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By Mike Johnson on 2011-06-19 22:54:00

Backstage, R Truth demanded that a photographer take shots of him with the belt now while he was fresh and clean, since later he’ll be sweaty and tired. The photographer pointed out that the WWE title’s nameplate still says John Cena. Truth grabbed him and throttled him, saying he was talking about taking photos, not anything else and later, he’s going to beat Cena for the belt.

Wade Barrett took the mic from Matt Striker and said that he was far from thrilled at being in Washington, D.C. He said that D.C. needed a King or a Queen as he walked to the ring. He brought up the Anthony Weiner resignation and knocked the country’s education system and national debt. He said that in 20 years, everyone here tonight will be forced to speak Chinese. He said that the problem is that from the outside the United States looks nice, but it’s really a hollow shell, just like his opponent, Ezekiel Jackson. Barrett started USA chants and he called the fans pathetic. He said that Jackson can quote the Book of Ezekiel but Barrett is well read and knows exactly what he has to do to beat Jackson. He said that every patriot here tonight is going to witness Barrett destroying Jackson.

WWE Intercontinental champ Wade Barrett vs. Ezekiel Jackson

Barrett grabbed a standing sideheadlock but was sent off into the ropes, where he was nailed with an elbow. Barrett backed off into the corner but nailed Jackson. Jackson tried to lift him for the Torture Rack but Wade ran to the outside.

Back in the ring, Barrett escaped a charge in the corner but was still nailed. Jackson controlled Barrett until being snapped into the ropes. Barrett kicked Jackson in the face and covered him for a two count. Barrett nailed the Black Hole Slam for a two count.

Barrett cinched in a side chinlock on the mat. Jackson elbowed his way out of it. Barrett went for his pumphandle slam but Jackson slipped out. Barrett pulled him down into a sunset flip pinfall attempt. Jackson kicked out but was kicked in the gut and nailed with a pumphandle slam for another two count.

Barrett kicked away at Jackson in the corner and nailed a series of rights. Barrett missed a running boot in the corner and crotched himself. Jackson began unloading with shoulderblocks and a running splash in the corner.

Barrett missed another charge in the corner. Jackson went for a slam but Barrett nailed him in the back. Barrett nailed the Wasteland but Jackson got his shoulder up at two. Barrett was shocked it didn’t get the job done. The crowd began chanting, “USA.”

Barrett went for a running boot but was caught and shoved off. Jackson nailed a series of bodyslams. He picked up Barrett for the Torture Rack and Barrett submitted.

Your winner and new Intercontinental champ, Ezekiel Jackson!

Michael Cole said that Jackson said he wanted to win the belt for his kids at home and did just that.

Match wasn’t anywhere as smooth athletically as the first two matches but given who was involved, they got about as much out of it as they could. But, not a great match. That said, it was the best Jackson has looked to date in WWE. He's obviously a work in progress and they are behind him in a major way.

As Jackson was leaving, Jerry Lawler stopped him for an interview. Jackson said it was the greatest day of his life and it was awesome. He said that he had his independence from Barrett in Washington, D.C. He said that he was going to let everyone see that in his life, the most important things are liberty and the personification of domination.

Wade Barrett and Mark Henry are both trending on Twitter.

Santino Marella tried to show “the President” the Cobra and was tackled by the Secret Service. AWFUL!

CM Punk cut a promo. He said that while DC was the birth of the Straightedge movement but the reality is that it’s full of “Scum and villainy”. Great Star Wars reference. He said that he hates politicians but he’ll admit he is one. Punk said that everyone is a politician and a liar. He said that everyone tries to put on a face and a façade. Punk said he’s the most honest person here and after he beats Rey Mysterio tonight, he’s going to go on and do the most honest thing WWE has ever seen.

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio

Punk is wearing red, white and blue.

Punk and Mysterio had some really nice back and forth wrestling to open things up. Punk took control, working on Mysterio’s arm and drilling him with several kicks. You could hear some Punk chants.

Mysterio fought back but Punk nailed him. Rey dropkicked Punk into the 619 position but Punk slipped out to the apron. Mysterio nailed a sliding kick. Rey went for a Thesz Press off the apron but Punk caught him and nailed him with a Hot Shot on the barricade.

Back in the ring, Punk worked over Rey and covered him several times. Mysterio was rolled over Punk’s knees in a bow and arrow combination. Punk nailed the Earthquake splash for a two count. He scissored Rey’s body with his legs. Mysterio made a comeback and nailed a rana into the 619 position but Punk caught him with a running clothesline.

Punk locked in an abdominal stretch on Rey. He drilled Rey with several headbutts to the chest. Rey kicked him and went for a forward roll over the ropes, sending Punk to the floor. Rey nailed an Asai Moonsault to the floor. Punk began selling his arm.

Back in the ring, Rey came off the top with a flying headbutt, driving himself into Punk for a two count. Rey nailed a springboard bodypress but Punk reversed it. They went into an awesome back and forth sequence that ended with Mysterio drilling Punk with a kick to the temple for a two count.

Rey went to the top but Punk nailed him from behind. Punk went up and nailed a belly to back suplerplex. He covered Rey, who kicked up. Punk nailed the running high knee in the corner. He went to whip Rey into the corner but Mysterio reversed it and Punk hit the ringpost shouderfirst. Rey nailed a 619 on Punk as he was outside on the apron, sending him to the floor.

Mysterio rolled Punk into the ring and came off the top with a splash but Punk pulled his knees up. Punk called for the GTS and drilled him with a series of rights. He pulled up for the GTS but Rey turned it into a rana and pulled Punk into a pinning combination for a two count. Punk drilled Rey with a knockout kick for a near fall.

Punk went for the GTS but Rey turned it into a Lucha armdrag into the 619 position. Rey went for it but Punk dropped down, lifted Rey into the GTS, nailed it and pinned him.

Your winner, CM Punk!

This was so freaking great. They had this awesome match doing all these unique reversals and offensive maneuvers outside of their traditional moveset, so the match was well above and beyond what you would expect from even them. This may have been one of the better WWE matches in recent months.

WWE World champ Randy Orton vs. Christian

Orton nailed Christian immediately and peppered him with right hands. Orton nailed him with a big boot and stomped his face. Christian nailed a right hand to cut off Orton.

Orton missed a clothesline but caught Christian with a Thesz Press for a two count. Orton shoulderblocked Christian down for another two count. He nailed another for another near fall.

Christian dumped Orton to the outside and dropkicked him through the ropes. He went for a pescado but Orton missed it and kicked Christian in the face. He worked over Christian on the outside and tried to nail the hanging DDT off the stairs but was pulled into the steps.

Christian worked over Orton, including stepping on him in the corner. Christian nailed several near falls. Orton finally made a comeback with a clothesline and a slam. Orton caught him with a belly to belly suplex for a two count.

Christian caught Orton and tried to superplex him outside of the ring onto the broken announce table. Orton headbutt his way out and nailed a superplex into the ring. Orton covered Christian for a two count. The announcers talked about Orton’s concussion and wondered whether he was himself in the ring.

Orton unloaded on Christian. Christian went for the Killswitch but Orton fought his way out. Orton powerbombed Christian into a neckbreaker for a two count. Orton was selling as if he was a little out of it. Christian wet for the Killswitch but Orton shoved him off. Orton went for the RKO but Christian jumped out of the ring.

Orton followed him and Orton caught him with the hanging DDT. Orton set up for the RKO but Christian countered it into an inverted DDT for a two count.

Christian went for a spear but Orton leapfrogged him and went for the RKO. Christian slipped out and speared Orton for a two count. Orton dropkicked Christian in the mouth but Orton was caught with a kick to the face. Orton finally nailed the RKO and scored the pin, although Christian’s leg was under the ropes.

Your winner and still World champion, Randy Orton!


Christian complained to the referee about the foot being under the rope. As he complained, Orton drilled him in the face with the World title belt to get revenge on Christian.

Good match but I don’t know that it was at the level of their previous bouts. Orton was obviously working a safer style (and he should have) after his concussion. They worked that into the story of the match and actually made Orton a more sympathetic and human performer because of it. Still, another good match, which makes the fourth good to great match on the broadcast. Elite subscribers can check out tonight's coverage ad-free on our Elite website, plus check out our exclusive audio post-game show, and our complete audio archive including a 100 minute interview with Sean Waltman and a 2 hour interview with international star Ricky Reyes that subscribers have been raving about, a 45 minute interview with Austin Idol and more.  If you want to check it out, you can by clicking here.

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