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By Mike Johnson on 2012-09-09 19:44:03
The Tag champs cut a great promo saying the police should be looking into all the crimes committed against them, including Kazarian not being in the Bound for Glory Series and Claire Lynch slandering them.  Good stuff.

TNA Tag Team champions Chris Daniels & Kazarian vs. AJ Styles & Kurt Angle

Angle had his bad hamstring wrapped and still started with Daniels.  Daniels backed him into the corner and nailed a series of rights but Angle fired back with several of his own and a back elbow.  Angle nailed a series of stomps on Daniels and whipped him hard into the corner.  He nailed a suplex and covered Daniels for a two count.

Angle continued working over Daniels and tagged out to Styles.   Styles nailed him with a series of chops and worked over Daniels in the corner.  Daniels fought back and locked on a side headlock.  Kazarian tagged in but was caught with a spinning neckbreaker.  He and Angle nailed a high double backdrop on Kazarian.  Daniels tried to get involved so Angle slugged him. 

The challengers tagged in and out working over Kazarian util he nailed Styles with a monkey flip.   He rained down punches on Styles.  The champs worked over Styles, tagging in and out while drilling Styles with hard shots.  Styles was dumped to the floor by Daniels.  Kazarian nailed him with a double sledge to the head.  Daniels covered Styles after he was tossed back in but Styles kicked out at the last second.

The champions continued tagging in and out.  Styles tried to fight them off and make the hot tag to Angle but was cut off.   Daniels cinched in a side chinlock and wore Styles down on the mat.  The crowd rallied Styles and fought back but Kazarian made a blind tag and that allowed them to cut off Styles again.  Styles slipped away and tagged in Angle, who cleaned house on everyone.

Angle nailed a German release suplex on Kazarian for a two count.   Kazarian accidentally clotheslined his own partner.  Angle began tossing Kazarian for a series of back suplexes.  Daniels tried to save his partner but ate a belly to belly suplex for his troubles.  Kazarian nailed a leaping DDT on Angle for a two count.   The champions nailed a series of elbowdrops on Angle from the ropes for a two count.

Kazarian locked on a neck crank.  Angle fired back with a series of elbows.  Kazarian went for a moonsault but Angle jumped onto the buckles and nailed an Angleslam off the top.   Daniels and Styles were tagged in.  Styles nailed a big kick and a backbreaker across the knee for a two count.  Styles nailed a big flying forearm smash in the corner.  Styles nailed the moonsault into the inverted DDT on Daniels.  Kazarian charged and nailed a nasty dropkick on Styles.

The champions worked over Styles, who nailed a double clothesline.  Angle tagged himself in and nailed a top rope splash on Daniels for a two count.   He nailed a series of Angleslams on the champions but Daniels put his foot on the ropes at the last second.  He locked an anklelock on Daniels but Kazarian drilled him with a kick to the back of the neck.  Styles nailed a springboard clothesline on Kazarian, then drilled Daniels off the apron.  Kazarian monkeyflipped Styles into Daniels who was caught with a rana.  He drilled Kaz with the Pele Kick but Daniels broke it up at the last minute.  Kazarian hit a springboard 450 splash for another near fall.

Styles went to the top but Daniels cut him off.   Styles dumped him to the floor.  Kazarian nailed a leaping kick to stun Styles on the top.  Kazarian went for the Flux Capacitor and nailed it but Styles kicked out at the last second.  The crowd chanted "TNA".  Angle drilled Kazarian with a back suplex and clothslined Daniels over the top to the floor.  Angle grabbed at his leg on the outside.

Styles went for the Styles Clash but Daniels threw the Appletini he was drinking on the way to the ring into Styles' eyes.  Kazarian rolled him up and scored the pin.

Your winners and still TNA Tag Team champions Daniels and Kazarian!

Good back and forth match.  Even injured, Angle works beyond extremely hard.  Everyone here had their working boots on.


Jeremy Borash interviewed Bully Ray.  Ray said that the Aces & Eights stuff has to stop and a very small part of him feels bad for Hardy.  He said that either way, he was going to beat Hardy tonight.  He said that people may or may not like him, but they have to respect what he's accomplished in the last 18 months.  He said that he's recreated himself and was one half of the most decorated tag team of all time.  He said he's going to go on to Bound for Glory and is bound for greatness.  More of a babyface promo than you usually see out of him, which could be a red herring to throw fans off the track.

They showed police getting into position.

Bound for Glory Series Final: Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy

Hardy's music played but he didn't come out.  Some in the crowd chanted for him.  The music began again.   Hulk Hogan came out instead.  Hogan said they have a problem.  He told Bully to forget about what was on the blackboard and was was scheduled.  He said there was no Jeff Hardy.  Bully said that the tournament means the world to him and he wants to win the tournament.  He said the Aces and Eights thing has to stop.  He said that he and Jeff both want to win the tournament but if Jeff doesn't come out, what are they supposed to do.

Hogan said he's the GM here and the ball is in both of their courts.  He said that if Bully really feels that way, he'll give Hogan the courtesy of giving them four more days to let Hardy recover and wrestle on Impact.  Ray was going to respond but Hogan demanded the mic back.  Hogan said this is going to be Ray's legacy and it was up to him to decide if he was going to go down a good man or a bad man.

Hardy's music started again and Hardy, obviously hurting and holding his arm against his side, came down to fight.  Ray actually showed Hardy respect for coming out.  Hardy threw a kick at Ray and even that hurt him. 

Hardy tried to lock up Ray in the corner with one arm but Ray escaped.   Ray went for a test of strength and Hardy punched him in the face.  Ray nailed his bad arm and began working it over.   Ray stomped on his shoulder so Hardy rolled to the floor.  Ray yelled at the referee to count him out.   Hardy returned so Ray continued the onslaught.  Hardy went back to the floor and Ray demanded the referee count him out.

Hardy finally returned and charged at Ray but was wiped out immediately.  Ray beat him down and splashed Hardy's arm.  Ray covered him several times for near falls.  Ray locked on an armbar.  He ripped at Hardy's bandages and slapped him hard across the chest.  Ray missed a splash.  Hardy nailed the Twist of Fate and went to the top for a swanton for a two count.  Hardy nailed a twisting moonsault  for a two count.  Ray cut him off with a clothesline for a two count.

Hardy cut him off with a Twist of Fate and went to the top for another swanton but Ray rolled out of the ring.   Bully hit the Bubba Cutter for a two count.   Hardy hit a pair of Twist of Fates.  Hardy went to the top but Ray cut him off and they battled back and forth.  Hardy knocked Ray off and nailed the swanton and scored the pinfall.

Your winner, Jeff Hardy! wants to know what you thought of TNA No Surrender as well as what the best match was - you can let us know below!

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