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By Mike Johnson on 2012-04-29 19:37:26
Backstage, Eve Torres saw Beth Phoenix telling the Bellas that she will hobble to the ring to get her Divas championship match.   Torres told Beth she wasn't cleared to wrestle and Beth accepted that way too easily.  She walked off.  The Bellas wanted to walk off and leave but were told Nikki had to defend the title.  She told them it wouldn't be against Kharma. There's your hint for the return. They scoffed and asked if it was going to be Mae Young.

WWE Divas champion Nikki Bella vs. TBA

Nikki cut a damn great promo saying the belt wasn't going anywhere.  When did she learn to cut a promo?

The mystery person was Layla, returning. Not a big reaction, since she's coming back cold. They had some decent back and forth early.   Nikki ran Layla backwards into the corner.   Layla nailed a crossbody off the ropes.  Brie got on the apron and was nailed.  That allowed Nikki to nail her from behind.  Layla did some nice Lucha style armdrag.  Nikki and Brie switched with Twin Magic but was nailed with a neckbreaker and pinned.

Your winner and new WWE Divas champion, Layla El!

Too short to be anything of note but when the hell did Layla learn all the Lucha spots? 

Matt Striker tried to find out what HHH was calling John Laurinaitis about.  He said it would be addressed on Raw.

They had a great video piece for Brock vs. Cena.

Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena

Lesnar is wearing his MMA fighting gear and is doing all sorts of fighting stances.   Cena charged but was caught with a double leg takedown.  He worked over Cena with punches and legitimately busted him open in the back of the head with an elbow to the face.  Cena was clotheslined down.  The ref checked him but Cena grabbed Brock with a waistlock takedown.

Lesnar mounted Cena and beat him down with punches.  The referee called for a doctor to look at Cena.   They cleaned him up.  Cena charged and Lesnar took him down and worked him over with punches, riding his back.  He drilled Cena with a knee across the ribs and back, then sent him to the floor.

Cena pulled himself up and was busted open.  They stopped it again to clean Cena up.  It was easily the most blood on WWE TV in forever.  Cena nailed Lesnar with an elbow and went for the AA but Lesnar slipped out and nailed a series of German suplexes, killing his momentum.  He went for a third but Cena fired out and nailed a shoulderblock into Lesnar, who wiped out the referee.  Cena went for another but was killed by Lesnar.

Lesnar began punching Cena in the wound.  He wiped the blood on his chest and licked it.  I am going to guess that gets edited off the replays.   Lesnar worked over Cena in the corner with punches and drilled him over and over with shoulderblocks.  Lesnar locked in an armbar on Cena but there was no referee to see if Cena submits. Lesnar slammed him into the corner and Cena rolled out to the floor.

Lesnar followed Cena to the floor and locked on the armbar.   He ran Cena into the guard rail.   Lesnar rolled Cena into the ring and grabbed Cena's trademark chain.   He wrapped it around his fist and teased using it, then tossed it aside.  He kicked Cena and drilled him with knees to the ribs.   He used the chain to wrap Cena's legs together and dared him to get back up and fight.   Cena pulled himself up and Brock murdered him with a running clothesline.

Lesnar lifted Cena on the top and hung him upside down on the ringpost, using the chain to hold him up.  Lesnar began picking the bones, punching Cena as he was hung upside down.  Lesnar shoved him off and down to the floor.   Cena got to his feet and tried to fire up but Lesnar reversed an Irish whip and sent him into the ring steps.  Brock tossed the referee and threw him back in the ring. 

Cena rolled back in the ring.   Lesnar pulled him up.  Cena went for the AA but Lesnar slipped off and nailed the F5, wiping out the referee at the same time.  A second ref hit the ring and counted two.  Lesnar, pissed, nailed the other ref for not counting three.  Lesnar grabbed the ring steps and brought them into the ring.  He grabbed Cena, who fought back.  Lesnar grabbed him in a Kimura Lock on the steps.    Nice idea to do this on the steps so there's an easier visual for everyone to see and for the cameras to shoot.

Lesnar powered up and slammed Lesnar down on the steps.  Awesome idea.  Cena, selling the arm, went to the top for the flying legdrop.  Lesnar moved and Cena nailed the mat with no water in the pool.   Cena rolled out of the ring.  Lesnar couldn't find him and was overjoyed when he saw him.  Cena pulled himself back into the ring.  Lesnar charged across the ring and leapt off the ring steps, sailing into the air to nail Cena.  Lesnar took this insane bump to the floor and grabbed his knee as if he was hurt, but still recovered, laughing and getting into the ring waiting for Cena.  This just made Lesnar looked like the most insane person ever.

Lesnar tried to leap at Cena again but was nailed with Cena's chain.  Cena fired himself up and now Lesnar is busted open.   Lesnar was pulled into the AA on the ringsteps and pinned.

Your winner, John Cena!

From start to finish, this was just incredible.  A brutal, bloody, gripping brawl.  Lesnar looked like every bit the true monster heel that WWE hasn't had in forever and in doing so, made Cena an awesome babyface in terms of selling, selling, selling to build sympathy.  They really put together an incredible spectacle. 

Lesnar refused medical attention.

Cena celebrated and took the mic.  He said that he shouldn't speak unless spoken to and he hopes this is on the air.  He said that he knows this is CM Punk country but this is also a wrestling city.  He said that if he has to take a vacation because he's banged up or if he gets sent home, he is glad it was in Chicago.  He said he was busted open, can't use his arm and wouldn't have it any other way.  Cena said that they were supposed to give fans the extreme tonight and every wrestler, good guy and bad guy, gave Chicago their all.  He thanked everyone and asked them to get home safe.

As the show went off the air, Cena told someone off-camera that he "can move it, so he knows it's not torn", referring to his arm.

This PPV was GREAT.  Order the replay folks!!!!

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