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By Dave Scherer on 2012-06-17 20:03:50

Bryan just kicked Kane near the face so that should put him out for a while and let Punk and Bryan go at it for a while. I can hope at least. ... Nope, Kane is already back. ... Bryan went nuts with spots kicking both guys. It was the best part of the show. ... OK, this is picking up now. They are using Kane pretty well overall. ... Punk is up top with the Savage Elbow on Bryan but we know it's not over because we haven't seen AJ yet. ... Punk went for GTS on Bryan but Kane broke it up. ... Punk went for the Savage Elbow on Kane but he moved. Bryan hit Punk with the diving headbutt for a two. ... Bryan knocked Kane to the floor. Booker called it a Spee-yull, which I guess is a spill to the rest of us. ... Bryan got the Yes Lock on Punk but the champ broke it. Punk hit the GTS on Bryan but Kane broke it up. Now Kane is in control. He went to chokeslam Punk but the champ countered with a DDT for two. He followed with the Savage Elbow on Kane but again just got a two. He called for the GTS on Kane but couldn't get him up. Kane hit the chokeslam but Punk kicked out. Kane is angry. The ref doesn't care. Kane went for the tombstone but Punk fought out and pushed Kane into the ring, where AJ suddenly was. AJ hit the floor. Kane was distracted. Punk hit the GTS to retain the title. AJ is still on the floor, out. Kane came to check on her. Since she looked dead, he went all Katie Vick on her. I kid Kane. No, he scooped her up and carried her to the back while AJ looked at Punk and smiled. it was all a ruse. And Punk smiled too. Wow, if he was in WCW back in the 90s maybe he would have taken her to the Gold Club since sharing was a big thing there. Anyway, this was easily the best thing on the show.

Two jobbers get a PPV payday as they are about to get killed by Ryback. I can't believe I am paying to watch this squash, Cara vs. Hunico and the tag four way. It is just so wrong. Anyway, Ryback did what he always does.

Main event time, Superman vs. Big Show. They are showing all of the hype for this match. I bet it didn't sell extra PPVs. ... The Heat and Thunder are in a one point game. I should be watching that. I bet Jim Ross is.

The heels came out first. Then Vince McMahon power waddled to ringside, showing concussions can't hurt the geriatric jackhammer! He sat down next to Jobby Ace, whose hand Vince refused to shake. Superman came out last. He got a huge pop. I wonder how many of those doing so were cheering for Ziggler earlier and whoever they are, I wonder if they realized how confused they are.

Show is in control. Some in the crowd are chanting for Cena while others are saying he sucks. I guess the latter were the ones rooting for Ziggler. With Show in control this is what you would expect it to be, which is kind of fitting for this show. This is pretty plodding thus far.

First cool spot was Show going to the top and pulling Cena up by his throat. Show walked the top rope and did an elbow drop, but Cena moved. The announcers were just saying that this is the first match of the new Big Show's career. So if he loses, does that mean it's over for him after one match? ... Show tried to crawl out of the ring but Cena used his strength to pull Show back in. That was cool. ... Now they are back in the middle going at it. ... Ok so Cena was coming out when Ace hit the ref on the floor and closed the door. Vince threw him out of the way and opened the door. Ace then KO'd Vince into the door. Yeah, that won't get you fired in the real world. Whatever. ... Show then knocked out the ref, then Cena. But both refs are out. Show didn't know what to do. Uh dumbass, how about you leave the cage. That idea finally popped into his head when Brodus Clay came out with a chair and begged him to come out. Show then started to climb the cage, like that would make Clay disappear or something. Hey, don't ask me to make sense of this crap. Anyway, Santino and A Ry came out and Show bumped them off the cage. Zack Ryder came out and Show punched him through the cage. Show went to climb the cage again when Kofi ran out. Kofi made it to the top of the cage and kicked Show back into the ring. Cena is still dead at this point but started to come back to life. He pulled himself to the door. It opened but Show grabbed his leg and pulled him back in. Out of nowhere, Cena hit the AA on Show. Ace looked concerned, but not concerned enough to tell Brodus to get lost. Show crawled to the door, where Brodus was waiting. Cent went to the top of the cage and Ace went to hit him with the crutch. This led Clay to go and subdue Ace. Cena came off of the top of the cage and beat Show to the floor. The first act of the new Show's career ended much like his old one did, as a loser.

Cena then told Clay to let Ace go. Ace tried to hit Cena with the crutch but Cena caught him and put him in AA position. Vince took the mic and laid a YOU'RE FIRED on Ace's candy ass. Cena then put him through the table and then went and hugged Clay. As a spectacle it was fine for what it was. It got Ace fired so even if he stays on as a character, at least it (hopefully) won't be dominating the whole show anymore.

The show ended with Cole saying he never supported Ace. As a show, well if you didn't buy it consider yourself lucky. Very lucky.

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