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By Richard Trionfo on 2012-06-17 22:55:55
Welcome to’s coverage of World Wrestling Entertainment’s No Way Out Pay Per View from East Rutherford, New Jersey.

We begin the coverage on YouTube with the pre-show.

Your announcers are Matt Striker and Scott Stanford. They run through the card for the show before we get to the Pre-Show Match between Brodus Clay and David Otunga.

Rosa Mendes, Primo, and Epico are in the back and Abraham wants a translation. Primo says that they were waiting for their opportunity but the thirty days have passed so they lost their title match. Abe reminds them that Rosa is their manager, he is their promoter. Abe says that they will have their chance tonight.

Epico mentions that they are in a four way match to determine the new number one contender.

Abe promises Epico and Primo that they will have their greatest spotlight.

Epico and Primo, The Usos, Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel, and Titus O’Neil and Darren Young will meet in the Fatal Four Way Number One Contender’s Match.

We see footage from what happened on Raw on Monday night when David Otunga attacked Brodus Clay after Brodus’ match against Heath Slater.

YouTube Pre Show Match: Brodus Clay versus David Otunga

Otunga goes for the injured knee but Brodus sends Otunga into the corner and he connects with forearms and punches in the corner. Clay with an Irish whip into the corner and then he punches Otunga in the midsection. Brodus with another punch to the midsection and then he works on Otunga’s back with head butts to the middle of the back.

Clay with a suplex to Otunga and then he punches Otunga in the corner. The referee warns Brodus when he knees Otunga in the corner. Otunga dives for the injured knee and he takes Brodus down. Otunga with kicks to the hamstring and then he drives Brodus’ leg into the mat.

Brodus kicks Otunga away and he punches David. Otunga with a kick to the leg and he gets a near fall. Otunga works on the ankle but Brodus kicks David away one more time. Otunga with another clip to the back of the leg. Otunga puts Brodus’ leg in the ropes and Brodus tries to protect his leg. Otunga with a neck breaker while the leg remains in the rope.

Otunga with more kicks to the leg and he sends the leg into the mat before applying a front face lock. Otunga with a knee and forearm to the back but Clay with an emphatic kick out. Otunga returns to the front face lock.

Brodus gets to his feet and he pushes Otunga away. Clay with a shoulder tackle and a head butt to the chest and Otunga goes down. Clay with the Sheeplex and Otunga rolls to the floor while Clay has trouble getting back to his feet.

Otunga thinks about whether he should get back into the ring and Otunga gets counted out.

Winner: Brodus Clay by Count Out

After the match, Cameron and Naomi join Brodus in the ring to dance.

We have a WWE 1000 Memorable Moment. Triple H talks about his return from his quad injury.

We see a video package for the WWE Title Match between CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Kane.

Josh Mathews is in the interview area with John Cena. Josh asks John if this is the last time that we see John Cena in WWE. John says that he knows what is on the line tonight. John says that he posted a quote that says if he leaves tomorrow, would you remember him. Everyone is waiting for No Way Out because they know what is at stake. The stage for Wrestlemania 29 is the back drop for tonight. One man usually puts everything on the line. After tonight, we know that someone will get fired. Tonight’s extravaganza will shake the foundation of the WWE. Will it be him or John Laurinaitis. After tonight, the face of the WWE will change and there is no way out of that.

We see the video package from Raw when Vince was supposed to tell John Laurinaitis of his fate in WWE only to be stopped by Big Show. We see the ensuing fracas.

This completes the coverage of the Pre-Show.

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