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By Mike Johnson on 2011-04-17 22:41:27

Backstage, Christy Hemme interviewed Karen Jarrett. She was asked how she felt about the Jarrett vs. Angle match being “Ultramale Rules.” She said Jeff was the ultramale, ultraman and the ultrafather. She said Jeff has this covered and she has nothing to worry about.

They went to the Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle video feature.

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett

Karen Jarrett came to ringside but was sent to the back. They locked the door with a chain. The first fall is submission only. Angle immediately grabbed Jarrett in a side headlock takedown. They went back and forth. Jarrett used a back leg sweep and cinched in a figure four leglock. You can faintly hear “woos” in the background so you probably can’t hear the mic well because that would have gotten a huge reaction.

Angle fights to turn it over and gets it. Jarrett grabs the rope to force the break. Jarrett was caught with a T-Bone suplex. He went for the anklelock but Jarrett slips out. Angle catches Jarrett charging into the corner but Jarrett was able to grab a sleeper and scissored Angle’s body with his legs.

Angle started to fade but got a second wind, trying to fight to his feet. Angle slipped out and turned it into an anklelock. Jeff kicked him off and sent Angle into the corner shoulder-first. Jarrett then kicked him back into it, with Angle hitting the guard rail. Jarrett locked on a cross armbreaker. Taz was really good here, the best the entire show, explaining the submissions.

Angle fought and slipped out, locking in an ankle lock and scissoring Jarrett’s leg. Jarrett tapped.

The winner of the first fall, Kurt Angle!

So far, so good.

The second fall is pinfall only.

They continued immediately. Jarrett ran Angle into the cage and nailed the Stroke for a close near fall. Jarrett went to the top rope and hit a flying bodypress but Angle rolled through for a two count. They battled back and forth in the center of the ring. Angle drilled Jarrett with a leaping clothesline. Jarrett kicked off a charge but was still grabbed in a belly to belly suplex as he went after Kurt. Jarrett kicked up at two.

Angle began nailing the rolling German suplexes. Jarrett nailed Angle and went for the Stroke but Angle turned it into the Olympic Slam for a two count. Think someone will hack Randy Orton’s twitter tonight?

Jarrett went to the top but Angle leapt up and superplexed Jarrett for a two count. Angle worked him over with punches in the corner. Jarrett reversed an Irish whip but was nailed with a running clothesline out of the corner. Angle nailed a RKO for a two count. Sure it was another family member Kurt. Angle went for the Olympic Slam but Jarrett rolled through with a cradle and hooked the tights for the pin.

Your winner of the second fall, Jeff Jarrett!

That came off completely confusing as no one was sure whether it was the finish or not.

The third fall is escape the cage. They have a key in the lock and you have to unlock it and escape.

Jarrett tried to unlock it but Angle nailed him. Jarrett took him out and opened the lock. Angle ran Jarrett into the cage and nailed a German suplex. Angle nailed four more. PLEASE STOP WITH THE ‘RUNNING THE CAMERA THROUGH THE CROWD’ DEAL! Totally kills whatever drama you are trying to build.

Angle began walking out of the cage but stopped on the stairs and returned, locking the cage again to trap Jarrett inside the cage with him. He put the key in his singlet so there’s no way Jeff can escape. I thought that was a great bit. Angle started beating Jarrett, throwing him into the cage again and again. Jarrett was busted open, the first blood of the show, as Angle dug Jarrett’s face into the cage.

Jarrett tried to climb up to escape the cage but Angle cornered him on the top and began beating him with fist after fist. Angle got on Jeff’s shoulders as if he was going to climb over him but Jarrett grabbed him and gave him the scariest powerbomb in the history of wrestling. You have no idea how lucky Angle, with that neck, is that he isn’t dead. I seriously thought that was it.

Jarrett climbed to the top but Angle came back to life and suplexed him out of the corner. Jarrett was dead. Angle went to leave the cage but couldn’t find the key. He started scaling the cage but Gunner ran down with a chair and started beating it against the cage to stop him. Angle stood on the corner of the cage and moonsaulted off. He completely missed Jarrett, who smartly rolled over so the aftermath looked like he did. The place went nuts anyway.

Scott Steiner ran out and chased off Gunner with a chair of his own. Brooke Hogan, at ringside, actually tried to grab the chair to sell the angle, since her father is in Immortal.

Angle somehow found the key and unlocked the door. Karen Angle ran down and sprayed something in Kurt’s eyes. I thought for sure we were gonna see her slam the door in Kurt’s face but why would you do that? The blinded Angle wiped out Brian Hebner, who is three for three when it comes to getting bumped in some fashion tonight. Jarrett tried to climb out but Angle found him and grabbed the anklelock. Angle pulled Jarrett back into the ring. Karen pulled a guitar out from under the ring and nailed Kurt over the head with it.

Jarrett started celebrating but Karen began screaming for him to just get the hell out. Kurt grabbed the ankle lock again as Jeff was halfway out of the cage. There’s the Cage Door spot. Karen slams it into Kurt’s head and Jeff falls to the floor.

Your winner, Jeff Jarrett!

Hey, if the referee is out, who called for the bell anyway?

A hell of a physical performance for Kurt Angle and I have no idea how that man is alive. They threw everything you can think of out there. In some ways, there was no need for the first two falls but they wanted to make this a blowoff. The third fall was all drama, crazy bumps and twists and turns. That was very good. I don’t think this was the best wrestling match the two had – the TNA PPV in North Carolina is still the tops in that department to me – but this was absolutely entertaining. I hope someone sends Angle to get that neck checked out immediately. Even if he's completely fine, his history should demand he gets some tests done.

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