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By Stuart Carapola on 2011-11-11 22:51:50
Welcome to's ongoing coverage of tonight's Dragon Gate USA: Revolt iPPV!

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The Scene vs The DUFs

The Scene comes out before the match with Larry Dallas to try and show off how they're watching tonight's iPPV on their iPhone, but the DUFs, represented tonight by Pinkie Sanchez & Arik Cannon, run out of the back to jump start the match. Sanchez hits a spinning headscissors out of the corner and then tags out to Cannon, who pulls Caleb Konley's shirt over his head before just booting him in the face. Snap suplex by Cannon gets 2, then tags Sanchez in for a combo of kicks and finally Cannon hiptossed Sanchez onto Konley for 2. That was innovative. Sanchez with a series off butt splashes to the face of Konley, but Scott Reed tags in behind Pinkie's back and begins pummeling him, then hits a hard suplex for 2. Konley comes in and picks Sanchez up in a delayed vertical suplex and Reed repeatedly chops Sanchez while he's in the air. Simple but effective. Sanchez gets a chinbreaker on Konley and tags out to Cannon, who ties Konley up in a standing figure four and then, I kid you not, gets a beer thrown to him by somebody in the audience and he opens it and takes a chug, spits it in Reed's face when he tries to come in, then chugs the rest. Another series of double teams ends with Sanchez hitting Poetry In Motion off Cannon's back and into Konley, followed by a bulldog for 2. Reed comes in and hits a Splash Mountain on Sanchez, but Cannon breaks the fall at 2. The Scene gets a double team DDT/wheelbarrow suplex combo for 2, but Konley misses a moonsault and Cannon drills him with a right hand, suplex, and brainbuster for 3.

Winners: The DUFs

This was a very fun opener, there was some really innovative double teaming here, and the beer spot with Arik Cannon was something else. That should wind up in DGUSA video packages. Sami Callihan comes into the ring and says that the DUFs' night isn't over, and he wants Jon Davis to come out and face him right now.

Sami Callihan vs Jon Davis

They don't waste any time getting rough, getting into a shoving match before Callihan chops Davis hard and spits in his face, to which Davis immediately responds by hitting a Pounce that sends Callihan crashing across the ring and out to the floor. Davis goes after him and presses Callihan, popping him up and dropping him hard on the ring apron. Davis with hard kicks to Callihan's chest right in the laps of the front row, then dumps him back into the ring to dish out more punishment. Callihan tries to climb back outside, but Davis ties him in the ropes and slams his forearm across Callihan's chest. Davis with a series of hard bodyslams and a fallaway slam followed by a snap powerslam for 2. Davis rams Callihan hard sternum first into the corner, then does it again just for laughs. Davis finally misses a charge and Callihan pounces, hitting a pair of enziguiris and a pair of running facewashes, but Davis comes right back with another powerslam for 2. Davis just destroys Callihan with punches and kicks and then returns the favor by spitting in Callihan's face, but Callihan pulls the top rope down on a charge and Davis goes out to the floor. Callihan quickly follows with a sprinting dive through the ropes that wipes Davis out, then he tears into Davis with chops to the chest. Callihan counters a suplex attempt to a guillotine choke, but Davis powers back to his feet and rams Callihan hard into the corner. He can't free himself, so he does it again and Callihan again maintains the hold. Davis collapses to the mat, but Davis again gets to his feet, powers Callihan up, and hits the Jackhammer, but is too spent to make the cover. Callihan goes to the second rope, but Davis hits him with a leaping enziguiri and follows him up. Callihan tries a sunset bomb, Davis blocks, so Callihan kicks Davis in the back of the knee and hits the powerbomb for 2, then gets Davis right in a figure four. Davis makes the ropes and they wind up fighting out on the apron, and I have a feeling something bad is going to happen. They trade kicks, and Callihan drops to the floor and hits a leaping enziguiri to the leg of Davis. They're both back on the floor and Callihan hits a bicycle kick to the face of Davis, but Davis shoves him off and tells him to do it again. Callihan with a second bicycle kick, but Davis still doesn't go down, so Callihan takes another try and Davis catches him in midair and turns it into a spine buster onto the apron. Wow, that was an ugly bump. They go back in and Davis powerbombs Callihan hard into the corner and wipes him out with a lariat for 2. Crowd is solidly behind Davis now as he picks Callihan up, but Callihan catches him with a Saito suplex and a diving forearm for 2. Callihan with hard chops but Davis responds with hard kicks until Callihan catches his foot and hits a leg whip. He calls for the Stretch Muffler, but shouldn't have dilly-dallied because Davis comes from behind and gets him in a torture rack into a spinning sitout powerbomb.

Winner: Jon Davis

This was an awesome fight, they beat the hell out of each other and had one hell of a great match that really got the crowd going. Cannon and Sanchez run back out and the DUFs beat Davis down 3-on-1, then grab a pair of barricades from ringside and place them over Davis' chest, bring in a third barricade, and repeatedly slam it down on top of the other two and onto Davis until a bunch of other wrestlers run in to chase the DUFs off. Instead of going to the back, Arik Cannon and Pinkie Sanchez join Lenny Leonard at the broadcast booth and make him say their full name just because.

Akira Tozawa vs Masato Yoshino

Yoshino gets a big chant from the crowd, so Tozawa goes to the outside and teases going to the back if the fans don't stop. He eventually gets back in and they do some basic chain wrestling but end in a stalemate. Yoshino takes Tozawa to the ropes and breaks clean, but then does his thing coming off the ropes and nearly launches Tozawa out of the ring with a high speed hiptoss. More back and forth and Yoshino scores with a flying headscissors and Tozawa backs off to the corner. Yoshino won't relent, putting the boots to him and lockinghim in a headscissors. Yoshino with a vertical suplex for 2, but Tozawa boots Yoshino in the face and starts putting the boots to Yoshino. Tozawa gets him in a rear chinlock, but Yoshino makes the ropes so Tozawa chops him in the chest and then feints a chest so Yoshino would cover up, and jabs him in the face instead. Tozawa with a senton for 2 and then stretches him out with a side angle surfboard. Yoshino fights out of that, so Tozawa gets him in a half crab instead, but Yoshino again makes the ropes. Tozawa continues unloading on Yoshino, but Yoshino Hulks up and starts going toe to toe with Tozawa, who tries a Frankensteiner that gets countered to a powerbomb for 2. Yoshino goes up top and tries a double stomp, but Tozawa dodges and hits a bicycle kick into the corner for 2 followed by a backdrop suplex for 2. Tozawa picks Yoshino up and goes for a German suplex, but Yoshino blocks so Tozawa gets another bicycle kick and Yoshino comes back from that with a Royal Octopus hold that luckily sends Tozawa stumbling into the ropes. Yoshino comes off the top rope with a double stomp to the arm of Tozawa, dodges another bicycle kick from Tozawa, and hits a spinning armbar for 2. Tozawa with a series of kicks and an attempted suplex, Yoshino counters out but Tozawa wipes him out with a Shining Wizard and they're both down. They get to their feet and trade chops in the middle of the ring and Tozawa scores with another pair of bicycle kicks and tries a German suplex, but Yoshino reverses to a victory roll for 2. Tozawa blocks the Lightning Spiral and hits the bridging German suplex for the win.

Winner: Akira Tozawa

Great match and surprising finish! I liked this a lot, Tozawa has gotten so good and has really turned into a star this year.

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