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By Mike Johnson on 2012-03-04 23:00:00
Kevin Steen vs. Jimmy Jacobs (with Steve Corino) - No DQ

Corino took the mic and said he was going to explain what's going to happen here.  He told Steen that it's gone too far.  He said Steen beat his ass all over the ring at Final Battle and he hasn't wrestled since.  He asked if he believes Corino is going to let this continue, he's crazy.  He said that it's time to move on.  He said that he and Jacobs talked about it and this will be an unpopular decision but there's not going to be a No DQ match tonight.  Steen took the mic.  He told Corino that the man he knew would have punched him in the face for taking the mic, but Corino just stands there sulking.

Jacobs attacked Steen while Corino was confused.  He removed his jacket to reveal the jacket he wore the night he stood under a gushing Jay Briscoe at the Chicago PPV.  Corino was telling him not to do it but joined the announcers.  Jacobs tossed chairs into the ring.   Jacobs sat Steen in a chair in the aisle and did a running dive off the top onto Steen.

Jacobs tried to nail Steen with a chair but Steen ducked.  They battled over it and Steen pulled Jacobs towards it.  Steen hit a cannonball in the corner.  Steen plowed Jacobs into the barricade.  They brawled all over the aisle.   Steen climbed atop the rail but was grabbed and slammed hard by Jacobs.    Steen came back to ram Jacobs into a ringpost, then followed up with a steel chair.  He pulled a piece of the barricade out and slammed Jacobs on it.  Steen nailed him with another chair.  They continued waging war on each other by the stage.

They brawled back to the ring, where Jacobs covered Steen for a two count.   Jacobs began beating Steen's head into the chairs on the mat.  He set up a table on the floor.   He attempted to suplex Jacobs out of the ring onto the table but Steen blocked it and dragged him into the ring.  He tried to powerbomb Jacobs outside but Jacobs escapes.  He dropped down when Jacobs charged, sending him over the top to the floor.  He then powerbombed Jacobs on the apron and did it again on a second side of the ring.

Steen gets in Corino's face and returns to Jacobs.   He tries to powerbomb him off the apron onto the table but Jacobs landed on his feet.  They battled on the apron.  Jacobs speared Steen through the ropes through the table.  Back in the ring, Jacobs went for a Contra Code off the ropes onto some chairs but Steen caught him and sent him into the chairs for a two count.  Steen ascended to the top rope.  Steen nailed a swanton but Jacobs gets his knee up.

Jacobs pulled out the spike he used duiring the Age of the Fall  He charged and missed stabbing the turnbuckle.  Steen nailed the F5 but was too tired to make the cover.  He finally went for it, but changed his mind and set up a chair in the middle of the ring.  He then set up another as Corino stood up, shaking his head.  He sets the chairs back to back and goes for an F5 onto the chairs.  Jacobs fought out, grabbed the spike and stabbed Steen, who was busted open.  Jacobs began staring at the spike, then dropped it, shocked at what he did.

Steen grabbed the spike and spiked him in the crotch, then nailed the F5 onto the chairs.    He covered Jacobs for the pin.

Your winner, Kevin Steen!

ROH champ Davey Richards & Kyle O'Reilly vs. Eddie Edwards & Adam Cole

Cole and Kyle started off but before they could lock up, Richards tagged himself in.  Richards backed him into the corner and there was a clean break.   Richards brought hm down to the mat, working over his arm.  They went back and forth with some nice reversals, until Cole dropkicked Richards.   Richards shoulderblocked him down, but was caught in a sunset flip.  They went into a series of reversals leading to Cole going for a kick but Richards evaded.  They faced off.

They tagged out to their partners.   They went into a knucklelock test of strength and began headbutting each other.  Edwards took him down to the mat for a near fall.   They went back and forth until Kyle caught him with an armbar.  Edwards turned that into a leg submission and they finally faced off.  Cole tagged in as did Richards.

Richards began tagging Cole with a series of kicks to the chest.   They went back and forth until Richards nailed a dropkick as Cole was rebounding off the ropes.   Kyle tagged in and he drilled Cole, who came back with a series of shoulderblocks.  Kyle cut him off with a back suplex and tagged Richards.  He cinched in an Indian Death Lock.   Edwards and Richards tagged in and they went back and forth.  Richards drilled Edwards with a running forearm, then hit a dive to the outside on Cole.  Edwards nailed a back suplex off the ropes but Eddie fought out of it.   He and Kyle went back and forth, killing each other with disgustingly stiff chops.

Kyle began throwing some stuff kicks.  Edwards chopped him in the neck and went for another but Kyle blocked and hit a sick back suplex for a two count.   Cole tagged in and tried to roll up Kyle, who shoved him off.  Cole nailed a leg lariat fora two count.   Cole caught Kyle on the ropes and slammed him for a two count.  They battled back and forth with forearms.   Cole was caught with a leaping knee and Richards leapt into the ring and drilled him with a kick for a two count.

Richards locked in the Texas Cloverleaf.  Edwards was trying to interfere so Kyle warded him off and assisted in the submission.    Kyle began doing a series of rolling butterfly suplexes for a two count.   Cole fired back against Richards and Kyle.  Richards went for an enziguiri but Cole ducked and Kyle was nailed.  Cole maneuvered Kyle into DDTing Davey.  Edwards tagged in and nailed a leaping missile dropkick on both.  He worked over Davey with a brainbuster for a two count.

They battled back and forth.  Edwards backdropped his own partner over the top on Davey and Kyle on the floor.   Edwards and Richards returned  to the ring.  Richards went to the top but was kicked by Edwards and superplexed off.  Cole hit a top rope splash and Edwards covered him for a two count.  Richards fired back with several elbows to the neck but was flipped over with a suplex into a sitdown slam for another two count.  Cole and Edwards went for the American Wolves finisher but Richards fought them off and rolled through with an anklelock on Cole.  Edwards went to break it but Kyle attacked him and locked on a submission.  It tuirned into several reversals, leading into the former Wolves locked on submissions while face to face and slapping the hell out of each other.

Cole and Kyle grabbed their opponents and nailed back suplexes, then traded vicious strikes and punches.   Cole then hit a nasty looking Cactus clothesline to the outside.  Richards and Edwards began exchanging strikes and kicks, laying each other out.   They made the tag to Cole and Kyle, who faced off.   They charged each other with kicks, mirroring each other.  They went for suplexes on Edwards and Richards but it was reversed with all four tumbling out of the ring to the floor.

All four battered men returned to the ring.  Cole and Richards battling in one corner, Edwards and Kyle in the other. Richards and Eddie kept trying to one up each other with chops and kicks.   They then faced off in the center of the ring, chopping and kicking each other stiffly.    Richards nailed a sick clothesline that folded Edwards upside down in half.  This left Kyle and Cole to battle it out with sick slaps, kicks and chops, with Cole finally getting the best of it and a near fall.  Cole kicked Richards off the apron.  He and Edwards used a lungblower into a backstabber for another two count on Kyle.

Kyle fought back with kicks on both his opponents but was nailed off the top with a sitdown F5 off the top.   Cole covered Kyle but Richards dove in to break up the pinfall.   Edwards whipped Cole into Kyle who kicked him off, then sent Edwards to the floor.  Kyle nailed the leaping knee off the apron on Eddie.  Richards nailed a double stomp on Cole, who kicked out.  Cole was drilled with several kicks until a punt to the face and a back suplex but kicked out again.

Richards slapped him but Cole kicked him.  Kyle nailed a brainbuster on him as Richards kicked him.  Edwards broke it up and nailed a top rope stomp on Richards.  Cole superkicked Richards in mid-air.  They nailed the Wolves old finish on Richards for another two count.  Edwards and Richards battled on the top rope.  Richards fought him off but Edwards nailed a running knee and hit a top rope rana into the ring.  Edwards powerbombed Richards onto Cole's knees but it went wrong.  The crowd knew it too.  Kyle hit the scene for the save and slapped them but both Cole and Eddie hit a double big boot to the face.   Edwards went for a powerbomb, but saw Cole hit a tornado DDT onto Kyle off the apron to the floor.

Richards small packaged him for a two count.  They went into a series of reversals.   Edwards went for the codebreaker off the second rope but Richards turned it into a anklelock.  Cole tagged in and nailed a bodypress off the ropes and pinned Richards, shocking the crowd.

Your winners, Adam Cole & Eddie Edwards!

Really great match with a shocking finish that brought Cole up to the next level.

Richards took the mic and started to speak but stopped.  He then congratulated Cole on getting the win.   They shook hands and faced off.   Kyle refused and said he doesn't shake hands with anyone he doesn't respect.   Richards got mad.  Kevin Steen showed up in the balcony and said he doesn't respect any of them and he wasn't going to let the Anniversary show end with a "Davey Richards b**chfest."  He said he wishes he had a Colt 45 to shoot Richards and said "Young Wolves Rising" was the worst name he ever heard.  He said the show should have been titled Kevin Steen steals the show.  He said that the future is ugly and it's him.  He said it should have been Richards vs. Kevin Steen for the title.  He said that some people think it's not happening because Davey is scared.  He said that the truth is Cornette is afraid.  He said Davey is the one person that can change Cornette's mind.  He said that until Davey gets Cornette to change his mind, Steen is going to haunt him until he makes it happen.  He said that Davey is a jiu-jitsu jackoff and "that's trending worldwide."

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