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By Stuart Carapola on 2012-04-13 19:44:54
Low Ki vs El Generico

These guys have had some real wars in years past, so they're very familiar with one another. Ki backs Generico to the corner and teases a chop, but breaks clean and they go back to the middle of the ring. Generico takes Ki to the corner now as the fans chant "let's go both guys" and Generico makes the same feinted chop. Ki doesn't flinch, so Generico lays in the chop and they go back to the middle of the ring. Ki takes Generico down with a side headlock, Generico makes it to his feet so Ki takes him to the ropes and drills him with a hard chop, then a snapmare and a quick elbowdrop. Ki goes for a cover and doesn't even get 1, then goes to a chinlock. Generico gets out and takes Ki to the corner, and breaks with a shove. Lots of headgames going on in this one, and Ki gets a SWEET single leg into a go behind, taking Generico down and slapping the back of his head. Generico rolls out and gets on top of Ki, but Ki gets an armbar and Generico has to get to the ropes to break. Ki is on his back waiting for Generico to come in so he can kick his legs out, Generico is hesitant to come in but he finally goes and gets caught in a triangle choke. Generico slips out, but Ki manages to get behind him and Russian the arm before transitioning to a side headlock. They get back to their feet and do a back and forth sequence that ends with Generico hitting a leg lariat. Generico with a hard chop in the corner, Ki responds with one of his own, and a chop exchange breaks out in the middle of the ring which Ki easily wins and hits Generico with his own brainbuster for 2.

Ki has Generico against the ropes and connects with a hard chop, a running boot to the ribs, and then just dumps Generico out to the floor. Ki goes out after Generico and hits a running dropkick that sends Generico crashing into the ring steps. They go back inside and Ki covers for 2, then traps Generico in a bodyscissors. Generico makes it to the ropes and gets into another chop exchange with Low Ki, but this one goes a bit better for Generico as he gets the advantage and dodges a charge from Low Ki that sends Ki out to the floor. Generico gets a running start and hits a somersault dive to the floor that wipes Ki out, and the crowd is going nuts for Generico. Generico sends Ki back inside and comes off the top rope with a bodypress for 2, then picks Ki up and goes for a Blue Thunder Driver. Ki blocks and goes for a big punt to the face, but Generico dodges and hits the Blue Thunder Driver on the second try for a 2 count. Generico goes for the Yakuza kick in the corner, but Ki BLASTS him with a boot to the face and gets the Dragon sleeper, scissoring Generico's body and dragging him down to the mat. Generico makes it to the ropes before he passes out, but Ki tries to go right back to the hold. Generico blocks and slides Ki around front to counter to a vertical suplex into a sitout powerbomb for 2. Ki dodges another attempt at the running Yakuza Kick and smashes another kick into the chest of Generico. Ki connects with more kicks, but Generico tells Ki to bring it on, so Ki obliges until Generico collapses and covers him for 2. Ki waits for Generico to get to his feet and goes for the Shotgun knees, but Generico moves out of the way and Ki crashes into the corner. Generico quickly comes into the corner with the running Yakuza kick and goes for the top rope brainbuster, but Ki slips out behind him and they both seem to lose their balance. I can't tell if Generico hurt himself on that, but I don't have time to find out because Ki comes off the top with the double stomp to the back for the win.

Winner: Low Ki

Absolutely amazing match. Low Ki said something to Generico that I didn't catch, but it seemed to be something untoward because it got a negative reaction from the fans, and Lenny Leonard says he doesn't know what got into Low Ki.

Dave Finlay vs Sami Callihan

This is a rematch from EVOLVE 9 when Finlay defeated Callihan in what was voted the EVOLVE Match of the Year for 2011. Finlay backs Callihan into the corner, but breaks clean and they go back to the middle for a shoving match. Finlay powers Callihan into the corner again and gets a double leg, but Callihan shoves him in the face until Finlay breaks. Finlay backs Callihan into the corner a third time and a clean break is met by a slap to the face, which Finlay responds to with a headbutt that busts Callihan open hardway. Callihan gets to his feet and tells Finlay to hit him, so he does, and Callihan tumbles out to the floor. Finlay goes after Callihan and rams him into the ring apron, and Finlay stalks him before rolling him back inside where he fires a hard elbow into the bloody face of Callihan. Callihan throws some wild kicks at Finlay, but Finlay responds with a kick of his own and a short clothesline for 2. Finlay drags Callihan out to the ring apron and smashes him chest first into the edge of the ring, then stomps right on his head. Callihan lays in a hard chop, but Finaly again is unfazed and picks Callihan up and rams him into the ringpost. Callihan finally gets some offense in, ramming Finlay's back into the apron and unloading with some right hands and kicks, but Finlay goes to the eyes and rolls Callihan back inside where he punishes him with a series of kneedrops to the head and covers for 2. Finlay with some hard overhand chops in the corner, Callihan tries a headbutt of his own, but Finlay again is not affected and takes Callihan down to the mat and into a leglock. Callihan tries to yank back on Finlay's chin to escape, and manages to roll Finlay to his chest where he can ram elbows into the back of Finlay's head over and over.

Finaly seems to be in trouble for the first time in this match and Callihan makes a cover, but Finlay is out at 1. Finlay responds with a forearm to the face and shoots Callihan hard into the corner, but Callihan lays in some more forearms and a kneelift before cinching in an Indian Deathlock and then a half crab, but Finlay won't turn over, so Callihan mounts Finlay and lays in chops. He makes the mistake of letting Finlay get back to his feet and Finlay knocks him on his ass with a hard forearm before ramming Callihan chest first into the corner. Finlay with another kneedrop and then he rams Callihan into the corner again, but Callihan dodges a charge from Finlay and connects with a leaping enziguiri to the back of the head and covers for 2. Finlay goes out to the apron and tries a big right hand, but Callihan ducks and connects with a kick to the head and then a springboard forearm that sends Finlay to the floor. Callihan comes through the ropes and wipes Finlay out with a dive. He rolls Finlay back inside and goes up top, but Finlay pops right back up and shoves Callihan to the floor. Callihan makes it back inside, so Finlay picks him up and bodyslams him into the ropes. A second one rattles the body of Callihan, and Finlay now kicks at the legs of Callihan and rams his knee into the ringpost, against the joint at that, and then does it again for laughs. Finlay torques Callihan over with a half crab while standing on the back of Callihan's head. Callihan stops moving and the ref checks the arm, but Callihan stays alive and gets to the ropes, so Finlay drops another knee on him. Finlay puts Callihan on top of the corner, and Callihan tries to fight his way free, but Finlay headbutts him square in the face and goes up. Callihan goes for a sunset flip off the top rope and Finlay holds his ground, so Callihan superkicks Finlay's knee out from under him and Finlay crashes hard to the mat.

Callihan goes for the Stretch Muffler, but Finlay simply shoves him out to the timekeeper's table where he lands with an audible WHACK. Callihan comes back in and Finlay hits the Celtic Cross, but Callihan kicks out at 1. Finlay hits a second one and then a third, but Callihan again kicks out. Finlay looks discouraged as the fans start a "this is awesome" chant, he goes for a Tombstone but Callihan slips free, so Finlay takes his head off with a short clothesline instead and this time hits the Tombstone and makes a cover, but Callihan again gets out at 2. Callihan has no idea where he is as Finlay picks him up for another Tombstone, but he slips out the back and hits a pump kick to the back of Finlay's head.

Now Finlay is rattled and he boots Callihan in return, then they knock each other out with stereo big boots and both men are down. Callihan looks exhausted as he hauls himself to his feet, Finlay waits for him to get up and they knock each other back down with stereo Yakuza kicks again. Back to their feet, and they both boot each other down a third time. They don't even bother to get to their feet the next time, kicking each other from the mat. Finlay goes for a backslide and only gets 2, Callihan goes for the Stretch Muffler but Finlay blocks and catches Callihan in a cross armbreaker and Callihan is finally forced to tap out.

Winner: Dave Finlay

This match was unbelievable, better than the first and I think EVOLVE has another MOTYC on their hands here. Crowd starts a "thank you Finlay" chant as Lenny Leonard gets in the ring to put over the war Finlay and Callihan just had, and gets Finlay's thoughts after that match. Finlay tells Callihan that he lost because he's so preoccupied with his feud with Sabu and others, and that if he gets his head on straight, he'll become something. He tells Callihan to get to his feet, but Callihan blows him off and walks out.

Excellent show overall, the three way and the last two matches would be worth the price of a normal PPV, and I have absolutely no problem recommending this show to anyone who enjoys a solid night of professional wrestling. Big thumbs up for a very strong EVOLVE 11.

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