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By Mike Johnson on 2012-09-09 19:44:03
TNA champion Austin Aries came to the ring in street clothes for his fight against Armbreaker.  He said that he knows everyone is used to him coming out looking stylish and wearing the TNA title, but tonight isn't about that bullshit.  It's about pain and payback, not pinfalls and referee.  He said that Aces and Eights wanted to declare war on him and that's fine because he's the God of War.  He demanded they send out their big goon.  Aries said, "He may kick my ass but he's going to have to."

Aries waited in the ring and demanded on the mic they show but there was no one initially.   He came from a side door and entered the ringside area.  Aries kicked at him as he entered the ring several times.   Aries sat on the ropes waiting for him to return and when Armbreaker got onto the apron, Aries dropkicked his legs out from under him, nailed a dive to the outside and slammed him into the ring steps.  Aries tossed him back into the ring and controlled him.  He tried to unmask Armbreaker but was nailed with a low blow and tossed to the outside.

Aries pulled himself back up but was kicked back to the floor.  Armbreaker slammed him into the ringpost and began kicking him on the floor.   The crowd chanted for Aries.  Armbreaker slammed Aries into the ring steps and rolled him back into the ring.   Armbreaker nailed a short arm clothesline, wiping out Aries.  He picked up Aries for a powerbomb but Aries pulled powder out of a bag in his jeans and poured it into Armbreaker's eyes.  Aries nailed him and sent him to the floor, then nailed a dive from the top.   Aries worked him over on the ramp and then tossed him into the ring.

Armbreaker cut him off and kicked Aries back to the floor.  He grabbed a steel chair and brought it into the ring.  I guess the cops are going to arrest him too?  Aries ducked a chairshot and nailed him with a roll of coins.  Aries nailed a brainbuster and went for the mask but the rest of Aces and Eights hit the ring and overwhemed Aries, The TNA locker room hit the ring, setting off a huge brawl.  Jeff Hardy was taken out on the floor and of all people, Bully Ray made the save for him.  The TNA roster, babyfaces and heels, ran them off. Hulk Hogan came out with a baseball bat.   He was telling everyone to lock down the building when Ray told him Hardy was hurt.  Hardy was sitting on the floor holding his shoulder.  He was walked out by medical officials.   Hogan demanded every exit and entrance be locked down and that the police be called.  The crowd chanted for Hogan.  Ray and Aries showed each other respect.

They showed a replay of Hardy's shoulder being launched into the ringpost by one of the Aces & Eights members.  Mike Tenay and Taz wondered what this would mean for his Bound for Glory Series later on.

The fight was OK but the brawl and the angle with Hardy were good. The entire locker room helping each other against the outsiders makes Aces & Eights come off like a real threat.

So far, it's entertaining as a TV show but as a show I paid $35 for, thus far, it feels just there but these were the undercard matches.  We'll see how it progresses going forward.  I'm guessing the Hardy thing will be a tease he can't wait and "ignores" the doctors to compete anyway. 

TNA X-Division champion Zema Ion vs. Sonjay Dutt

They went back and forth with Ion showboating early.  Dutt came back with a springboard off the ropes into an armdrag and clotheslined Ion over the top to the floor.  Ion returned to the apron and dropped Dutt's throat over the top.  Dutt came back with a double springboard into an armdrag sending Ion to the floor.  He nailed a sliding kick and then a head scissors off the apron to the floor.  Good stuff early on.

Dutt came off the ropes but was drilled with a gutbuster over the knees.  Ion began stomping away on Dutt.  Ion worked over Dutt and nailed a suplex for a two count.  They showed a shot of police arriving outside.  Ion continued to work over Dutt and send him into the buckles.  Dutt used an awesome rana variation out of the corner to turn the tide his way but Ion shoulderblocked him.  Dutt, undeterred, still nailed a series of clotheslines.  Ion was caught with a big boot in the corner.  Dutt nailed a standing rana off the top and hard kick to the head, followed by a standing moonsault for a two count.

Dutt caught Ion with a back elbow.  They battled on the top and Ion dropped Ion off the top to the floor.    Dutt nailed a standing moonsault to the floor on Ion.  For flashy moves, this is easily the best thing on the show    Dutt nailed a springboard splash another into the ring for a two count.    Dutt went for another big move but was powerbombed down.  Ion went right after Dutt's bad shoulder with a submission, ripping off Dutt's brace.  Dutt was able to use his feet to touch the ropes.

Dutt came back to nail a standing Sliced Bread #2.  He went to the top for a moonsault into a double stomp but Ion rolled out of the way.  They went back and forth with a great series of near falls.  Dutt used some awesome technical stuff for a submission attempt.  Ion caught Dutt out of nowhere with him finisher and scored the pin.

Your winner and still X-Division champion, Zema Ion!

Real fun match. They packed in a ton of hot moves and springboard dives and it was really good athletic stuff. Dutt has really delivered since returning to the company and Ion continues to excel in his role.

Outside, Hulk Hogan was telling the police - and they had about 7 police cars - to lock down everyone and everything and not let anyone in and out. Hogan demanded that anyone who tries to defy them be beaten, cuffed and dragged out.

Jeremy Borash was looking over Hardy as Hardy was being checked out.  He said that no one had an updated yet. Magnus showed up and what we saw was Hardy being so stupid he let himself get involved in the Aces & Eights situation when he's got an important match in the most important tournament in the business.  He said Hardy had a lack of common sense for letting himself get involved.  He said Hardy let them get in his head just like RVD did with Magnus and tonight, Magnus will make a statement.

Rob Van Dam vs. Magnus

They went back and forth early.  Van Dam kicked Magnus so hard that Magnus was sent to the floor.  RVD hit a sliding kick to the outside and whipped Magnus into the ringpost.  He draped Magnus over the guard rail but Magnus moved out of the way of the corkscrew legdrop.  RVD slammed into the guard rail.  That looked brutal.  

Magnus worked over RVD and rolled him back into the ring for a two count.   Magnus cut off RVD and covered him for another two count.   Magnus continued working over Van Dam until being caught with a spinkick.  RVD nailed a clothesline and a basement dropkick.   Vam Dam swept his leg out and drilled him with another low dropkick, then nailed Rolling Thunder for a two count.

Van Dam nailed Magnus with a series of kicks in the corner but was caught and slammed down.  Magnus went to the top but was caught and slammed back into the ring by RVD.   Van Dam went for his somersault monkey flip but Magnus saw it coming and clotheslined him hard.  Magnus went for a Texas Cloverleaf but was kicked off.  Van Dam nailed a spinkick and nail the Five Star Frog Splash for the pin.

Your winner, Rob Van Dam!

Good match.  I was surprised by the clean finish here as it seemed to be Magnus' match to win based on how he's been presented of late.  His work in the ring and on the mic really have come along and TNA has something with him.  Good, hard hitting athletic bout.


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