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By Mike Johnson on 2011-06-19 22:54:00

The Bellas came out with the actor that plays Keith Stone in the Keystone Light beer commercials. Here’s the beer advertising campaign the company mentioned during the stockholder meeting a few weeks ago.

Jack Swagger vs. Evan Bourne

Bonus match.

They locked up and Swagger shoved him off. Swagger caught him with a front facelock and tossed him over. Swagger tied up Bourne on the mat and locked in a hammerlock. Bourne kicked up out of it but was nailed with a kick.

Bourne went for a hiptoss and nailed several moves to avoid Swagger but was finally grabbed and nailed with a gut buster across the knees several times. He slammed Bourne and covered him for a two count.

Swagger drilled him with a series of elbows to the chest, then covered him for another two count. Swagger locked in a rear chinlock. They showed “Keith Stone” watching in the front row with the Bellas.

Bourne kicked Swagger off but was caught with a backdrop for a two count. Swagger worked Bourne over in the corner and nailed the Vader splash out of the corner for another two count.

Swagger worked over Bourne with hard shots over and over. Bourne caught him with a leaping rana, then nailed him with a series of kicks to the chest. Swagger caught him but failed with another Vader splash as Bourne pulled his knees up. Bourne nailed a running knee strike for a two count.

Swagger caught Bourne with a big boot as he rebounded off the ropes for another two count. Swagger and Bourne battled in the corner. Bourne caught him with a tornado DDT but Swagger got his shoulder up at the last second.

Bourne drilled him with several big kicks to the face. Bourne went up for the shooting star but Swagger rolled out of the way. Bourne landed on his feet. Swagger went for the Doctor Bomb but Bourne slipped out. Swagger grabbed him for the anklelock but Bourne rolled through and scored the pin.

Your winner, Evan Bourne!

Another good match. Glad they added it to the show.

They had the fake Barack Obama offer an address to the fans in attendance. I’d prefer Robocop, thank you. The guy looked more like Tiger Woods than Obama. He said he wasn’t the Raw GM because if he was, we’d have a lot more Jim Ross and a lot less Michael Cole. He wished Cena and Truth good luck in their match and said Truth was like Joe Biden in that he can’t understand what he is really saying. Obama praised Teddy Long, but then turned it into a shot at both George W. Bush and Obama. AWFUL.

Obama tried to leave but Booker T called him to come to the ring for a Spinaroonie. I repeat, AWFUL.

Evan Bourne is trending on Twitter.


WWE champ John Cena vs. R Truth

Dueling chants for and against Cena. Truth went for a kick but Cena caught it and spun him down to the mat to grab the STF but Truth rolled out of the ring.

Truth nailed Cena and drilled him with right hands in the corner. Truth choked him with a boot across the throat. Cena fought back, catching Truth with a bulldog but Truth rolled to the outside to break up the momentum.

Back in the ring, Truth nailed Cena and drilled him with a suplex, then a series of punches in the corner. Truth controlled Cena and scored a two count with a corkscrew reverse elbow.

Truth nailed Cena with a leaping forearm smash in the corner for another two count. Cena snapped Truth over the ropes but was caught with a clothesline as he charged Truth. Truth covered him for another two count.

Truth continued to control Cena, scissoring his body and squeezing. Cena slipped out and went for a STF but Truth grabbed the ropes and nailed Cena again. The story has been that Truth has kept Cena on the defensive the entire time.

Killings missed a legdrop and Cena nailed his usual offensive maneuvers. He drilled Truth with the Five Knuckle Shuffle and went for the Attitude Adjustment but Truth slipped out and nailed Cena for a two count.

Cena used a droptoehold and locked on the STF but Truth made it to the ropes. Cena refused to break it until the last second. Truth cut him off and nailed the scissor kick. He covered Cena but Cena kicked out at the last second.

Cena rolled out of the ring. Truth followed, then took a hat from a fan as well as a drink from the fan’s cup. The fan then splashed Truth in the face. That was funny.

Cena grabbed Truth, tossed him in the ring and nailed the Attitude Adjustment, pinning Truth.

Your winner and still WWE champion, John Cena!

Not much of a main event. The fans had a good time chanting but in the ring, it was all Truth and then when it came time for the big Cena comeback and dramatic near falls, instead it was a splash from the fan and a quick ending. Elite subscribers can check out tonight's coverage ad-free on our Elite website, plus check out our exclusive audio post-game show, and our complete audio archive including a 100 minute interview with Sean Waltman and a 2 hour interview with international star Ricky Reyes that subscribers have been raving about, a 45 minute interview with Austin Idol and more.  If you want to check it out, you can by clicking here.


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