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By Mike Johnson on 2012-02-19 19:33:11
They showed Santino's Battle Royal win.  This led to a comedy bit where Marella, dressed like Rocky Balboa, ate raw eggs and spit them out. 

They went to a video feature on John Cena's training for his Wrestlemania match against Dwayne Johnson.  It was a great piece.

WWE Divas champion Beth Phoenix vs. Tamina

Phoenix was wearing a plaid belt which they said was in tribute to Roddy Piper, Jimmy Snuka's most famous WWF opponent. When the bell rang, she held the ropes open for Snuka, offering her the chance to leave when she could.   Snuka just stared so Phoenix mocked her.  Snuka unloaded with several chops.  Phoenix came back to knock Tamina off the ropes to the floor as Snuka was climbing the ropes.  She worked her over on the outside, then returned, trying to get a countout win.  Snuka returned at the last second.

Phoenix began working her over with elbows and locked on a side chinlock.   Tamina tried to fight back but was shot back down.   Phoenix locked on a Dragon Sleeper.   Snuka battled back and nailed a Samoan Drop on Phoenix.  She went to the top for the Superfly Splash but Phoenix cut her off.   Phoenix attempted a superplex and nailed it.  Phoenix started working her over with right hands but Snuka fought back.

They battled back and forth with Tamina starting to get the better of the exchange.    Tamina whipped her into the corner and nailed a big splash.  She nailed the double chop and went to the top for the Superfly Splash.   She nailed it but Phoenix kicked out at the last second.  They said it was the first time anyone has kicked out of Tamina's splash.  Tamina went to go back up but Phoenix rolled out to the floor.  Tamina followed and rolled her back in.  Phoenix grabbed her and slammed her into the turnbuckles, then nailed the Glamslam for the win.

Your winner and still WWE Divas champion, Beth Phoenix!

Decent match.

The next Santino Marella Rocky spoof was Santino punching a small piece of meat, doing the cobra on it.

They showed doctors checking on Jericho backstage and noted that they hoped to get a word with him but it wasn't possible.  You have to wonder if Jericho is going to enter the other Chamber and replace Santino.

John Laurinaitis came out with David Otunga.  Laurinaitis was speaking when Alberto Del Rio's music hit and returned, driving a Rolls Royce into the Arena.  Basically, they were trashing Teddy Long and saying he was corrupt.  Del Rio said that Ace should be the permanent General Manager for both Raw and Smackdown.   Out came Mark Henry, who was suspended by Long.  He said that Long was a bully and physically assaulted him.     Henry said that just like the good guy that he is, he fell for it and was suspended for it.   He told Ace that they've never seen eye to eye but Ace isn't a bully and never threw his weight around or abused his power.  He agreed Laurinaitis should be in power.  Christian then came out, making his return from his ankle injury, walking to the ring in street clothes.   Christian said that he would have been competing for the World title tonight had it not been for Long.  He sad that unlike Randy Orton faking a concussion, his injuries were legitimate and said that Long forcing him to work while hurt was an unsafe working environment.  He asked the Board of Directors to make Ace the Smackdown GM. 

Ace said he was touched and wanted everyone to take a photo.  They posed, although Henry didn't want to do it.   The fans chanted for HHH.  Whatever segment that wasted two returns and took too long. 

Josh Matthews interviewed The Big Show.  He asked Show how important it was to win the championship tonight and enter Wrestlemania as champion since he's had a terrible Wrestlemania record.  He said that tonight is imperative to walk in with confidence tonight and win the title.  He said that he's walking out World champion and the past is the past.

 Elimination Chamber: World champion Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show vs. Great Khali vs. Santino Marella vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Wade Barrett.

Big Show and Wade Barrett started out.   Show worked over Barrett and drilled him with a hard chop across the chest.  Barrett fired back with a series of kicks.   Show cut him off with a big headbutt.   They talked up how bad Show's Wrestlemania record is, which makes me think they are going to give him a major win at that show.     Barrett worked over Show, taking him down to his knees and measuring with a series of kicks to the face and gut.  He brought Show to the outside and ran him into the door of the Chamber.

Back in the ring, Barrett used a stepover toehold to wear down Show.   They went back and forth until the countdown came, releasing Cody Rhodes.   Rhodes, who had ripped on Show's Mania record, was wary getting into the ring.  Show caught him in the corner and chopped him hard across the chest.    Rhodes fired back with punches and kicks but was tossed hard on the grate outside.  Barrett tried to attack Show but was laid out as well.  Show set up Rhodes for a running splash against the Chamber but Rhodes moves.  Rhodes climbed to the top but was grabbed and tossed into the cage.

Show went for a chokeslam on Barrett but Barrett slipped out and clipped his knee from behind,   Barrett began working over Show's knees.   He began working over Show's knee on the mat but Show brought his other knee down over Barrett with a hard shot.  Barrett and Rhodes doubled up on Show, working him over.    Rhodes and Barrett started battling each other, with Barrett tossing Rhodes into one of the pods and then the ringpost.   Barrett and Rhodes battled back and forth, until the countdown hit, releasing Santino.

Marella worked over Barrett with a series of rights, a hptoss and a dropkick.   Santino then turned into Big Show.  He psyched himself up but Marella was rushed backward into the corner, chopped and hit with a high hiptoss.  Rhodes chop blocked him from behind and began jumping onto him with his stomps.   Rhodes controlled the ring, working over everyone else.    Show began nailing Rhodes and Barrett with hard chops and sent them to the outside onto the grate.  Show warned Bryan he was coming for him.  The place chanted for Santino.

Show went for a double chokeslam on the grate but they battled him off and nailed a double suplex.   The battle continued with everyone battling until they released Great Khali.  Khali worked over everyone but was speared by Show and pinned. 

Khali was eliminated.

Show locked eyes with Bryan and tried to reach him through the top of the pod.  Show began to break the chains from the top of the pod as Bryan was trapped, scared.   He began to climb in as Bryan screamed at the referee to open the door.     Show climbed in and began beating the hell out of Bryan, who wasn't officially in the match yet.   Show used his foot to choke Bryan as the countdown ended, releasing Bryan officially into the match.

Show dragged Bryan out and then tossed him hard into another pod, shattering the pod door.   He headbutt Barrett and then clotheslined Bryan down.  Bryan was whipped into the corner and nailed with a back splash.  Show kicked the hell out of Bryan and called for the chokeslam.  Show chokeslammed him but Barrett came charging with a big boot.   Show was sent to the outside, where Rhodes nailed the Beautiful Disaster on the outside, then nailed him with it again, sending him into the ring.  Cody DDT'd Show.  Barrett came off the top with a big elbow off the ropes and pinned Show.

Show has been eliminated.

Marella immediately rolled up Cody and pinned him. 

Rhodes has been eliminated.

Rhodes grabbed Marella and drilled him with the CrossRhodes before walking out.   Barrett, selling his arm from the battle, covered Marella.  Santino kicked up at two,    Barrett threw him to the outside as the crowd chanted for Marella.   Barrett sent Marella into the Chamber and tied his arms up in the chains of the Chamber to force Marella to be wide open for a series of kicks.  

Bryan returned to the ring and battled back and forth with Barrett.  He whipped Bryan into the ropes and he went for a  flip off but slipped.  Barrett attacked him but Bryan went for a crucifix and then the LeBell Lock.  Barrett broke free before he could nail it but was slammed into the corner.  Bryan drilled him with a series of kicks in the corner.  Bryan was crotched on the ropes and Barrett came off the ropes with a clothesline on Bryan, who was stunned on the ropes.  Barrett threw Bryan into the cage hard from a powerbomb position, then forced his head into a pod, squeezing it against his head and then slamming it hard against his head.

Marella returned to the fray but was drilled with a right hand.  Barrett went for Wasteland but Marella grabbed the ropes and held on.  Barrett sent him to the grate hard from the ropes.   Barrett sent him into the Chamber and then drilled him with a shot to the kidneys.  Bryan leapt off the top rope with a flying knee to Barrett's face and began working him over.   He went to the top but Barrett crotched him and slammed him backward into the broken pod.

Barrett pulled Bryan on his shoulders for Wasteland off the top but Marella attacked Barrett.  Bryan was sent to the grate.  Marella went for a superplex but was fought off.  Barrett came off the ropes with the elbow but Marella moved.  Bryan came off the top with a flying headbutt and Marella covered Barrett.

Wade Barrett has been eliminated.

The place went nuts chanting for Santino, who was left with Bryan in the finals.  Bryan was laughing as if he was taking Marella lightly.   Bryan went to nail him but was caught with a Sambo Throw.   Bryan came back with a big dropkick into the buckles.  He set up Marella and nailed him with a kick to the back.   Bryan measured him again and again, drilling him with a series of kicks to the chest.   Marella wouldn't back down as the crowd chants spurred him on.  Marella kept kicking out with Bryan being in disbelief.

Bryan missed a move and Marella rolled him up for a two count.  Marella was nailed with a suplex but Bryan missed a top rope headbutt.  Marella went for the Cobra and nailed Bryan with it.  Bryan kicked out at the last second.   Bryan grabbed Marella in the LeBell Lock in the center but Marella fought hard to break free.  He almost had it but Bryan was able to reposition and trap him.  Marella finally tapped.

Your winner and still World champion, Daniel Bryan!

Sheamus came out and got into with Bryan.  He laid Bryan out.

Much better match than you'd have predicted going in.  Say what you will about the Marella push but the crowd loved it tonight and were into all of his near falls.  Bryan, Barrett and Rhodes all had good showings here and there were some brutal spots involving the pods.  Show getting into the pod to beat the piss out of Bryan was quite the moment  Good, entertaining story.

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