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By Mike Johnson on 2011-02-20 22:56:00

After the match, Alberto Del Rio attacked Edge in the Chamber and locked on the rolling armbar as a number of referees tried to break him up. Christian's music hit and he made his return, "saving" his best friend. Christian attacked Del Rio and worked him over. Christian ran Del Rio's shoulder into the corner. The referees tried to hold him back but he broke free and nailed the Unprettier before walking off. Christian doesn't check on Edge?

Backstage Matt Striker interviewed Jerry Lawler backstage. Lawler said that this week should have been the most enjoyable week of his life, but as we all know, his mother passed away. He said that’s all he’s been thinking about but he also realizes that things have to move on and the match is going to take place whether he likes it or not. He said that he’s had an OK career and won “a few matches” but he’s never been the WWE champion or competed at Wrestlemania and those are his goals. He said that he’s got friend and family that have been there for him and he’s going to go out and do what he’s got to do to get it done. It was a nice Memphis-style babyface softspoken Lawler promo.

Booker T came into the ring and promoted Tough Enough, announcing Trish Stratus would be one of the trainers for the series. Nice surprise. Booker welcomed her back to WWE. She said she’s excited to be part of the process to find new WWE Superstars.

Stratus said that she’s getting excited to be around the ring and wrestlers and said she’s been working on a new catchphrase. She did The Rock’s “Finally” line, which the crowd loved. She tossed in Booker’s “Sucka” at the end. Booker whipped out his, “Tell me she did not just say that.” It was pretty bad. Stratus seemed like she didn’t expect to be in front of the crowd.

Booker pushed the Tough Enough debut the night after Wrestlemania. He then said that everyone wanted to know why Trish was here tonight. Stratus said she was there to see Jerry Lawler win the WWE championship. Booker signed off the segment.

Nice surprise. The company sure is loading up Tough Enough.

Drew McIntyre is currently trending on Twitter.

WWE Tag Team champions Vladimir Kozlov & Santino Marella (with Tamina) vs. Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel (with Ezekiel)

Kozlov and Santino worked over Slater early. Slater ducked a takeover and began nailing knees and stomps across Santino’s back. Gabriel tagged in and nailed a series of elbowdrops. Santino used a trip to takedown Gabriel, then brought him back into the corner.

Kozlov tagged in and ran Gabriel into the corner with a series of shoulderblocks. Gabriel was bounced across the ring by a battering ram. Gabriel went to the floor. Kozlov grabbed him but was kicked hard in the side of the head. Slater tagged in and worked over the champion.

They worked over Kozlov who made a comeback and tagged in Santino. Santino nailed the Cobra on Gabriel but he wasn’t the legal man. Slater stomped the hell out of Santino and whipped him into the corner. Gabriel tagged in but missed a move and Vladimir tagged in with a big boot to the chest. Slater made a blind tag. Ezekiel pulled out Gabriel. As Vladimir complained to the referee, Slater attacked him from behind. He tagged Gabriel in and drilled Marella off the apron.

Gabriel nailed the 450 splash and scored the pin on Kozlov.

Your winner and new Tag Team champions, The Corre!

Short match. Too short to really be anything of note.

Todd Grisham interviewed WWE champion The Miz, with Alex Riley. Grisham asked if he was nervous since a title just changed hands. Miz said it was 2011, the year of the Miz, not 1983 when it was good to be King or 1999 when we had to smell what the Rock is cooking. Miz said that he would crush 40 years of dreams in one evening. He said that tonight, five men will lose tonight in the Elimination Chamber and at Wrestlemania, number six will lose to the greatest WWE champion ever. He’s the Miz and he’s awesome.

Vickie Guerrero sullenly came to the ring saying, “Excuse me.” Guerrero talked about Dolph Ziggler getting fired. She said they were dealing with some serious issues. Guerrero said that Dolph has an uncontrollable temper and his state of mind was confused. She said all Dolph was doing was trying to show Vickie how much he loved her and that he committed a crime of passion. She said that was she there to say how sorry Dolph was and asked everyone to convince Teddy Long to give Ziggler a second chance. Guerrero, who was AWESOME here, said she deserves just a little bit of compassion and love, asking everyone to give them a second change. Guerrero said she was begging the fans.

Out came Teddy Long, who told her to stop it. Guerrero said that she and Dolph were so sorry. She said that Teddy looked amazing and asked him to do the right thing and re-hire Ziggler. Teddy said that she was lucky because he is in a hiring mood. Guerrero began thanking Teddy and rambling but Teddy stopped her. He said that he didn’t hire Ziggler back but someone who has been given time to personally thank Guerrero for all her time as acting General Manager of Smackdown.

Out came Kelly Kelly, who chased Guerrero around the ring. She finally caught Guerrero in the ring. Guerrero offered Kelly her hand, but Kelly kicked her in the gut and began beating the hell out of Vickie. LayCool hit the ring and attacked Kelly, beating her down and throwing her into the barricade.

Trish Stratus came down to ringside and checked on Kelly. LayCool backed off then attacked Trish. They tossed her into the ring but Stratus nailed McCool with a series of forearms and the Chick Kick. She went for the handstand into the rana in the corner on Layla, but her heels (she was wearing leather boots with huge heels, which can’t be easy to do spots in) messed up the timing of it. They saved the spot and Layla took the rana. McCool went after Trish, who nailed her and Layla with the springboard bulldog.

Trish and Kelly celebrated in the ring.

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WWE champion The Miz (with Alex Riley) vs. Jerry Lawler

Lawler came out old school Mid-South Coliseum style with a sequined robe, carrying the crown. Great to see. They did the big fight introductions. Huge Lawler chant at the bell.

They locked up and Lawler rolled up Miz for a quick two count. Miz was pissed about that. Miz ducked under Lawler and began nailing Lawler with strikes and punches. Lawler slipped out and went for a backslide for a two count.

Miz grabbed a headlock and shoulderblocked Lawler down. Lawler blocked a hip toss and clotheslined Miz for another two count. Lawler shoulderblocked Miz down and hit a high cross bodyblock for another near fall.

Lawler caught Miz in the corner and began nailing a series of rights. Lawler clotheslined Miz over the top to the floor. Lawler followed Miz to the floor. He was distracted by Riley, allowing Miz to shove him face-first into the ringpost.

Lawler was dead on his feet. Miz placed him on the apron and nailed a running knee lift to Lawler’s face. Miz covered him but Lawler kicked out. Miz shoved Lawler against the ropes. Riley nailed Lawler. Miz covered Lawler and scored a two count.

Miz continued stalking Lawler. Lawler blocked a punch and nailed a retaliatory shot. Miz reversed an Irish whip into the corner and hit a leaping clothesline. Lawler crumpled to the mat. Miz went to the ropes but Lawler cut him off. They battled back and forth atop the ropes. Lawler got the better of the exchange and nailed a superplex. Lawler covered Miz for a two count.

Lawler and Miz peppered each other with back and forth punches. Miz showed signed of being out of it as Lawler nailed a dropkick. Lawler backdropped Miz and nailed the fistdrop. Miz slipped out of a move but Lawler nailed him. Lawler rebounded off the ropes but Riley tripped him. The referee threw Riley out of ringside.

Miz missed a running charge in the corner, nailing his shoulder in the ringpost. Lawler rolled him up for a two count. Lawler went for the piledriver but Miz escaped. Miz drilled Lawler with a kick for a two count but Lawler reversed it into a pinfall reversal for a two count. Miz got nailed and fell outside of the ring in front of the announcers.

Michael Cole began screaming at Lawler, allowing Miz to attack him from behind. Lawler stopped Miz from sending him into the announcer’s table and drilled Miz into the table face-first a number of times. Lawler tossed Miz over the table into Cole, wiping him out.

Miz was tossed in the ring. Lawler came off the ropes with a modified firstdrop but Miz kicked out at the last second. Miz raked Lawler’s face but Lawler slipped out of the Skull Crushing Finale. Lawler kicked Miz off and nailed a DDT. Lawler went to the middle rope, looked at the Wrestlemania logo, and pulled down the strap. Lawler nailed the fistdrop but Miz got his foot on the ropes at the last second.

Lawler set up for the piledriver but Miz backdropped him and held on for a pin. Lawler reversed it into a sunset flip style pinfall but Miz kicked out. Miz nailed Lawler and nailed the Skull Crushing Finale for the pin.

Your winner and still WWE champion, The Miz!

Really fun match. Lawler had his working boots on and Miz was right there with him. This was extremely well worked and booked all around. What a fun resurgence for Lawler the last few months.

Michael Cole and Miz celebrated in the ring. Miz headed back up the aisle.

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