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By Mike Johnson on 2011-02-20 22:56:00

Jerry Lawler received a nice ovation as he left. Michael Cole was ranting and raving about how we can all stop talking about Jerry Lawler going to Wrestlemania, embarrassing himself and WWE.

John Cena was backstage eating Fruity Pebbles, so the entire show screeched into lame immediately. Todd Grisham tried to get word from Cena on what The Rock said but Cena said he had to concentrate on the Chamber match. He said he felt “Yabba, Dabba, Delicious.” This was terrible, especially when compared to Rock’s promo.

Matt Striker interviewed CM Punk. Punk said that he’s batting a thousand against Cena and can’t see Cena beating him tonight, can’t see anyone winning the Chamber…except ME. He was mocking Cena’s “Can’t see me” as all this was going on.

Triple H is in all the Wrestlemania promos.

Kelly Kelly, LayCool, Trish Stratus and Alex Riley are all Trending on Twitter.

Raw Elimination Chamber: CM Punk vs. Randy Orton vs. R-Truth vs. John Morrison vs. Sheamus vs. John Cena.

Scott Armstrong is refereeing, so he must have been brought back.

Fruity Pebbles is now trending on Twitter. OK, that’s sort of funny.

John Morrison and Sheamus opened the match. Good choice. You can hear “CM Punk” chants early. Big heel crowd tonight. Sheamus took down Morrison with several headlocks early. They ended up throwing down. Sheamus went to the outside and Morrison hit a dive to the outside over the ropes. Morrison tried to smash Sheamus into the cage but was blocked and nailed in the guts.

Morrison tried to come off the ropes but Sheamus moved. Morrison caught the cage and drilled Sheamus with a kick to the head. He covered Sheamus for a two count. Sheamus cut off Morrison with a big clothesline. Morrison drilled Sheamus and went to the top for Starship Pain but instead was blasted to the outside to the grate outside.

Sheamus continued to assault Morrison dragging him into the ring as the countdown ended, letting Randy Orton loose.

Orton went right after Sheamus, nailing powerslams on both Sheamus and Morrison. He backdropped Morrison onto Sheamus on the outside. He tossed Morrison into an empty pod. Orton ducked a Sheamus kick and clotheslined him over the ropes into the ring. He dragged Sheamus back out and nailed the hanging DDT on the grate to Sheamus.

Orton tossed Morrison back into the ring. Fans began chanting “RKO.” Punk had a maniacally happy look on his face. Orton drilled Morrison with a kneedrop for a two count. He then went after Sheamus, nailing stomps. Orton drilled Morrison with a superplex for a two count. He then nailed a superplex on Sheamus for a two count.

The Chamber released Punk.

The door only partially opened for Punk so he was trapped half in and out. Orton attacked Punk and stomped the hell out of him as he dragged him out of the Chamber. He tossed Punk into the ring and nailed the RKO, then covered Punk.

Punk is eliminated.

The Raw General Manager emailed and Michael Cole announced that due to a malfunctioning pod, Punk wasn’t given a fair chance to compete. Therefore, Punk can re-enter his pod and reinstated in the match. Orton was pissed while Punk cracked up. The crowd began chanting for Punk.

Sheamus attacked Orton and nailed a backbreaker. Before he had the chance to make the cover, Morrison attacked him but was tossed outside to the grate. Sheamus and Orton battled. Morrison nailed a springboard kick on Sheamus but was again tossed out. Morrison grabbed at his ankle. Sheamus tossed him into the Chamber back-first.

The Chamber released John Cena. Sheamus was right next to the pod and attacked Cena in the pod, beating him down as it opened. He sent Cena backwards into the Chamber then tossed him into the ring. Sheamus whipped Cena into the corner but was caught with an elbow. Morrison was tossed back outside but hit a dive into the ring on Orton and Sheamus.

Fans are chanting “Fruity Pebbles.”

Morrison went after Cena but was tossed outside onto the grate. Cena and Morrison battled on the outside. Sheamus hit a double clothesline over the ropes to the outside. Orton attacked Sheamus from behind. Sheamus came back but was caught with a Thesz Press and a series of punches. Orton dropped a knee for a two count.

Sheamus caught Orton with a high knee to the mid-section as he rebounded off the ropes. Sheamus tossed Cena into the ring as the Chamber counted down to release R-Truth. Sheamus tried to catch lightning twice but Truth evaded the attack and worked him over in the pod.

Truth cleaned house, drilling Cena with a spinning forearm but was caught with a high kick and pinned Truth.

R Truth is eliminated.

All four remaining competitors currently in the ring are down. Punk ends up the last man to be released.

Morrison drilled Sheamus with a kick for a two count. Orton and Cena recovered. Morrison beat down Sheamus with kick after kick in the corner as Orton stalked behind them. Morrison sees Orton coming but is still caught and tossed through the glass of a pod.

Orton and Cena began battling back and forth inside the ring with the crowd solidly behind Orton. Orton nails a dropkick and covers Cena for a two count. The Chamber released Punk.

Orton was waiting for Punk but Cena went after him. Orton nailed the RKO. That allowed Punk to attack Orton and toss him in the ring. Punk mocked Orton’s mannerisms, then hit the GTS and scored the pin.

Randy Orton has been eliminated.

There was a huge CM Punk chant after the pin. Punk nailed Cena then tried to bulldog Sheamus, but Sheamus slipped out, slammed him into a pod, then clotheslined him down onto the grate.

Morrison and Sheamus went back and forth in the ring. Morrison nailed a big leg lariat. He charged Sheamus but was backdropped over the ropes. He landed on his feet and began ascending to the top of a pod. Sheamus cut him off and followed him up. Sheamus used a boot to the throat of Morrison atop of the pod.

Sheamus called for the High Cross off the top of the pod but Morrison fought back and kicked him off into the ring. Morrison began scaling the top of the inside of the Chamber Dome. He hung off the top, then came down with a big dive into a clothesline, pinning Sheamus. It looked pretty damn impressive.

Sheamus has been eliminated.

Morrison was down and out from the big bump. Cena made a comeback on Punk with a series of shoulderblocks on Punk. He nailed the five knuckle shuffle on Punk. Punk rolled to the outside and Cena followed him. He grabbed Punk for the Attitude Adjustment but Morrison dove over the ropes and came down on Punk and Cena.

Punk recovered first and covered Cena, who got his shoulder up at the last second. Morrison went for a running knee on Cena outside, who ducked. Morrison nailed the pod and went down, screaming and clutching his knee.

Inside the ring, Punk snapmared Cena over for a two count. He locked in a variation of the Anaconda Vice (it was really a triangle choke using his knees) and began raining down with elbows. Cena powered up to an Electric Chair and Morrison came off the top rope with a clothesline, LOD style on Punk.

All three men were spent and exchanged two counts. Cena nailed the AA on Morrison but Punk drilled Cena with a high roundhouse kick to the head. Cena went to the outside but Punk nailed a springboard clothesline to the grate outside for a two count. Punk ripped open his thigh with the spot. Punk nailed a catapult into a pod.

Punk, tried to do the same to Morrison but Morrison caught himself on the pod, then came off with a big kick to Punk. He went for Starship Pain but Punk rolled out of the way. Morrison grabbed at his bad leg and was nailed with the GTS and pinned.

Morrison is eliminated.

Cena grabbed Punk and hit the AA over the ropes onto the grate and scored the pin.

Your winner, John Cena!

The Miz and Alex Riley came out on stage to staredown his Wrestlemania opponent.

Another brutal Chamber. Excellent PPV all around.

The Wrestlemania main events are set in stone as the Elimination Chamber PPV comes to an end, so wants to know what you think?  What was the best match on the show?  Was it worth your time and money?   Finally, what do you think of the Wrestlemania main events?

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