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By Stuart Carapola on 2011-11-11 22:51:50
Brodie Lee & CIMA vs Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano

CIMA and Gargano start us off doing some Greco stuff in the middle of the ring and then go to some chain wrestling and then a fast paced back and forth sequence with some armdrags and Gargano gets the better of CIMA and tags out to Taylor, and they hit a series of combos for 2. Brodie Lee comes in and takes both member of Ronin out with a double clothesline, then bowls Gargano out to the apron where CIMA hits a running kick from the outside. Brodie chokes Taylor in the corner and tags out to CIMA, who hits a pair of elbowdrops for 2 and then ties Taylor in an abdominal stretch. Taylor gets to his own corner and tags outto Gargano, who comes in with a bridging vertical suplex for 2. Ronin with a double back elbow and the dancing boots to CIMA, but Brodie comes in and again cleans house on Ronin. Brodie with a delayed vertical suplex on Taylor and stares Gargano down on the apron before tagging in CIMA, who opens up on Taylor with more kicks. CIMA takes a break to get into it with the fans, and that allows Taylor enough time to ram CIMA into the corner and deliver repeated shoulderblocks to the midsection. Gargano comes in and gets a half nelson to put CIMA to his back for 2, but CIMA takes Gargano to the corner and tags Brodie in to again use his massive size to his advantage and choke Gargano with his boot. Brodie takes a run at Taylor and knocks him off the apron as CIMA comes back in and smashes another kick into Gargano's ribs before tying him in a standing figure four so Brodie can come off the ropes with a legdrop. CIMA with a cross armbreaker and Gargano almost immediately goes to the ropes, so CIMA goes to the apron and hits a slingshot senton, and then Brodie follows right after with a slingshot senton of his own! Wow, who knew? CIMA slouches Gargano in the corner and hits a running kick to the cajones, then comes off the top with a double stomp for 2. Brodie charges Gargano in the corner, Gargano gets out of the way and hits a leaping enziguiri, and makes the hot tag to Taylor. Taylor goes at it with CIMA, dropkicking his knees out from under him and following right up with a dropkick to the face. CIMA gets tossed to the floor and Gargano tries a dive, but Brodie drags him out to the floor where CIMA now tries a dive of his own, only for Taylor to drag him to the outside. Both members of Ronin wind up back inside and hit stereo dives to take out both Brodie and CIMA. They bring CIMA back inside for a double team Ace Crusher, then Taylor gives Brodie Sole Food and comeso ff the ropes right into a Truckstop from Brodie, but Gargano breaks the cover at 2. Gargano and Brodie wind up on the outside and Gargano sends Brodie crashing into ther ringpost, then spears CIMA through the ropes, hits a charge into a corner, and a Flatliner for 2. Gargano goes to the top and CIMA pops up and holds him in place so Brodie can toss him off the top. CIMA with a double stomp and a lungblower, then Brodie hits a full rotation half and half suplex for 2. Taylor with a leaping enziguiri and a uranage for Brodie and then gets him in a half crab as Gargano gets CIMA in the Gargano Escape, but no win yet for Ronin. Superkicks a-plenty for Brodie finally send him down, but CIMA with another lungblower to Gargano, a big boot from Brodie, a superkick from CIMA, and CIMA hits the Schwein for 2. CIMA hauls Gargano back up and wedges him between the top and middle rope for running knees, then Brodie with a sitout powerbomb that sets CIMA up to hit a top rope double knees for the win.

Winners: CIMA & Brodie Lee

Really hard fought, back and forth match that did a good job of blending everyone's styles. Brodie grabs a mic and tells the fans to shut up and listen to CIMA, who says he proved again he's better than Gargano, and Taylor superkicks him, drags Gargano out of the ring, and they head to the back.

Vinnie Marsceglia vs BJ Whitmer

Whitmer looks like he's in better shape than I've ever seen him in. Marsceglia takes BJ to the cornerand lays in a chop to no effect, but BJ comes back with a pair of chops that do have an effect and a leg lariat for 2. Back suplex gets another 2, followed by a snap suplex and a Northern Lights Suplex for another 2. Marsceglia gets a Russian legsweep for 2, but comes off the ropes into a spinebuster from Whitmer for 2. Whitmer with a high knee in the corner, a really nice Flatliner, and the Peruvian Necktie gets a quick submission win for Whitmer.

Winner: BJ Whitmer

BJ really looks good, he definitely appears refreshed and I like the new wrinkles he's added to his style. Whitmer says he wants to get his hands on the biggest, baddest dude in the locker room and he calls Brodie Lee out to fight him right now. Brodie obliges, and they proceed to brawl through the crowd and to the back.

FRAY: Sabu vs PAC vs Uhaa Nation vs Rich Swann vs AR Fox vs Ricochet

Rich Swann and PAC start and they circle one another before exchanging wristlocks. PAC takes Swann down and this turns into a series of takedowns and acrobatic escapes until PAC clobbers Swann with a dropkick to the face. More back and forth off the ropes and now Swann scores with a dropkick. Ricochet makes his entrance and immediately dumps PAC out to the floor so he can go at it with Swann. Ricochet totally dominates him and sends him out to the floor, but now goes at it with PAC, countering a springboard splash to a double knee gutbuster. PAC goes out to the floor near Swann and Ricochet wipes them both out with a somersault dive. Ricochet and Swann come back into the ring where Swann hits a handspring cutter, followed by an Ace Crusher from PAC, followed by a standing moonsault from Swann, followed by a standing 450 by PAC. They continue double teaming Ricochet until AR Fox makes his entrance and wipes Swann and PAC out with a double springboard crossbody. Okay, now too much stuff is going on for me to keep track of, but PAC hits a springboard 450 and AR Fox jumped on PAC's back to pin Swann.

Rich Swann is eliminated.

Fox with a snap vertical suplex on PAC, but now Uhaa Nation comes in and this dude is big. That doesn't stop him from moving, though, and he hits a dropkick, press slams Fox, and then tries a standing moonsault, but Fox moves so Uhaa lands on his feet. Fox tries a leaping something overthe ropes and Uhaa tries to catch him and do something, but Fox reverses to a victory roll for 2. Uhaa goes to the outside and Fox wipes him out with the climbing moonsault to the floor, but makes the mistake of trying a Frankensteiner and gets caught and powerbombed into the ring apron. Fox recovers and hits a dive over the ropes to take out Uhaa, but Uhaa pops right back up and plows through Fox with a Pounce so fast I nearly missed it, then comes back inside and repeatedly powerbombs Fox, overpowers Ricochet, then hits PAC with a uranage backbreaker and a standing shooting star press for 2. The crowd is REALLY into Uhaa, and goes nuts as he hits a somersault dive over the top to take out the rest of the guys in the ring just in time for Sabu to make his entrance. Sabu takes everyone out singlehandedly and kills PAC with a standing tornado DDT. Ricochet nails him from behind, but Sabu pops right back up and goes at it with Ricochet, who kicks him out to the floor as the Scene comes out from the back and attacks Uhaa Nation, ramming him into the ringpost. PAC tries a handspring something, but Ricochet catches him and hits a cradle suplex for 2. FOX springboards in with a facecrusher on PAC, followed by a Death Valley Driver and a top rope frogsplash for 2. Fox went for a leaping something off the top rope, but PAC shoves him off and hits a shooting star press for 3.

AR Fox is eliminated.

Ricochet runs right in and rolls PAC up with a schoolboy for 3.

PAC is eliminated.

Now we're down to Sabu and Ricochet as Uhaa Nation appears to have been taken out, and Sabu goes under the ring and grabs a chair, then uses it to part Ricochet's mohawk. Sabu sets the chair up in the ring and hits the triple jump dive over the top onto Ricochet, then sends him back in and misses the slingshot somersault legdrop. Ricochet with a springboard clothesline, but Sabu whips him hard into the corner andwipes him out with a clothesline, then sets up the chair again for the triple jump moonsault. Ricochet goes to the corner, so Sabu sets up the chair again for the triple jump leg lariat in the corner, followed by a chair assisted Arabian legdrop for 2. Okay, this isn't ECW, he should have been disqualified there. Sabu tries another chair legdrop off the second rope, but Ricochet moves out of the way and Sabu lands on his butt. Ricochet goes up top, Sabu goes up with him but Ricochet knocks him off and hits the 630 splash for the win.

Winner: Ricochet

Really big win for Ricochet, who looks like he's gotten himself into absolutely amazing shape. Ricochet's another guy who has really grown a lot over the last couple of years and has come a long way. Sabu gets a nice chant from the crowd as he makes his exit.

Akira Tozawa comes out to let everyone know that he wants a shot at the Open The Freedom Gate Title, but then Rich Swann comes out to challenge him to a rap battle. Tozawa sings what sounds like some kind of Sinatra song, and then Swann raps back at him. Swann finishes by telling Tozawa that he'll see him tomorrow in Philadelphia, to which Tozawa responds by knocking him out with a bicycle kick and saying "You big bullshit!" Oh, and they spent all this time taking down the ropes for our main event, which is up next!

No Ropes, No DQ: BxB Hulk vs YAMATO

This feud goes back to literally the first match on the first DGUSA show when YAMATO defeated Hulk, only for Hulk to respond by beating him in the finals of the tournament to crown the first Open The Freedom Gate Champion. Hulk held onto the title for over a year before meeting up again in January of this year when YAMATO defeated Hulk to become the second champion. Hulk disappeared from DGUSA for the entire year afterward and is returning for the first time here with a drastically different look, as he's transformed into an evil, sullen monster with dark gear and pallid skin who drinks from a bottle of wine on his way to the ring and lets the wine run down his face like blood. YAMATO, in the meantime, has shaved his head and gotten rid of the elaborate ring gear, instead adopting a more serious look to go with the championship persona he chooses to present.

They go to the mat right away for some chain wrestling, but Hulk gets an armbarand gnaws on the handof YAMATO while kicking at his face. Hulk lays in a series of kicks to YAMATO and tries to toss him to the floor, but YAMATO evades the fall,dodges several more kicks from Hulk, and scores with a dropkick. He motions that he's going to throw Hulk to the floor, and does just that. YAMATO goes out after him to continue the beating and slams a chair over his head, but Hulk...uh, Hulks up and they go toe to toe on the floor until Hulk hits a diving kick to YAMATO's groin and then Akira Tozawa comes running out to help Hulk pick YAMATO up and ram him testicles-first into the ringpost. Hulk rolls Yamato back into the ring and again stomps on his groin before trapping him in a rear chinlock while gouging at his face. Hulk takes YAMATO down to the mat and rams several kneestrikes into his skull before covering for 2. Now Hulk goes to a seated abdominal stretch and then converts to a front facelock where he rams more knees to the head and a leaping scissor stomp to the head for 2. YAMATO gets back to his feet and exchanges chops with Hulk, who fires back with several quick kicks, but YAMATO catches his foot and gets him in the ankle lock. Tozawa again makes his presence known, coming in to hit a bicycle kick to YAMATO and freeing Hulk, who continues disassembling YAMATO with kicks. Hulk goes to a half crab, then picks YAMATO up as if for an atomic drop but instead runs YAMATO groin first into the ringpost yet again, except this time his groin hits all the turnbuckle latches on his way down the post. Hulk tries to whip YAMATO into the ringpost, but YAMATO swings around the post and uses the momentum to plant his boot in Hulk's face and send him down flat. They trade punches again, but Hulk gouges the eyes and hits the Guile Kick, a legsweep, and the standing, twisting senton for 2. Tozawa grabs a chair from underneath the ring and hands it to Hulk, who rams it into YAMATO's midsection and then repeatedly slams it over his back. YAMATO dodges a wild swing with the chair and tries to get aholdof it, finally succeeding and now turning the chair against Hulk before dropping it to the mat and suplexing Hulk on top of it. YAMATO calls for a brainbuster on the chair, but Hulk blocks and they fight over the brainbuster, back and forth, until YAMATO finally gets Hulk up and hits the brainbuster on the chair. YAMATO places Hulk on his back on the chair and climbs the ringpost (no small feat with no ropes) and leaps off, but Hulk dodges and YAMATO lands on the chair. Hulk sees his opportunity and nails YAMATO with several more kicks and a pump handle suplex, then more kicks with a straight kick finish to the forehead gets 2. Tozawa comes out again with a garbage can, which Hulk puts over YAMATO's head, then sits him in the chair, and connects with several nasty kicks. Hulk goes for the EVO, Hulk reverses to a Galleria attempt, and they keep going back and forth until YAMATO counters the EVO to a sleeper. Hulk escapes and hits an enziguiri, YAMATO gets one of his own, but Hulk hits a straight kick to the back of YAMATO's head and knocks him silly. Hulk has YAMATO on the ropes that aren't there and hits more kicks and the EVO, but only gets 2. He picks YAMATO up and gets caught in the sleeper again, and YAMATO turns it into the sleeper suplex, kick to the face, and brainbuster for 2. YAMATO goes for Gelleria on the chair and hits it for 3.

Winner: YAMATO

My god that got ugly, but a really good match. I liked the blend of hardcore elements with their regular in-ring styles, something not a lot of guys can pull off. YAMATO thanks the crowd for coming, asks them if they enjoyed themselves, then reminds them that they'll be back.

Great show and a solid start to their final weekend of 2011. Best match on the show,though Callihan-Davis and Tozawa-Yoshino were both really good as well. Thank you for following's coverage of DGUSA: REVOLT, and we'll see you tomorrow in Philadelphia!

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