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By Mike Johnson on 2011-04-17 22:41:27
Immortal (Ric Flair, Bully Ray, Matt Hardy, Abyss) vs. Fortune (Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, James Storm, Robert Roode) in a Lethal Lockdown.

TNA yanked the video feature on the match since they are running late.

Immortal sent Abyss in first, although Matt Hardy wanted in. Kazarian will start for Fortune. Kazarian started off hot with lots of offense but was shoved down. He came off the ropes but was caught for a chokeslam. Kazarian slipped out but was drilled with a big boot.

Abyss drilled him with punches and used his boot. Bully Ray was in the corner, talking trash. Abyss brought Kazarian over to Immortal’s side of the cage, where they were all screaming at him and smashing the cage at him. That was cool.

Kazarian nailed Abyss and slipped out of a charge in the corner. He went to the top for a dropkick and nailed it. Kazarian worked on Abyss as the time period expired.

Immortal sent in Matt Hardy.

Hardy went for the Side Effect but something didn’t go right. Kazarian nailed him and came off the rope with a springboard clothesline. Kazarian went for the reverse piledriver but was nailed. Abyss nailed Kazarian. Hardy locked in the Icepick submission as Abyss stomped Kazarian. That’s actually great strategy since there’s no way to stop Immortal.

Abyss held Kaz as Hardy measured and nailed him. Hardy nailed the Side Effect. Hardy and Abyss worked over Kazarian as the time period ended.

In for Fortune was Chris Daniels. He nailed palm thrusts, elbows and strikes on Abyss and Hardy. He nailed the BME on Abyss and a leaping forearm in the corner on Hardy. Daniels used the ropes for a knee strike on Hardy and started cleaning house on Abyss.

Daniels and Kazarian doubled on Hardy. They then turned their attention to Abyss, nailing him with double team kicks and a Northern lariat. Daniels worked over Abyss with punches. Kazarian and Hardy battled. The crowd chanted for Flair.

The time period ended and Ric Flair entered the ring, chopping away at Daniels. Flair and Abyss doubled on Kazarian as Hardy trashed Daniels. Immortal continued to trash Daniels and Kazarian. Hardy whipped Daniels hard into the corner.

Next in for Fortune was James Storm.

He spit beer in Abyss’ eyes then nailed a backstabber on Hardy. Storm and Flair went face to face and Flair begged off. Storm broke a beer bottle over Flair’s face and the cameras caught Flair going for…well, you know. Storm grabbed the glass and dug it into Flair’s face and Ric is busted open. Storm beat the hell out of Flair in the corner. Flair’s shirt was ripped off. He was beaten by Fortune and did the Flair flop face first bump. Flair tried to escape the cage and they pulled his tights down.

The time period ended and Bully Ray hit the cage, working over everyone. The tide turned again. Flair began chopping away at Storm. Hardy did the Tully Blanchard catapult under the ropes on Kazarian. Bully and Abyss doubled up on Daniels.

Finally, Robert Roode entered.

Roode cleaned house and came off the ropes with a reverse snapmare on Abyss. Flair started chopping away on Roode in the corner but Roode reversed it and went back and forth. Roode backdropped Flair. Beer Money double suplexed Bully Ray.

Fortune had regained control as the Lethal Lockdown cage lowered.

Everyone from Fortune grabbed weapons and started swinging, cleaning house. Fortune sent Abyss out of the cage to the floor. Daniels followed him out and nailed him with a trash can lid. Hardy went to help but Daniels chased him away. Hardy went to the top of the cage. Daniels followed.

Daniels caught Hardy on the top and Daniels began beating him on top of the cage. Hardy was looking for a way down but Daniels refused. Daniels went for Angel’s Wings but Hardy slipped out and backdropped Daniels near the edge. Daniels almost went off the Cage but saved himself. He acted like he was hanging off but Hardy pulled him up and nailed the Twist of Hate on top of the cage.

Inside the cage, Kazarian dropkicked Hardy off the cage as he was climbing down. Flair looked like he was a plasma convention at this point. Storm covered Ray but Flair began beating him with a kendo stick. Roode caught Flair with a spinebuster.

Daniels recovered and dove off the cage with a dive onto Abyss and Hardy on the floor. That was impressive as hell.

Inside the ring, Roode locked on a figure four in the middle on Flair. Ray nailed him with a trash can to break it. Bully started laying waste to everyone in the ring from Fortune. Daniels returned to the cage but was nailed with the trash can. Ray started killing everyone with the kendo stick with shots to the head and the back.

Flair got a kendo stick of his own and they took turns beating Fortune down. Daniels was busted open. Ray grabbed an axehandle and told Daniels that this was for AJ Styles. Styles’ music hit and he hit the ring, going nuts and beating the hell out of Ray. The crowd loved it. Styles nailed the Pele Kick on Ray.

Flair went to nail AJ from behind but Roode grabbed him and threw him into the ring. Fortune started beating the hell out of Flair. Roode locked on a Fujiwara armbar and finally Flair topped.

Your winners, Fortune!

Fortune all embraced in the center of the ring and celebrated.

A fitting edition of the closest thing we have to the old Wargames - The Match Beyond. This was a hell of a war. Plus, TNA FINALLY booked some babyfaces to be effective asskickers. Very well done main event!

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