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By Mike Johnson on 2012-03-04 23:00:00
The House of Truth (Roderick Strong & Michael Elgin with Truth Martini) vs. The Amazing Red & TJ Perkins

Big pop for the return of Red.  The crowd chanted "House of Glory" (Red's school) and "F*** TNA."  Perkins and Elgin started off.  They went back and forth.  Red tagged in and was sent into the corner.  Red went for a waistlock but was unable to move the big man.   Red was able to use a dropkick to take Elgin to his knees and  work him over.  Strong hit the scene but was hit with some offense, sending him to the floor with a flying head scissors.  Red and Perkins hit a double springboard bodypress.

It settled down to Elgin and Perkins.  Perkins tried to come off the ropes with a tornado DDT but was caught and turned into an over the shoulder powerslam for a two count.   Strong tagged in and nailed a backbreaker, then locked in a rear chinlock.   Red nailed a ton of spinkicks and a dropkick off the ropes on Strong but was attacked by Elgin.  Red hit a twisting move that turned into a DDT for the pin.

Red hit a pescado to the floor.  Perkins and Red then did stereo twisting splashes on Martini and Strong on the other side.   Red and Perkins worked over Elgin.  Red nailed the Code Red on Elgin.  They went back and forth with an insane series of moves and near falls until Strong shot Red into the air for a backbreaker and Elgin caught him with a stiff lariat for the pin.

Your winners, The House of Truth!

Really HOT match.  Perkins and Red made a  hell of a team.  Imagine them against the Bucks or Express or Briscoes?  I really thought this was the best House of Truth ever looked overall.  Just an impressive match.

In between each match, the crowd is doing the Daniel Bryan "YES!" as a chant. Pretty cool way to show respect for someone who put the place on the map.

ROH TV champ Jay Lethal vs. Tommaso Ciampa (with The Embassy)

They locked up and went back and forth.  Ciampa went to the outside and Jay hit a springboard dropkick off the corner, sending him to the floor.  He went for a dive and took out RE Evans on the floor but Ciampa clotheslined him on the outside.  Ciampa worked over Jay on the floor, sending him into the railing and beating him.

Ciampa worked over Lethal.  Lethal tried to come back with a handspring elbow but was dropkicked in the face while upside down.  Ciampa began picking him apart on the mat, then whipped him into the ropes and drilled him with a back elbow.   Ciampa continued working Lethal over but Lethal began firing back with chops.  They went back and forth with chops until Lethal drilled him with a series back into the corner.  He whipped Ciampa into the opposite corner but it was reversed and Ciampa dropkicked him into the corner.

Ciampa worked over Lethal in the corner with a series of running knees but when he went for another, Lethal snapped him with a superkick.  Lethal worked him over with chops and clotheslines.    Lethal nailed the handspring elbow for a two count.   They battled back and forth on the top and Lethal nailed Ciampa off the ropes and back into the ring. Lethal hit the flying elbow and scored a two count.

Ciampa and Lethal battled back and forth on the apron, chopping each other.  Ciampa ducked one and nailed the Air Raid Crash on the apron outside with two minutes remaining.  The referee began counting them out and it looked like it would end up a double countout but they returned at the 19 count with a minute remaining.

Lethal fired up on Ciampa but The Embassy got on the apron.  They were all nailed by Lethal, except for Mia Yim, who's dress was grabbed and ripped by Lethal.  Lethal beat the hell out of Ciampa, who started firing back as the time limit expired.

15 Minute Draw.

Lethal tried to call for five more minutes, which the crowd wanted but Ciampa attacked him and nailed the powerbomb over the knees, leaving Lethal laying.  Ciampa took the TV title belt and walked out with it.  When Lethal recovered and realized they stole the belt, he ran to the back.

The next event here is Sunday 6/24. We are now at intermission!

They began playing "Final Countdown", which was Bryan Danielson's theme here and the place went NUTS!

They followed that by playing Punk's old theme song, and they even ran the old lighting effects. That was pretty damn awesome. We are a long way from the Murphy Rec Center.

ROH Tag Team champions The Briscoes vs. The Young Bucks.

The Bucks attacked the Briscoes during the ring introductions but the Briscoes nailed a double clothesline.  They sent Nick Jackson to the floor then hit a double Beel over the top on Matt, sending him onto his brother on the floor.   The Briscoes went to the floor and worked over the challengers, sending them into the railing.  All four battled around ringside with the Briscoes trashing the Bucks.

Back in the ring, Jay worked over Matt Jackson, nailing a leaping clothesline in the corner.   Mark joined in the beating, slamming him into the apron.  The champs began working over Matt in the corner.   They drilled him with a pair of dropkicks.  They slammed him and drilled him with a double shoulderblock for a two count.   Nick went after Jay, who chased him around ringside.  When they hit the ring, Matt grabbed Jay in a standing headscissors and Nick dropkicked him, turning the tide.

The Bucks began working over Jay but Mark hit the scene.  It turned into a brawl.  Matt ducked, sending Mark ove  r the top.  The Bucks worked him over but Mark began nailing a series of chops on Matt.   Matt backdropped him.  Mark landed on his feet but was superkicked by Nick, who then hit a pescado to the floor on Jay.

The Briscoes worked over Mark in their corner.  Mark fought his way out and drilled Matt with a series of headbutts.  He made the hot tag to Jay, who clotheslined him.  Mark killed him with a stiff dropkick.  Jay stomped the hell out of Matt.  Nick tried to springboard in but was caught and slammed onto his brother.    The Briscoes hit an awesome powerbomb neckbreaker combination on Matt for a two count.  Nick pulled Mark to the floor and superkicked him.  He then springboarded in and drilled Jay with an X-Factor.  Matt rolled him up for a two count.

  They hung Jay on the ropes and Nick came off the ropes with a 450 splash for a two count.  The Bucks battled with Jay Briscoe.  They nailed him with a pair of stereo superkicks for a two count.  They set up Jay for More Bang for Your Buck but Mark sent Matt off the top to the rail.  The Briscoes nailed the Doomsday Device on Nick Jackson, scoring the pin.

Your winners and still ROH Tag Team champions, The Briscoes!

Good back and forth tag match.

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