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By Mike Johnson on 2011-10-16 22:55:00
Jeff Jarrett came out to the ring. He said that he told Jeff Hardy not to come to the building but it’s not about not wanting Hardy in the venue. He said that no one that works for the company want to see him back in the company. He said none of the fans want him here and claimed he and Karen polled fans and 9 out of 10 didn’t want to see him back.

Jarrett said that Hardy was hiding in the parking lot and catering and wherever he is now but he’s calling out Hardy now. He said, “I brought you into this organization bitch, and I’m taking you out.”

Hardy’s music start and he came out to new ring music. Hardy came out in street clothes. Hardy said that he only wanted to say one thing and attacked Jarrett. He drilled him with a clothesline but Jarrett nailed him with a right. Jarrett worked over Hardy in the corner. Hardy was whipped into the corner but came back out with a big clothesline.

Hardy worked over Jarrett but security hit the ring to break it up. Hardy broke free and dove across the ring on Jarrett. He was pulled away and Jarrett broke through and began working over Hardy. They start brawling again as several referees come out. Several agents and Ronnie Lang’s Atlas Security hit the ring but Hardy still attacks Jarrett again. Security pulled Jarrett out against his will and walked him out of the ring. Hardy mugged for the crowd.

Angle was fine for setting up Jarrett vs. Hardy down the line.

Next up is Hulk Hogan vs. Sting so the TNA title, as it should, is going on last.

Hulk Hogan vs. Sting

Nice pop for Hogan, who is wearing jeans and an Impact t-shirt. He has red kneepads over the jeans like Dusty Rhodes going into a Bunkhouse Stampede. They showed a concerned Dixie Carter and her husband in the crowd. Sting came out wearing a Hulkamania t-shirt over his tights.

They rang the bell and they stood in the center of the ring throwing jabs in the air. Hogan stopped and called for Ric Flair to come to the ring. Out came Flair in street clothes, complete with theme music.

Hogan and Sting locked up and Sting grabbed a side headlock. Hogan sent him into the ropes and shoulderblocks Sting down. Hogan did his poses and crotch chopped Sting. Sting went after Hogan but Hogan nailed rights and a thrust to the throat.

Hogan clamped down on Sting with a nerve hold but Sting fired back. Hogan clotheslined him down. Sting went to the outside. Sting returned to the ring and Hogan nailed him across the back. Hogan raked his back. Hogan nailed him with a right and Sting went down.

Hogan tossed Sting to the floor, where Flair used his jacket to choke Sting, then drilled him with a series of chops right in front of Carter. Hogan lowblowed Sting on the floor. Hogan slammed Sting into the guard rail. The entire bout has been all Hogan.

Hogan started biting Sting’s forehead. Flair slipped Hogan an object and Hogan drilled Sting in the forehead. Sting was whipped into the railing and Hogan started stabbing Sting in the forehead, busting Sting open. Of all the people to channel the Sheik and Sabu, Hogan?

Hogan brought Sting back in the ring, took him out with a right hand and pulled out the Fargo Strut. Sting fired back with a series of rights and Hogan went down. Sting chased Flair on the floor and then followed up with a another series of punches. Sting went after Flair again and Sting grabbed the object. He started spiking Hogan with it and Hogan was bleeding as well.

Sting nailed the Stinger Splash in the corner and nailed Flair. Sting nailed another Splash onto Hogan’s bad back in the corner and locked on the Scorpion Deathlock. Hogan almost immediately tapped and Bischoff’s son called it.

Your winner, Sting!

Flair immediately attacked Sting while Hogan was out. Immortal came to the ring. Ray drilled him across the back with a chair. Gunner and Scott Steiner followed suit with chairshots. They showed a shot of Abyss watching backstage. Bischoff’s son grabbed one of the chairs and told him to stop. Ray grabbed him and Bischoff drilled his own son with the chair. Immortal kept working over Sting as Hogan finally recovered to his feet and was hurt in the corner. They continued beating down Sting.

Sting asked Hogan to help him. Oh God, it’s Return of the Jedi!!! The crowd got into that and chanted for Hogan. Hogan tore off his shirt, turned babyface and started cleaning house on all the heels. Immortal regrouped and tried to jump Hogan but Sting jumped in and they cleaned house on the heels. Sting nailed a Stinger Splash on Flair. With Immortal dispatched, Hogan and Sting were left in the ring with a cowering Bischoff. Hogan drilled Bischoff with a big right hand. They showed Dixie Carter cheering in the front row. Hogan said, “I’m back.”

Hogan and Sting faced off. Hogan asked him if he wanted to go. Sting instead said he wanted Hulkamania back and lead cheers for Hogan. The crowd started chanting for “Hogan.” Hogan and Sting embraced in the crowd. Jackson James returned to the ring to raise their hands.

The match itself was exactly what you would expect given the limitations. The post-match angle was good for nostalgia but let’s hope the power struggle stuff is over and Hogan can stay out of the ring as it was obvious he shouldn’t be in there. Very strange that there was no post-match celebration with Dixie Carter and Sting.

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