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By Mike Johnson on 2010-09-19 22:43:00
Matt Striker sent us to a video feature on Albert Del Rio.

They aired a great video feature on the WWE championship and the Six Pack Challenge.

Josh Mathews interviewed WWE champion Sheamus.  He said Sheamus was at a huge disadvantage but Sheamus asked him if he looked like he was concerned.  He said he was WWE champion because he wins, no matter what the stipulation match is.  Sheamus said that he always leaves with the WWE title and no matter what the match is, it suits him.  He said tonight was going to leave with a Throw Kick to the skull and Sheamus leaving with the WWE title on his shoulder and a smile on his face.


Ring entrances in order are Sheamus, Cena, Edge, Jericho, Barrett (No Nexus) and finally Orton for the big pop.

Everyone battled at the bell.  It powdered down to Jericho working over Orton but Cena, who Jericho had tossed out of the ring, returned.  Cena and Jericho faced off.  Jericho shoved Cena into a corner but was caught with the RKO and pinned.

Chris Jericho has been eliminated.

Cena even asked if that was really three.  According to his claims, he's done with WWE. Jericho received a huge "Y2J" chant as he exited.  Edge looked like he was screwed with the idea being that they had plans to work together.  They focused for a long time on Jericho's exit with the rest of the match stopping. 

When they started again, Barrett found himself circled by the other four as they got to give him the beatdown the Nexus has given all of them.  They dispatched Barrett out of the ring.  Cena and Orton then tossed Sheamus and Edge out.  Orton and Cena faced off but Barrett attacked them.  The heels all began beating down the babyfaces.  Barrett tried to get the heels to work together but they wanted nothing to do with him.  They doubled on him. 

Cena nailed a glancing dropkick on Edge.  Orton took out Sheamus.  We were back to Orton and Cena facing off again.  They went nose to nose so Orton went for the RKO.  Cena escaped and went for the STF.   Orton and Cena went back and forth.  Edge joined in and tried to help Orton suplex Cena out but Barrett pulled them both off the apron.  Sheamus began stomping everyone to maintain control and then focused on Cena.

Cena and Sheamus went back and forth.  Sheamus nailed an elbow and Cena crumpled in the corner.  Sheamus controlled Cena and placed him on the top rope for the Celtic Cross.  Cena used back elbows to avoid the move.  He fought off Sheamus but got his foot caught as he came down.  Edge and Sheamus worked over Cena and placed him back atop the ropes.  They went for a double suplerplex and nailed it.  Edge covered him but Cena kicked out.

With Cena down and out,  they went to the floor and attacked Barrett, sending him into the guard rails.  They then turned their attention to Orton, dragging him to the ring and tossing him in.  Sheamus began pummeling Orton's chest with punches.  Edge and Sheamus continued to work over everyone, maintaining the control.  Edge tried to turn on Sheamus but missed the spear and Sheamus hit the Irish Curse Backbreaker. 

Orton went for the RKO on Cena but was shoved off as Edge speared Orton.  Edge went for Cena but was caught with the Attitude Adjustment and pinned.

Edge is eliminated.

Barrett attacked Cena immediately.  Barrett took out Orton and Sheamus as well.  Barrett began drilling Cena with punches but Cena came back with a series of shoulderblocks and a slam.  Cena hit the five knuckle shuffle.  He picked up Barrett for the Attitude Adjustment  and drilled Barrett into  Sheamus.  Cena locked Sheamus in the STF in the center of the ring but Sheamus fought hard to get to the ropes and finally did.

Nexus hits the ringside area.  Cena goes after them but Barrett grabs Cena and nails his finisher, pinning Cena.

John Cena has been eliminated.

The Nexus attacked Orton outside the ring and mauled him.  They tossed him into the ring for a waiting Barrett.  As Orton made his way to his feet, he was surrounded with Nexus on the aprons.  Cena attacked them with a chair and ran them off.   Orton took out Barrett and teased the RKO.  He drilled him and scored the pin.

Wade Barrett has been eliminated.

Sheamus snuck in from behind Orton and nailed the throw kick but Orton kicked out.  Sheamus began screaming in anger.  Sheamus went for the Celtic Cross but Orton slipped out and scored the RKO and the pin.

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