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By Richard Trionfo on 2012-06-17 22:55:55
Match Number Five: Divas Title Match: Layla versus Beth Phoenix

Layla with a waist lock but Beth with a standing switch. Layla with a standing switch but Beth gets to the ropes. Beth with a kick to the midsection followed by a chop. Beth tells Layla that she can’t lace her boots. Beth tells everyone that they know she will win. Layla with a kick to the midsection followed by a forearm.

Beth with an Irish whip and Layla floats over and hits a drop kick. Layla steals Beth’s head band and mocks her. Beth is pissed and she chases Layla on the floor. Layla pulls Beth down by the hair and then Layla dances some more. Beth turtles when Layla tries to kick her.

Layla with a drop kick when Beth opens up her guard. Layla with kicks and she chokes Beth in the corner. Beth sends Layla to the apron but Layla with a kick to the midsection. Beth knocks Layla off the apron and Layla hits her head on the apron. Beth sends Layla into the ringside barrier before they return to the ring. Beth with a near fall. Beth works on Layla’s back and arms and stretches her.

Layla gets back to her feet but Beth sends Layla to the mat and chokes her in the ropes. Beth misses a boot to the back and Layla with a rollup for a near fall. Beth with a back breaker and then she stretches Layla over her knee.

Layla with knees to the head to get out of the hold. Beth gets Layla set for the Glam Slam but Layla gets to the ropes and she falls back and gets a near fall. Layla with a rollup for another near fall. Layla with a series of kicks and then she hits a triple jump cross body for a near fall.

Beth with a power slam for a near fall and Beth shows some frustration. Beth gets Layla on her shoulders and presses Layla over her head but Layla with a DDT to counter and Layla gets a near fall. Beth runs Layla into the turnbuckles and connects with shoulders. Layla with the Lay Out for the three count.

Winner: Layla

The pacing of this match felt off by a half-step and took something away. There were a few good spots during the match, but it felt like the match should have been a minute or two shorter.

AJ is walking in the back in a dark hallway but she sees the red lights emanating from Kane’s aura. AJ says that she cannot really explain . . . but she wants to wish him good luck and she kisses him on the cheek. Kane doesn’t let her go and he kisses AJ.

Match Number Six: Hunico (with Camacho) versus Sin Cara

Hunico avoids a handspring move from Sin Cara and Hunico with a drop kick. Hunico with a hammer lock but Cara with an elbow and flying mare that sends Hunico to the floor. Cara tries for a suicide dive but Hunico with a boot to the head and then Hunico sends Cara back into the ring. Hunico with a slingshot senton for a near fall.

Hunico sends Cara into the turnbuckles followed by a chop. Hunico sends Cara into the turnbuckles again and he chops Cara one more time. Hunico goes to the apron and hits a hesitation kick into the corner. Hunico with a take down and gets a near fall.

Hunico with a reverse chin lock. Hunico with a shot to the back when Cara tries for an elbow. Hunico with a Gory Special but Cara escapes with an arm drag. Hunico with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker for a near fall. Hunico returns to the reverse chin lock. Cara with elbows but Hunico with a rollup into a power bomb for a near fall.

Hunico with a kick to the head for a near fall. Hunico with a few more near falls. Cara tries for a rana but Hunico counters with a sit out power bomb for a near fall. Hunico sends Cara into the ropes as he continues to wear down Cara. Cara with boots and then he moves when Hunico goes into the corner. Cara with a kick and springboard rana followed by drop kicks.

Cara with kicks to the leg followed by a back heel kick. Hunico misses a clothesline and then Cara with La Mistica for the three count.

Winner: Sin Cara

I liked this match and the showcase for Hunico who is having good matches on the secondary shows. A lot of counters by Hunico to Cara’s usual offense. Hunico hit a lot of nice offensive moves. I was a bit surprised that Camacho did not interfere in the match. Cara has looked good since his return from injury.

Match Number Seven: WWE Title Match: CM Punk versus Daniel Bryan versus Kane

Kane punches Punk but Bryan goes after Kane and Kane pushes Bryan away. Bryan kicks Kane in the leg and avoids a big boot. Kane grabs Punk and Bryan for choke slams but they kick Kane in the legs. Bryan with a kick to the chest while yelling Yes. Punk kicks Kane in the back while yelling NO. They hit a double drop kick and each try to pin Kane.

Bryan with punches while Punk with forearms. Punk with the advantage and then Punk sends Bryan over the top rope to the floor. Kane with a clothesline to stop the suicide dive. Kane gets a near fall and then he kicks Punk. Bryan with a knee to the back and Kane goes to the floor.

Bryan kicks Punk and then Bryan with a suicide dive onto Kane. Punk goes up top and hits a cross body on both men. Punk gets a near fall on Bryan and then he hits a back breaker for another near fall. Punk with a rear chin lock as he tries to cut off Bryan’s breathing.

Punk goes to the floor and Kane sends Punk into the ringside barrier. Bryan with a kick to Kane and then he goes to the apron for the running knee but Kane with an uppercut. Kane picks up Punk and runs him into the ring post a few times and then he puts Punk against the ring post and he stretches Punk in a modified bow and arrow followed by a boot to the head.

Kane with a baseball slide that sends Punk’s ribs into the ring post. Kane gets a near fall and then he kicks Punk in the head. Kane with a hard Irish whip. Kane punches Punk in the corner and then chokes him with the boot. Kane with a snap mare and drop kick for a near fall. Kane with a body scissors on Punk.

Punk with elbows to escape but Kane with a punch and Irish whip. Kane runs into a boot and Bryan comes from out of nowhere with the running drop kick into the corner. Bryan runs into a side slam from Kane and Kane gets a two count on Bryan.

Kane with an Irish whip and Bryan flips out of the corner and hits a clothesline but Kane stays on his feet. Bryan with a drop toe hold that sends Kane into the turnbuckles and then he kicks the turnbuckle and it hits Kane in the face. Kane goes to the floor. Bryan with a knee to the midsection of Punk.

Bryan with a knee drop to the throat. Bryan with a butterfly suplex and then Bryan goes up top for the diving head butt but Punk recovers and hits a forearm to the head. Punk with more forearms and then he sets for a superplex but Kane pulls Punk off the turnbuckles and then he connects with a few uppercuts to Bryan. Punk pulls Kane off the turnbuckles. Kane does the same to Punk as they vie to be the person to superplex Bryan.

Kane with uppercuts to Punk but Punk with a forearm and Bryan is able to hit a double drop kick and he covers Kane and gets a near fall. Bryan with kicks to Kane and Punk as he alternates his victims and then he kicks Kane in the head with a round kick. Punk ducks the round kick from Bryan and gets a near fall with a rollup.

Punk with a leg lariat but he misses the swinging neck breaker. Punk with a running knee to Bryan and then Kane. Kane sends Punk to Bryan and Punk with a clothesline. Kane with the swinging neck breaker to Kane. Punk with a power slam to Bryan for a near fall. Punk sets up Bryan for the elbow drop from the turnbuckles but Bryan recovers and he stops Punk. Bryan sets for the superplex but Kane gets under Bryan. Punk with a springboard clothesline to Bryan on Kane’s shoulders and then Punk clotheslines Kane out of the ring to remove anything preventing him from pinning Bryan but Bryan kicks out.

Punk with a slam and then he goes up top for the elbow drop and he hits it. Punk can only get a two count. Punk signals that it is time for someone to go to sleep and he gets Bryan on his shoulders but Kane with a big boot to Punk and Kane gets a near fall on Punk. Kane runs Punk into the turnbuckles and he punches Punk.

Kane with an Irish whip and a running clothesline into the corner. Punk avoids Kane in the corner but Punk is sent to the apron. Punk with a round kick and then he goes up top and misses the elbow drop when Kane moves.

Bryan goes up top for the diving head butt and he hits it but Punk kicks out at two. Kane charges at Bryan but Kane goes to the apron. Bryan with a running forearm that knocks Kane off the apron. Bryan sees Punk on the mat and Punk with an inside cradle for a near fall. Bryan with a round kick and then he applies the Yes Lock on Punk. Bryan pulls back on the hold.

Punk with a rollup for a near fall. Bryan tries for the Yes Lock. Punk with the Go To Sleep on Bryan but Kane pulls Bryan out of the ring. Kane drops Punk on the top rope and then he goes up top for the flying clothesline and he hits it.

Kane signals for the choke slam and Punk counters with a DDT and gets a near fall. Punk goes up top for the elbow drop and he hits it but Kane kicks out at two. Punk signals that it is time for someone to go to sleep. Punk gets Kane up but not onto his shoulders. Kane with a big boot to Punk and then he hits a choke slam but Punk is able to get his shoulder up.

Kane yells at the referee and shows his frustration. Kane signals that it is tombstone time but Kane is able to escape and he sends Kane against the ropes but AJ is on the apron and Kane knocks her off. Punk gets Kane on his shoulders and hits the Go To Sleep for the three count.

Winner: CM Punk

After the match, the medical staff checks on AJ who is down on the floor. Kane scares the medical staff away as he stands over her. Kane carries AJ to the back and she appears to be fine as she looks back at Punk in the ring.

I really liked this match. I was surprised at how little AJ did during the match since she was involved in the three backstage segments. All three men deserve a lot of credit for this match. Many people thought that Kane was a third wheel that would affect the match, but he did what he used to do in the Money in the Bank matches to allow the big spots to take place. Another match with a lot of good counters. The kick sequence by Bryan to Kane and Punk was a lot of fun. I still want to see Punk/Bryan a few more times because I think they can do more.

Match Number Eight: Dan Delaney and Rob Grymes versus Ryback

Ryback with a back body drop to Delany and a shoulder to Grymes. Ryback presses Delaney over his head and power slams him. Ryback with a slam to Grymes. Ryback goes to the turnbuckles and drops onto Grymes. Ryback with the double marching muscle buster for the three count.

Winner: Ryback

At least Ryback used some new moves but they need to change things up with Ryback or the crowd could be ready for something else.

The cage is lowered and that means the main event is next.

John Laurinaitis and Vince McMahon come to ringside before the match to watch the action inside the steel cage.

Match Number Nine: Steel Cage Match: John Cena versus Big Show (If Big Show loses, John Laurinaitis is fired)

Show misses a clothesline but he tries to choke slam Cena but Cena gets free of the hold. Cena tries for a flying shoulder tackle but he bounces off Show. Show sends Cena into the cage as he tries to methodically wear down Cena. Show sends Cena into another side of the cage.

Show walks across Cena’s chest. Cena goes to the apron and Show sets for the punch but Cena moves out of the way and Show punches the cage. Cena climbs the cage but Show pulls Cena to the mat. Show with a head butt. Show punches Cena in the chest. Show with a Shhhh chop to Cena’s chest. Show chokes Cena in the corner.

Cena with a drop kick and he goes for the door but Show grabs Cena and he gives Cena a head butt. Show drops Cena face first onto the mat. Show with a clothesline to Cena and Show focuses on the crowd instead of winning the match. Show sends Cena into the cage again. Show walks across Cena’s chest one more time.

Show punches Cena and he tells John to quit because nobody cares. Show with a running butt splash into the corner. Cena crawls towards the door but Show stands on Cena’s head to stop him and the door is closed. Show with an Irish whip and then he charges into the corner but Cena gets his boots up.

Cena with a bulldog from the turnbuckles for a near fall. Cena gets to the top of the cage but Show grabs Cena. Show gets to the top rope and he hits Cena in the back with a forearm. Cena crotches Show on the top rope. Cena bounces off Show and goes down again.

Cena climbs the cage instead of going through the door and Show gets Cena up for a power bomb and he sends Cena into the cage before suplexing Cena and he gets a near fall. Show goes to the turnbuckles for a Vader Bomb and he hits it but Cena kicks out.

Show goes to the turnbuckles and he has Cena by the throat. He picks up Cena and but Cena with an elbow. Cena is sent into the cage and falls down. Show walks across the ropes and tries for an elbow drop but Cena moves out of the way. Show crawls for the door this time and Cena recovers and he tries to use the cage for extra leverage to keep Show in the cage.

Show has his hands on the floor but Cena pulls him back in. Show has his hands on the steps as Cena tries to pull Show back into the cage. Cena pulls Show back into the cage and Cena leaps over Show. Show pulls Cena back in and tries for a choke slam. Cena sends Show into the cage and Cena with a flying shoulder tackle.

Cena gets a near fall. John Laurinaitis tries to close the cage door but Vince stops Laurinaitis. Laurinaitis hits Vince from behind and the cage door hits Cena. Show with a choke slam for a near fall.

Show sets for the punch but the referee is standing behind Cena and he gets knocked out. Cena tries for the Attitude Adjustment and then Show with the punch and Cena is out cold. Show yells at the fans before going to the door. Brodus Clay opens the door but he has a chair for Show.

Show starts to climb the cage to distract Brodus. Show tries to figure out his plan of escape. Brodus waves up the ramp and Santino Marella and Alex Riley come out and Show knocks them off the cage. Zack Ryder comes out and Show punches him through the cage. Kofi Kingston comes out and he climbs the cage but Show grabs Kofi by the throat. Kofi kicks Show to the mat and Show is down.

Cena pulls himself across the ring using the ropes and he is to the door. Show grabs Cena’s leg but Cena gets Show up and hits the Attitude Adjustment. Both men are down again. Cena covers Show but Cena realizes the referee is out. Show crawls to the door and Cena climbs the cage.

Clay stands guard while Johnny waits for Cena with the crutch. Clay goes to Johnny and Show goes through the door but Cena hits the floor first.

Winner: John Cena

After the match, Brodus holds Laurinaitis and Cena sees him. Cena tells Brodus it is okay and he can go to the back. Laurinaitis swings with the crutch but misses. Cena gets Laurinaitis on his shoulders and Vince tells Laurinaitis that his is fired. Cena gives Laurinaitis his severance package with an Attitude Adjustment through the table.

Cena celebrates his victory with Brodus Clay while Michael Cole says that John Laurinaitis never did a good job in charge.

Cena/Show should not have been the main event so as a main event match, it fell short of what you would expect. If this match was in the first half of the show or at worst, end of hour two, it would have probably been appreciated more. When you saw Show taking his time working over Cena, you had a feeling it was going to be a long match. Brodus getting some revenge and costing Show the match was okay, but bringing out the rest of the ‘I got by rear end kicked by Big Show and all I got was ignored in storyline’ club was overkill.

Overall Thoughts on No Way Out

I enjoyed the pay per view. I thought there were two very good matches (World Title Match and WWE Title Match), a pretty good match (Intercontinental Title Match), and a good match that wasn’t on the original card (Number One Contender Match). There were two matches that I felt would have been better if they were cut by a few minutes (Steel Cage and Divas Title Matches). If you were expecting comedy in the Tuxedo match and not much more, I thought it served its purpose. The Ryback stuff might be on its last legs if they don’t change things up soon. The Triple H segment could have been saved for Raw. Hunico versus Sin Cara was good and they did a few things different than their television match a few weeks ago.

While I thought it was a good pay per view, I don’t know if it was worth $44.95 or $54.95 for a replay. It is worth getting the DVD when it comes out.

Thank you for following’s coverage of No Way Out

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