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By Stuart Carapola on 2012-04-13 19:44:54
Before the next match, Johnny Gargano comes out to confront Chuck Taylor. Gargano reminds everyone of how Taylor turned on him in Miami and broke up Ronin, and he reminds Taylor of how he stuck up for him with the Dragon Gate office. I'm having a tough time making out exactly what Gargano's saying, but he mentions that AR Fox isn't here tonight, so he suggests making this match a three way dance. Looks like we've got an impromptu change!

Open The Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano vs Chuck Taylor vs Samuray Del Sol

This is going to be under elimination rules. Taylor runs to the floor right away, and Gargano and Del Sol go at it. Del Sol gets an early advantage, but Gargano hits a Flatliner into the second turnbuckle and then goes after Taylor on the outside. Taylor runs into the ring and Del Sol springboards off his back to dropkick Gargano off the apron, then takes control of Taylor with a lucha headscissors and goes to a leg submission, but Taylor goes to the ropesand escapes to the floor where Gargano wipes him out with a dive through the ropes. Gargano goes back inside and catches Del Sol with a slingshot DDT over the top rope. Taylor slips in and goes after both guys, booting Gargano out to the floor, but gets caught with a rollup by Del Sol for 2. Taylor tries to monkey flip Del Sol, but Del Sol lands on his feet and hits a dropkick in the corner on Taylor. Del Sol goes for a headscissors on Taylor, but Taylor powerbombs Del Sol into Gargano in the corner and then boots Del Sol in the face and covers for 2. Del Sol gets backdropped out to the floor and then Taylor dropkicks Gargano, but Del Sol gets a beautiful headscissors to pull himself back into the ring on Taylor, then sends Taylor to the floor and hits him with a dive. Gargano and Del Sol go at it in the ring, but Taylor sneaks in and dumps Gargano to the outside before rolling Del Sol up with a handful of tights and eliminating him.

Samuray Del Sol is eliminated.

Gargano stares Taylor down and unloads on him in the corner, putting the boots to him Steve Austin style. Gargano with a running basement dropkick and Taylor tries to escape out to the floor. Gargano goes out after him and continues the beating all around ringside, then slams Taylor hard onto the unprotected floor. Gargano comes over and punts Taylor in the ribs, but Taylor keeps his wits about him enough to counter a bulldog attempt into a back suplex onto the ring apron. Taylor puts the boots to Gargano on the outside, then rolls ihm back inside and connects with a double axhandle off the top rope to the back. Taylor grinds Gargano's face into the mat and connects with an elbowdrop to the back, then gets a bodyscissors on Gargano. Gargano makes the ropes, so Taylor slingshots himself off the middle rope and stomps on Gargano's back. Taylor continues stomping Gargano's back while snipingback and forth with some ringside fans, then rocks Gargano with a pair of bodyslams. Taylor gets a rear chinlock with a knee in the back, Gargano escapes and rolls Taylor backward, boots him in the face, clotheslines him to the floor, hits a slingshot dive over the top rope, and a somersault senton off the apron. Looks like Gargano may have caused more damage to himself on that one, but he sends Taylor inside and hits a leaping kneestrike to the jaw. Taylor tries a flying headscissors, but Gargano counters to a powerbomb and goes to the Gargano Escape, but Taylor makes it to the ropes to force the break. Taylor tries to walk out, but Gargano goes out after him and drags him back down to the ring. Gargano rolls Taylor inside, but Taylor catches him coming in with an elbow. Gargano goes for the spear through the ropes, but Taylor catches him coming through and turns it to a rolling backbreaker. Taylor again stomping Gargano's back and goes up top for a moonsault, but Gargano rolls out of the way and Taylor eats the mat. Gargano pulls himself to his feet and hits a running dropkick into the corner, the running Snake Eyes onto the second turnbuckle, and a superkick for 2. Gargano goes for Hertz Donut, Taylor escapes and goes for the Awful Waffle, Gargano slips out and takes Taylor down into the Gargano Escape. Taylor rolls out of it and catches Gargano in a half crab right in the middle of the ring, but Gargano somehow manages to get to the ropes. Taylor slaps Gargano around and Gargano spits at him, so Taylor unloads with another hard forearm. Gargano responds with a slap, then a forearm, and they're back trading blows in the middle of the ring. Gargano's having trouble staying on his feet, but he hits a superkick, Taylor hits a superkick of his own and a big boot, and then Gargano with a roaring lariat. Gargano goes for Hertz Donut, but he couldn't hold Taylor up and he collapses to the mat. Taylor goes right back to the half crab and Gargano goes for the ropes, but Taylor drags him back out to the middle of the ring. Gargano passes out and the referee checks the arm and it drops three times.

Winner: Chuck Taylor

Taylor has now not only beaten his former partner clean in the middle of the ring, but he has now surpassed Gargano to become the wins leader in EVOLVE. Terrific match, I liked how they gave Del Sol a rub by putting him in there, and Taylor and Gargano told a great story once it was down to just the two of them.


Caleb Konley vs Adam Page

Konley is accompanied to the ring by Larry Dallas and Leah, and Page is apparently a tobacco farmer from Virginia. Feeling out process to start, Konley takes Page down with a drop toehold and goes to a side headlock, Page escapes and gets a series of armdrags and Konley backs off, then piefaces him. Page gets mad and chases Konley outside, around the ring, and back in where Page knocks Konley senseless with a right hand and a BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK BODYDROP. Page takes a run at Konley and gets backdropped out to the ring apron, but Page slips through the ropes and picks Konley up on his shoulders before dumping him out to the floor. Page comes off the ring apron with a running shooting star press, getting a big reaction from the crowd, then he rolls Konley back into the ring and comes off the top with...oops, Konley moved out of his way and Page landed on his feet, but promptly gets hiptossed into the corner. Konley yanks Page to the mat by the hair and covers for 2, then goes to a three quarter nelson. Page fights out and comes off the ropes, but gets popped into the air for a sort of hiptoss into a lungblower. Never seen that before, but it only gets 2. Page gets the boot up as Konley charges him in the corner, but takes too long getting to the top rope and Konley hits a delayed superplex for 2. Konley goes for a Regalplex, but Page slips out the back and nearly pins Konley with a rollup for 2. Page with a series of chops and a powerslam, but Konley kicks out of the pin attempt at 2. Konley sweeps the legs of Page and hits a diving lariat and a senton, but covering only results in a 2 count. Page gets Konley up in a fireman's carry and dumps Konley into a neckbreaker over the knee, but Konley drills Page with a roaring elbow and a sitout facebuster, then gets the O Face for the submission win.

Winner: Caleb Konley

Solid match to come back from intermission with before getting down to business with the last two matches.

The double main event is up next on Page 3!

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