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By Mike Johnson on 2010-11-07 19:58:26

Jeff Jarrett vs. Samoa Joe

Jarrett took the mic before the match and said that at Bound for Glory, the Immortals were revealed. He said they were taking the power back. Fans were crapping on him so Jarrett threatened to go to Bischoff and have the entire show shut down. As he left, out came Samoa Joe.

They locked up and Joe muscled Jarrett into the corner. He went for a shot but Jarrett ducked out of the way. Jarrett grabbed Joe with a waistlock but Joe escaped. Jarrett tried to work over Joe but Joe drilled him with leg lariats and high knees. Joe connected with a series of strikes. Joe nailed an enziguiri in the corner but was caught with a right hand as he rebounded off the ropes for a Facewash. Joe’s eyes were raked but he came back with more kicks and strikes. They exchanged chops until Joe did the Kobashi series of hard chops in the corner.

Jarrett came back with a sliding punch on the outside of the ring. He went for a chair but the referee stopped him. Jarrett came off the ropes but was caught throat-first. Joe killed him with a clothesline for a two count. Joe has quite the spring in his step tonight and is working really, really hard. Great to see.

Joe nailed a big boot and a back senton splash for a two count. Joe grabbed him in a Fireman’s Carry but Jarrett slipped out with a series of elbows. Joe came back with an exploder suplex. He placed Jarrett in the corner for the muscle buster. Jarrett slipped off the ropes and snapped Joe’s neck across the ropes. Jarrett came off the ropes with a variation of the Stroke but Joe kicked out.

Jarrett grabbed a chair but the referee argued with him. That allowed Joe to recover and he nailed a suicide dive elbowsmash on Jarrett, taking out the referee as well. Joe drilled Jarrett and set him up for the muscle buster but security’s Gunner and Murphy hit the ring. Joe killed one with a muscle buster, then grabbed the other. Jarrett nailed Joe with a nightstick in the back of the knee, then drilled him in the throat. Jarrett used a nightstick across the throat as he locked in a sleeper. Fans began chanting for Kurt Angle. Jarrett locked on a rear naked choke to mock Joe as the referee was tossed in. The referee called for the submission after dropping Joe’s arm three times.

Your winner, Jeff Jarrett!

They worked real hard and the match was good. I wasn’t a fan of the finish but it made sense for the crooked Immortals group from a storyline perspective.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff celebrated with the Congregation and put on a pair of Pope's sunglasses. He called Pope a douche-bag and said they all needed to watch the title match and then they could party.

TNA champion Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Morgan

Matt Morgan showed off his power early as Hardy seemed to be in disbelief. Hardy cut him off with a kick to the gut and began beating down Morgan, only for Morgan to fight him off. Morgan grabbed Hardy in the corner but Hardy raked his face and began punching and kicking away at him. Morgan powered Hardy, sending him over the top to the floor.

Hardy stalled the match, walking around on the floor. Morgan demanded he return to the ring, so Hardy spit in his face. Morgan got pissed and chased Hardy out but worked him over with big shots across the chest. Morgan slammed Hardy back-first into the apron. Morgan slammed Hardy but missed a legdrop.

Hardy began working over Morgan’s back and legs. Hardy began working over Morgan’s knee including a unique standing figure four vice using his arms before turning Morgan into a single leg Boston Crab. Morgan fought his way to the ropes. Morgan finally made it to the ropes. Hardy refused to break it until the referee began yelling at him.

Hardy began using his weight to wipe out Morgan’s leg and then kneedropped him. Hardy covered Morgan for a near fall, then cinched in a side chinlock. Morgan finally fought his way to his feet but Hardy went right back after the legs. Morgan persevered and drilled Hardy with some strikes and slammed him with a discus clothesline.

Hardy caught Morgan with a kick to the gut and a jumping DDT for a two count. Hardy legdropped Morgan. He went for a move off the ropes and gave the finger to the fans. He leapt but Morgan caught him with a chokeslam for a two count.

Hardy caught Morgan with the Twist of Fate for a two count. Hardy began beating Morgan with a series of rights. He came off the ropes but was caught with The Carbon Footprint. Morgan covered Hardy but the referee counted two. Hardy lightly kicked and the referee ruled Hardy kicked up even though his shoulders were down. Morgan argued and turned into the Twist of Fate, but kicked up at the last second.

Morgan avoided a charge in the corner and used a series of headbutts in the corner on the champion. Hardy nailed the Whisper in the Wind off the top for a two count. Hardy nailed the Twist of Fate for the pin.

Your winner and still TNA champon, Jeff Hardy!

Everyone from Immortal, minus Hulk Hogan came out to celebrate to end the show. Confetti dropped, to the point you couldn't see the talent in the ring on the hard camera shot. Ric Flair got iced.

The show ended with a Final Resolution PPV promo, which included Sting being mentioned by name.

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