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By Mike Johnson on 2011-10-16 22:55:00

Jeremy Borash interviewed Bully Ray. Ray said he didn’t need any introduction because he’s the meanest, toughest pro wrestler walking the Earth. He said that if Anderson thinks he’s gotten one over on him because it’s a Falls Count Anywhere match in Philadelphia, he has to be kidding. Ray ripped on Philly, saying he’s been milking the white trash fans there for every dime they are worth and has seven cars and five houses because of it. He said Screw you and Screw Philadelphia. Good usual Ray promo.

Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson: Philadelphia Falls Count Anywhere Match

Anderson ran into the ring and they brawled back and forth in the ring. Ray got the upper hand and smashed him into the turnbuckles. Anderson came back with a neckbreaker for a one count. Ray started to climb the ropes but was punched in the happy sacks. Anderson still was nailed with a kick to the face.

Ray ripped Anderson’s shirt off and chopped him hard in the chest. Anderson took out Ray and grabbed a sign from a fan, which was covering a “Dead End” sign. That had to have been planted but was a nice homage to ECW. Anderson nailed Ray again. Ray went to the floor. Anderson followed and beat him with punches. Anderson grabbed a beer and smashed it into Ray’s face. Anderson worked him over in the corner outside, then slammed him into the barricade. He followed that up by slamming Ray into a chair.

Anderson went to whip Ray into the stairs outside but Ray reversed it and Anderson ate the steel. Ray pulled a table out from under the ring. “ECW” chants for that. Anderson fired back before Ray could use it and they battled up the aisle towards the entrance stage. There was a trickle of blood coming from Ray’s head. Anderson went for a suplex but Ray reversed it and covered him for a two count on the stage.

Ray called for Anderson’s mic, which came down. Ray announced himself from Hell’s Kitchen. Anderson nailed him and said into the mic, “Welcome to Philly, bitch” and nailed Ray with the mic. They brawled backstage, which the crowd booed. Ray tried to nail Anderson with a pipe and then nailed a piledriver on the concrete backstage for a two count.

Ray threw a wooden table towards Anderson, which exploded. He then used a chair to choke Anderson. Ray dragged Anderson back towards the Arena and they battled on the floor behind the ringside seats. Anderson stomped him low. They brawled past Atlas Security and back into the ring. Anderson brought a section of the guard rail into the ring but was caught with a running clothesline by Ray. Ray pulled another table out from under the ring. He set it up in the ring and charged Anderson, but was backdropped over onto the railing.

Anderson went to the top for a swanton but Ray rolled and Anderson landed on the steel. Anderson was bleeding from the nose and mouth. Ray drilled him with the sit down Bubba Bomb through a table for a two count. Ray grabbed the railing as the crowd chanted, “Anderson.” He placed Anderson on the steel and went for a senton splash off the ropes but this time, Anderson moved. Anderson nailed the Mic Check on the rail but Ray kicked out.

Ray went to the outside. Anderson grabbed a trash can full of weapons. He nailed Ray with the trash can and Ray landed on the table. Anderson went to the top rope and nailed his rolling swanton splash but overshot and barely nailed the table or Ray. The crowd knew it. Anderson nailed a Mic Check through the table and scored the pin.

Your winner, Mr. Anderson!

Taz said, “Sometimes, you gotta call an audible.” No Kidding!

Entertaining, hard hitting brawl. Lots of stiff shots with weapons. Other than the miss at the end with the swanton, this was a decent hardcore style match. The crowd really got behind Anderson as the match went on. Ray is just a top notch heel.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff spoke to Jackson James and thanked him for doing everything he has done in the last few months, noting that no one has figured anything out. Bischoff told him tonight Hulk Hogan had to win and they had to take Sting out. Jackson said, “I got your back, Dad.” Bischoff thanked him and they shook hands and embraced. So, there’s the big reveal that James is actually Bischoff’s son (legitimately, as we broke here on the site the week he started with Impact).

I really HATE these backstage segments where guys are talking but don’t notice the camera is there. It’s compounded by doing these segments “through the closed windows” where we can still hear everyone clearly! Why the hell would Sting or anyone else let him referee their matches after that???

TNA Knockouts champion Winter (with Angelina Love) vs. Mickie James vs. Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne with Karen Jarrett as the special referee

Winter and Mickie started off. The story early was that Jarrett wasn’t in position early. Winter threw James into the corner and kicked away at her. She whipped James into the buckles again but James nailed her with an elbow and a rana. James nailed a neckbreaker, but Winter went to the outside.

Rayne entered the ring and hit the worst slap of all time on James. She and Jarrett giggled over it. James nailed her with a series of rights. Jarrett was obviously biased. Rayne tossed James outside. Sky hit the ring and nailed a running bulldog. Sky covered Rayne but Jarrett was too busy tying her shoe. Sky argued with her allowing Rayne to attack her. Winter re-entered but Jarrett convinced them to tag the babyfaces in as opposed to fighting the other.

Sky and James went back and forth but Jarrett wouldn’t count the pin on either. This is dying a slow death as you can hear the boring chants already. James was sent into the ropes but shoulderblocked Sky and nailed a dropkick. Rayne tried to get involved but James knocked her off the apron. Sky kicked at James and used a flying headscissor takedown. Winter tried to get involved but was knocked off by Sky.

James tagged Velvet with some stiff shots. The heels grabbed the babyfaces and pulled them to the outside. Back in the ring, the babyfaces used stereo double leg takedowns and began working over Winter and Rayne. Winter tossed Sky to the outside and worked over James. James sent her into the corner for a running clothesline. James peppered her on the mat with punches.

Jarrett began arguing with James as Angelina Love handed Winter something she put in her mouth. Jarrett pulled James off Winter. Winter spewed a spray at James, who ducked and Jarrett was blinded and went down. Traci Brooks ran to the ring. James and Winter were sent to the ring. Sky DDT’d Rayne and scored the pin with Brooks counting.

Your winner and new TNA Knockouts champion, Velvet Sky!

Way too much going on and the match was really more a backdrop for Jarrett antics than a hard fought wrestling match. You had to be happy for Sky, who really earned that position, but the match itself wasn’t strong.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Frankie Kazarian. He said he’s psyched for Bobby Roode but is torn over the AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels match. He said that he hoped they would beat the hell out of each other and get it out of their system, but the way Daniels has been, he doesn’t know. He just said that he’s torn.

I Quit Match: AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels

Daniels tried to attack Styles but was taken down. They battled back and forth with strikes. Daniels used an STO and began working over Styles. He screamed for Styles to say that he quit but Styles refused. Styles gained control and drilled Daniels with a series of kicks. He nailed Daniels with the mic and then tried to shove it down his throat.

Styles used a pump handle slam into a gutbuster. He locked on an armbar and tried to force a submission but Daniels refused. Daniels drilled Styles but missed a clothesline. Styles cinched in an abdominal stretch in the center of the ring. Daniels finally hiptossed him over. Daniels went for the suplex but Styles reversed it and held a delayed suplex. Styles locked on the Oriental Torture Device but Daniels refused to give up.

Daniels peppered Styles with forearms but Styles locked on a cross armbreaker. Daniels bit Styles’ fingers to break the hold. They exchanged chops. Daniels nailed an elbow to the back of the neck. Styles avoided Daniels and nailed him with a dropkick off the criss-cross. Daniels went to the outside and Styles hit a flip dive to the floor.

Styles sent Daniels into the ring. Daniels went under the ring but was pulled out by his feet. He had grabbed a toolbox. Daniels grabbed a wrench and nailed Styles with it. Styles returned to the ring and Daniels grabbed a screwdriver, trying to ram it down into Styles’ face. Styles used several knee strikes to break it.

They battled in the corner. Daniels tried to stab Styles with the screwdriver but Styles moved and the turnbuckle got stabbed. Styles got the better of their exchange. He tried to suplex Daniels to the outside but they landed on the apron. Daniels suplexed Styles into the ropes and he crashed dangerously across the apron and to the floor.

Back in the ring, Daniels began demanding that Styles give up but he refused. Daniels continued to trash Styles. He nailed the BME across Styles’ back as he was on his hands and knees. Daniels locked on a single leg crab. Styles clawed his way to the ropes and made it, forcing the break. Daniels began firing back with elbows and chops. Daniels cut him off with a backbreaker across the knees.

Daniels went to the outside to retrieve a chair. Daniels placed it over Styles’ thoat and sat on it. Daniels took the mic and said he’s been dreaming about this moment for months – the moment where he sees Styles pass out and breath his last breath. He said that everything Styles had in TNA should have been Daniels’ and now it will be. He said he never wanted Styles to quit, he wanted to bash his brains in. He said that he will tell Styles’ wife that his last words were, I love you. Daniels told Styles’ wife to take the kids out of the room so they don’t see their father murdered in cold blood.

This fired up Styles, who cleaned house and drilled Daniels with a spinkick. Styles used the moonsault into the inverted DDT and screamed. He nailed an enziguiri and clotheslined Daniels. Styles nailed the springboard flying forearm and called for the Styles Clash. Daniels blocked it and nailed the Uranage. Styles escaped a BWE attempt and nailed a Pele Kick. AJ nailed the Styles Clash.

Styles, who had a trickle of blood from his brow, grabbed the chair and went to use it, but saw the screwdriver embedded in the buckle. Daniels backed off and said that he quit. The referee rang the bell. Terrible ending!!!

Your winner, AJ Styles!

Styles still tried to nail Daniels with the screwdriver but Daniels ran from the ring like a marathon sprinter.

Nowhere near the level of their best matches and just as Styles was going to get his comeuppance, they went to a really lame finish. The work was fine but it was like watching the first half of a movie and seeing the reel break just as it was getting into the most dramatic part. Nowhere near adequate for the “biggest show of the year.”

As Styles left, Daniels attacked him and nailed Angel’s Wings on the stage. He screamed that Styles never beat him and asked who the real winner was.

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