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By Dave Scherer on 2012-06-17 20:03:50

We have a Fatal Four Way for the titles no one wants, er the Tag Belts. Epico and Primo came out first. Abe Washington is All World now. They referenced an angle that happened on the pre-show and then did a bad edit where Cole had to explain what it meant. Man, I knew this show was a throwaway but I thought that was just for the fans, not for production too. Anyway, the gist is that AW is so good at his job that he let their title rematch clause expire. Yes, that is the angle. OY! Whoever wins ethis match is the number one contender to the Tag Titles held by Kofi Kingston and whoever he can get to work with him while R Truth is hurt. The opponents are Kidd and Gabriel (no first names needed), The Usos and Darryn Cena, er Young/Titus O'Neil. ... By the way, my wife has fallen asleep already. Not a good sign for WWE or us suckers that paid for this show. ... Oh yeah, AW is at ringside and the announcers are debating whether he is a good businessman or not. That says it all about this match and its unannounced presence on this show. ... Anyway, five minutes in there isn't much to say. This one is purely a time filler. ... Rosa Mendes is screaming a lot, stealing Vickie's gimmick. Don't do that Rosa. ... Tyson Kidd came in and hit some nice spots and this is picking up now with some big spots. ... The finish show what AW was all about. He threw Primo in the ring to be beating by Darren Cena. He kept Epico from making the save. Yes, he turned on Epico and Primo and joined Titus and Darren. They hit AW and then Darren and Titus made the save. The announcers had no idea what was going on. Yes, it was such a complex storyline I am sure they needed serious time to digest what happened. Wow, this show is a total waste so far.

They did a Money Money Money theme. No, it wasn't Shane McMahon saying "Can you all believe I bailed on this ship before it sunk". It was about next month's Money In The Bank PPV!

Now we are recapping the HHH-Brock Lesnar storyline. I hope Paul Heyman shows up because we need something to cheer for.

HHH said he got into wrestling because he didn't want to get a real job and here he is, with a real job. No, not being Vince's son-in-law! He has to deal with mumbo jumbo. He hates lawyers, just like his pop in law. He is a fighter and an ass kicker. He has an idea. But it's only a good idea if one person agrees to it. Guess where this is going.....yes he wants to fight Brock Lesnar, but not tonight, even though they have added THREE unannounced matches. HHH's arm will be better in a few weeks, so guess where he wants to fight Lesnar? Yes, SummerSlam (and it sure seemed like H almost f'd up and said Smackdown before making his save). He called Paul Heyman fat and bald. He wants to fight Brock. The crowd popped. They also chanted Yes.

Daniel Bryan is getting ready in the back. AJ came up to talk. She is not wearing a Punk shirt. Uh oh. After all they have been through, she said that there is a part of her that hasn't gotten over him. She doesn't expect him to do anything. She kisses him and wishes him good luck. Jeez, who hasn't she kissed? Oh, I purposely didn't pay the extra 10 bucks for HD and that is best move I made all day. Cole threw it to the Spanish announce team, who spoke in Spanish. Cole had a great line where he said that he understand them better than he understands Booker. He is right about that.

Divas Title time. Beth vs. Layla. The crowd is chanting something, I can't tell what. Maybe it's "I have a boner". Who knows. ... Beth is talking down to Layla. Layla then stole her headband and mocked her. It was kind of funny but the crowd didn't react. Maybe they were preoccupied with their boners. Anyway, Layla was in control until she messed up. Beth then went all Glamazon on her. This isn't good. At all. Layla got a two. Too bad it wasn't a three. No one cares at all about this. I would say the crowd is dead but honestly they have given them no reason to care. ... Layla turned a Beth slam attempt into a DDT. Only got two. Damn. ... Then Layla got the pin. The crickets were chirping folks. ... If you didn't buy this one, you won. You saved your money.

AJ is in the bowery looking for Kane. She found him. She is all nervous and wanted to wish him luck. She gave him a kiss. He grabbed her and kissed her hard back. The crowd cheered and chanted Yes. She looked confused. I am too.

Hunico will take on Sin Cara. Cole said that Eddie Munster popularized the low rider bike. WTF is wrong with this company? Even the announcers know this blows. This is so bad, with unannounced matches no one cares about. They really need to do a better job on shows that they expect people to pay for. ... Cara won. Who would have guessed. He mugged for the crowd and no one cared. This is the worst PPV in quite some time.

Time for the WWE Title match. Yep, that means once again John Cena goes on last. And they wonder what is wrong with this f'n company. How about you guys change the stip to if Show wins, both Cena and Vince are fired? And then have Show win. That would be awesome.

Cole just wished me a Happy Father's Day. It would have been if your company would have booked a good show. Thank God my daughter took me out to dinner last night.

Bryan and Punk got pops coming out. Kane, eh. They worked together early on to take on Big Red but you knew that wouldn't last long. And it didn't. ... Booker has become a cartoon. Everything he says now he saying with serious disgust. It's kind of funny in a "I am a dope and paid way too much for this show" sort of way. ... Anyway, Kane is in control on Punk right now and yes, that is sooooooooooooooooo exciting.

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