but the referee pulls it away and leaves Homicide open to another shot from Lethal, who rams Homicide into the rail a second time. They finally head back inside and Lethal plants Homicide with a bodyslam and connects with a kneedrop for a 2 count. Lethal with a running shoulderblock to the ribs in the corner, but Homicide dodges a second one, sending Lethal crashing into the turnbuckle. Homicide picks Lethal up for what looks like an attempt at an atomic drop, but instead drops Lethal on his ass on the ring apron. Homicide brings Lethal back inside and starts throwing chairs and the ring bell into the ring, but took too long getting back in himself and Lethal goes after him as he slides under the bottom rope. Homicide quickly catches him with a kitchen sink and then goes out to the apron to try and suplex Lethal onto the timekeeper's table, Lethal blocks so Homicide drags him through the ropes and tries to piledrive him onto the table instead. Lethal again fights Homicide off and drags him back into the ring to hti another running shoulderblock to the ribs. Both men come off the ropes and try for a crossbody, with both men connecting and both going down as the referee starts to count. They trade blows as they get to their feet and then stand and exchange punches and chops in the middle of the ring. Lethal counters a Cop Killa attempt to a rollup for 2, but Homicide gets 2 off a tornado DDT. Homicide goes for the lariat, Lethal ducks and goes for the Lethal Combination, Homicide blocks that and Lethal hits the release Dragon suplex for 2. Homicide hits the lariat for 2, and appears shocked when Lethal kicks out, so he goes for another lariat but runs into a windmill backbreaker. Lethal goes to the top, Homicide runs over and tries a top rope Ace Crusher, but Lethal blocks and slips underneath Homicide to hit a running Death Valley Driver for 2. Lethal takes a charge and runs right into an overhead release suplex, then Homicide follows that right up with another running lariat for 2. Homicide hits the Ace Crusher and goes for another lariat, Lethal ducks and gets a running vertical suplex, then hits Hail To The King. Instead of going for the pin, Lethal picks Homicide up and hits the Lethal Combination, but intentionally doesn't hook a leg so Homicide can kick out and Lethal can hit another Lethal Combination. Homicide is out again at 2, so Lethal pauses for a moment to reflect before superkicking Homicide in the face and hitting a fisherman's buster. Homicide again kicks out at 2, then gets to his feet and spits right in Lethal's face, so Lethal nails him and hits a really devastating cradle DDT for the win.

Winner: Jay Lethal

This match kicked 17 different kinds of ass, Homicide put up a hell of a fight, and Lethal really had to dig deep to not only survive Homicide's offense, but bring out that killer instinct Jim Cornette thinks he needs to have a shot against Kevin Steen.

Speaking of Cornette, he comes out before the main event (much later that night) to inform us that since Steen retained against Eddie Kingston in a no DQ match, and Rhino earned this title shot by beating Eddie Edwards in a no DQ match, the Steen-Rhino match will now be anything goes!

ROH World Title/Anything Goes Match: Kevin Steen vs Rhino

They immediately start brawling and go out to the floor where Rhino rams Steen into the barricade, but then Steen returns the favor and takes Rhino around the ring to ram him into the barricade in front of a fan holding a sign that says "If Steen loses, I'll complain on the internet". Steen then takes the sign and rips it up, and Rhino rewards Steen's good showing of heelishness by suplexing him on the floor. Steen reverses an Irish whip and Rhino again hits the rail in front of the guy with the sign, then whips him all the way across ringside and into the opposite barricade. They finally head back inside and trade blows in the ring until Rhino hits a spinebuster and covers for 2. Rhino chokes Steen on the bottom rope, then hits a belly to belly suplex for a 2. You usually don't see Steen getting tossed around like that. Steen slumps over the middle rope and Rhino goes out to the apron to kick him in the skull, but Steen kicks the middle rope into Rhino's groin as he gets back in the ring and hits a hanging DDT. Steen with a running cannonball in the corner, Rhino tries to go to the top rope but Steen shoves him off and Rhino tumbles to the floor. Steen follows Rhino out and rams him into the barricade again, then pulls a table out from under the ring and slides it into the ring. Steen rams Rhino into the barricade again, then pulls the table back out of the ring and balances it between the ring and the barricade. Truth Martini sneaks up behind Steen to try and hit him with the Book of Truth, Steen sees him coming and tries to superkick him, but Truth Martini ducks and Steen catches Veda Scott instead. Steen is briefly stunned at what happened, and Truth Martini uses the opening to hit Steen with the Book of Truth and put him on the table so Rhino can put him through it with a splash off the apron. Rhino sends Steen back into the ring and hits him with a chair, covering for 2 as Veda Scott is carried to the back. Rhino puts the chair between the top and middle rope and tries to ram Steen into it, but Steen reverses and Rhino hits the chair instead. Steen rolls Rhino up for 2 with a schoolboy, then comes off the top rope with a Swanton for another 2. Steen goes out to the floor and gets a chair, hits Rhino with it, then puts it on Rhino's chest so he can go up top for another Swanton. Rhino pops up and nails Steen before he comes off the top and superplexes Steen instead, dropping Steen right on the chair. Rhino covers, but Steen is out at 2 so Rhino gets another table from Truth Martini and sets it up in the corner, hoping to gore Steen through it like he did to Edwards. Steve Corino comes into the ring to try and talk Rhino out of this due to their history in ECW. It gets heated and Rhino nails Corino, gores Jimmy Jacobs when he runs in, then gores Corino, then gores the referee. Steen quickly comes out of nowhere with a gore on Rhino and covers him as a second referee slides in and counts 2, then hits the F5 and Rhino again kicks out at 2. Truth Martini tries to attack Steen, but Steen gives him a package piledriver, then Roderick Strong comes in and charges Steen, but Steen pulls the top rope down and Strong sails out to the floor. Rhino hits a spinebuster for 2 and goes for a gore, but Steen moves and Rhino goes through the table. Steen quickly hits another F5 and gets the three count.

Winner: Kevin Steen

This was an unbelievable brawl, Rhino looked every bit as good as he ever has and I think they could have gotten away with giving him the title here. Michael Elgin comes into the ring and goes face to face with Steen, pointing at the belt and telling Steen that the title is coming to him. Steen spits in Elgin's face and Elgin nails Steen and sets him up for the powerbomb. Strong and Corino wind up going at it in the ring and Strong "accidentally" nails Elgin, allowing Steen and Corino to escape, then he tries to tell Elgin that it was unintentional and sticks his hand out. Elgin has finally had enough, kicking Strong in the gut and laying him out with the sitout powerbomb. Elgin stands over Strong as Kevin Kelly says we'll find out whether Elgin can take the title next time ROH is on iPPV at Glory By Honor.

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