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By Mike Johnson on 2012-04-29 19:37:26
Matt Striker interviewed Daniel Bryan, who said his beard looked better than Sheamus.  He tried to heel Chicago to turn them (good luck there) and promised he would win the World title.

World champion Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan - Best of Three Falls

Big reaction for Bryan coming out.


They had a feeling out process early, exchanging holds.  Bryan tried to work over Sheamus' arm but it was reversed and Sheamus used a number of knees to his back.  Bryan went for a waistlock but Sheamus reversed it.   He shoulderblocked Bryan down and caught him when Bryan leapt at him, hitting a rolling senton.    Sheamus grabbed Bryan in a Texas Cloverleaf like move, but Bryan made it to the ropes.

Bryan caught Sheamus in a small package for a two count but was caught with a clothesline.  Sheamus worked over Bryan in the corner with punches.  The fans yelled, "No" with each one.    Bryan came back with a series of leaping kicks and leg lariat.    He nailed a sliding kick on Sheaus, sending him to the floor.  Bryan went for the leaping knee but was caught and slammed into the ringside barrier.

Dueling chants began for each.   Bryan caught Sheamus and worked him over with a series of knees and stomps, then locked up his arm with a hammerlock, then began twisting him up on the mat, trying to force a pinfall.   Sheamus tried to fight back but Bryan maintained control with headbutts, uppercuts ands punches.  Sheamus fired back and they went back and forth.  Sheamus missed a clothesline and Bryan rolled him up from behind for a two count.

Bryan began working over Sheamus in the ropes and the referee admonished him.  Bryan told him that he has until the five count.  Old school Bryan fans should pop for that.   Sheamus mounted a comeback with a series of clotheslines and knees but Bryan rolled out to the apron.  Sheamus grabbed him and nailed a series of shots across the chest.   Bryan nailed a Fall Away Slam.

Sheamus picked up Bryan but he lost him and Bryan slammed him into the turnbuckle and rolled up for a two count.   Bryan began stomping and kicking at the champion in the corner.  He nailed a stiff shot to the face.  Bryan placed him on the top rope and went for a top rope rana but Sheamus held on.  Bryan missed and was nailed with the Battering Ram off the top for another two count.

Bryan ended up on the outside of the ropes on the apron.  Sheamus tried to suplex him back in but Bryan landed on his feet.  Sheamus charged but Bryan held the ropes down and the champ crashed to the floor.  Bryan went for a dive but Sheamus nailed him as he charged through the ropes.  Bryan came back with a series of pinfalls and went for the Yes Lock.   Sheamus whipped Bryan into the corner.  Bryan moved out of the way of a charge and Sheamus nailed the ringpost and went to the floor.  Sheamus' wristband was caught in the hook of the middle buckle and he yanked his arm rudely as he went to the floor.  Unplanned but it added a nice dimension to the sequence.

Bryan grabbed Sheamus and rammed him shoulder-first into the ringpost several times.   Bryan nailed a series of kicked to the bad shoulder, drilling him over and over.  He kept kicking when the referee counted to five and for the first time ever, Bryan is DQ'd for breaking the five count.  Bryan was smiling, so he was trying to hurt Sheamus and wasn't worried about losing the fall.

Sheamus -1, Bryan - 0


Bryan attacked Sheamus and locked in the Yes Lock.    Sheanus tried to make it to the ropes but could not with his hurt shoulder.   Sheamus blacked out and the referee stopped it.

Sheamus -1, Bryan - 1

Chicago went nuts with "Yes" chants.  Other fans chanted, "No."  It's like a WCW Zodiak fan convention!

Several doctors worked on Sheamus to revive him.  They got him awake and he said he wanted to continue.


Bryan charged the exhausted Sheamus, who exploded with the Brogue Kick, nailing him.  Both men were down and Sheamus finally covered Bryan for a two count.   Bryan made his way to his feet first and began nailing Sheamus with kicks.  Sheamus used his good arm to return fire but Bryan kicked him in the head, covering Sheamus for a two count.

Bryan went to the ropes but was nailed by Sheamus.  Sheamus went for a suplex but Bryan fought him off and sent him crashing to the mat.  Bryan went for a flying headbutt but missed.  Sheamus recovered in the corner where Bryan charged and missed a leaping kick. Sheamus went nuts with offense and drilled Bryan with the Irish Curse Backbreaker. 

Sheamus called for the Brogue Kick and nailed Bryan.  He covered Bryan and scored the pin.

Your winner and still World champion, Sheamus!

Excellent from start to finish, both technically and from a dramatic standpoint.  The crowd really added to the entire scenario.  It was awesome to see them get a lot of time to really work on the mat and tell a story, something that Bryan's current character rarely gets a chance to do these days.  Sheamus' work was excellent as well.  Really worth going out of your way to see and enjoy.

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