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By Mike Johnson on 2010-11-07 19:58:26
Welcome to's live coverage of TNA Turning Point.

There have been reports of issues with the PPV broadcast. For Time-Warner, at least in the New York City area, the HD Broadcast was listed as WWE Bragging Rights and if you ordered it, you received a blank screen. The standard version is running. I've gotten reports of audio issues with the HD Version ordered via DirecTV as well.

TNA X-Division champion Jay Lethal vs. Robbie E. (with Cookie)

They locked up at the bell. E was overwhelmed early by Lethal. Lethal controlled E with an armdrag and hiptoss. Lethal backdropped E over the top to the floor. Lethal nailed a sliding kick and a chop across the chest on the floor. Back in the ring, Lethal nailed E with a dropkick for a two count. Lethal nailed a cartwheel into another dropkick. He continued controlling the bout, chopping away at him in the corner.

Lethal went for the Lethal Combination but Robbie grabbed the ropes. He drilled Lethal in the throat and worked him over with a series of punches. He draped Lethal over the apron and slammed his arm over Lethal’s chest and sternum. He dragged Lethal back into the ring but Lethal tried to mount a comeback from his knees with several shots. Robbie came back with a clothesline and covered Lethal for a two count.

Robbie controlled the bout but Lethal came back with a series of clotheslines and a handspring elbow. Lethal went for a sunset flip but Cookie distracted referee Earl Hebner so there was no count. Lethal tossed Robbie to the floor, then hit a tope to the outside.

Lethal beat Robbie with a series of rights on the floor. He tossed Robbie back in the ring but Cookie tried to use her hairspray on Jay. He grabbed her arm and forced it out of her hand. Lethal nailed the Lethal Combination and went to the top rope for his elbow but Cookie grabbed his legs as the referee was removing the hair spray. Robbie E caught Lethal and nailed his neckbreaker for the pin.

Your winner and new TNA X-Division champion, Robbie E!

OK opener. There was nothing wrong with it and there were some nice exchanges but just a solid match.

Mike Tenay and Taz discussed the other matches scheduled for the PPV.

Christy Hemme interviewed Mickie James. James said that Tara turned something that was business into something that was personal. She said that Tara doesn’t have to like her, but she will respect Mickie. Good promo.

Tara vs. Mickie James (with Madison Rayne)

Mickie slapped Tara as soon as she hit the ring. She nailed her a second time., Tara used a double leg takedown and they rolled around exchanging strikes on the mat. Tara gained control but James backdropped her over, then dropkicked her. Tara went to the floor. On the apron, Tara snapped her face over the ropes as she returned to the ring.

James came back with a single leg crab. Tara went to the floor to escape and drilled James as she followed. They locked up on the floor and neither was able to gain the advantage. They rolled back into the ring, still jockeying for position., In the end, Tara finally muscled her across the ring and choked James.

Tara nailed a snap suplex, then floated over into a forward choke. She whipped James into the turnbuckle but Mickie fought back. James pulled Tara over the ropes with a headscissor, then dove off the apron with a hard shot. James tossed her into the ring and nailed a missile dropkick.

Mickie went for her kick but Tara caught her and slammed her down, then booted her in the face. They battled back and forth. Mickie went for a DDT but Tara powered her up to the top rope. Tara and Mickie battled on the top rope and took a nasty spill off the top to the floor while clawing at each other. They continued battling around ringside and up the aisle towards the stage.

James tossed Tara over the guard rail and they fought through the crowd . The referee tried to get between them and they shoved him away. The referee called for the DQ. Tara went right after Mickie and they continued fighting through the crowd and into the aisle towards the ring. They battled their way towards the stage, slamming each other into the stage. Mickie tossed Tara into a bunch of stagehands. Tara grabbed a broom and broke it over Mickie’s back. Mickie grabbed a trash can and drilled Tara with it. They continued brawling until security tried to break it up. The crowd, which was loving this, chanted for them to fight.

Mickie broke free and made her way back to the ring. She challenged Tara to come back. Tara hit the ring and they began exchanging slaps and punches. They started ripping at each other’s clothes and continued fighting. A number of TNA agents hit the ring to break it up but Tara attacked Mickie again. The crowd kept chanting to let the women fight. Mike Tenay tried to sign off the segment but Mickie dove through the officials and attacked Tara.

Real entertaining brawl. The match was fine but once they got into the post-bout brawl, the intensity and the crowd interest really picked up. They were trying hard to treat it like a legitimate shoot in terms of the bad blood and it came off well.

Team 3D video package.

Christy Hemme interviewed Team 3D backstage. She said that she was sad because it was their last match. Bubba said that she just smacked them in the face with reality. He said that 15 years ago they tried to become the greatest tag team of all time and after 23 tag team championships, he can say they did it together. Ray said they were going out there to become the champions, again, together and that they would retire on top. He said they were going out the same way they came in – together.

TNA Tag Team champions The Motor City Machineguns vs. Team 3D

Devon and Alex Shelley shook hands before the bell. Devon backed him up into a corner but broke clean. Devon took over Shelley with a headlock takedown but Shelley reversed it and they returned to their feet. Fans began the dueling chants. Shelley was caught with a reverse elbow while Devon was rebounding off the ropes for a two count.

Chris Sabin tagged in and the Guns went for a double team move but Devon escaped and nailed a double clothesline. Bubba tagged in and 3D went for 3D but Sabin shot out of the ring to escape. Bubba and Sabin went back and forth. Taz told the origins of the original Dudley Boyz gimmick and how they created it as a takeoff of the Hansen Brothers in the film “Slapshot.”

Devon tagged back in and scored a two count but Shelley interfered. Shelley blind tagged in and the Guns hit the Dream Sequence. Shelley went for a top rope stomp but Devon moved. Shelley looked to have hurt his knee, so Bubba, after tagging in, began working on it.

The Guns made a comeback, keeping 3D at bay with double team maneuvers. Sabin hit a tope on Devon. Sabin went for a slingshot pescado but Ray avoided it. Bubba charged him on the floor but Sabin ducked and Ray nailed the ringpost. Bubba was busted open.

Shelley worked over Bubba in the ring, cutting off the ring on him. The Guns tagged in and out, taking turns wearing down Bubba. Bubba came back with a sit down Bubba Bomb and draped his arm over Sabin for a two count. Shelley tagged in and took out Devon before Bubba could make the tag.

Shelley worked over Bubba, who began working him over with chops while mounting a comeback. Shelley went for a kick but Bubba caught it. Shelley nailed an enziguiri but Bubba stayed on his feet. Shelley came off the middle rope with another shot and Bubba went down. Shelley tagged in Sabin and Devon got the hot tag.

Devon worked over Sabin with a shoulderblock and a sideslam for a two count. Devon was caught with a kick as he charged into the corner. Devon came back with a powerslam for a two count for a two count, then a neckbreaker but Shelley broke it up.

The Guns killed Devon with a double team maneuver but Devon grabbed Sabin, held him, then powerbombed him onto Sabin. Devon hit the flying headbutt as Bubba was recovering in the corner. Bubba blindtagged in and double clotheslined the Guns from behind. They set up Shelley for the Wazzup Headbutt and he nailed it.

The fans called for Devon to get the tables and he did. Ray set up a table in the corner. 3D whipped Sabin into the table but he ran up it and backflipped off. Ray charged and missed, crashing through the tables. The Guns drilled Devon with stereo kicks for a two count. They kept working on Devon, who kept kicking out.

Devon escaped a running boot and Sabin accidentally nailed Shelley. Team 3D nailed their finisher but Sabin kicked out. The announcers acted like it was the first time anyone had ever kicked out of the move. 3D was shocked and in disbelief. They went for it again but Sabin turned it into a tornado DDT on Devon. The Guns nailed Bubba with Skull and Bones and scored the pin.

Your winners and still TNA Tag Team champions, The Motor City Machineguns!

After the match, The Guns raised 3D’s arms and they all embraced.

Real good back and forth tag match. So far so good with this show!

Christy Hemme interviewed Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer said that it’s a sad night because EV2.0 is fighting for their jobs, He’s fighting his friend and 3D wrestled their last match. Dreamer told Bischoff congratulations because he has everyone buying into his BS. He told Van Dam that toniught he was going to learn who his friends were and who was lying to him.

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