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By Mike Johnson on 2010-09-19 22:43:00

Layla was one of the Lumberjills and didn't look happy as McCool walked to the ring.  Striker made a crack about Jillian still being "here" when she came out. 

McCool tried to dropkick Melina as she did her split entrance but Melina jumped up and McCool landed hard on the floor.  When she returned to the ring, they locked up and jockeyed for position.  They actually ended up going through the ropes and to the flooor.  McCool slapped one of the girls and then returned to the ring.  Melina avoided the tiltowhirl backbreaker.  Lots of Melina chants.  Melina nailed her with a series of forearms.  She positioned McCool across the turnbuckles but was grabbed by the hair and dumped over the top to the floor.

The Lumberjills didn't do much to force Melina back in, which they explained by saying McCool had pissed off all of the other Divas.  McCool controlled Melina when they returned to the ring.  McCool went for the Faithbreaker but Melina escaped and turned it into a Facejam.  Melina was caught with a belly to belly suplex for a two count.  McCool took a swipe at Natalya, who got on the apron.  Melina rolled up McCool but the referee was arguing with Natalya.

McCool was tossed out of the ring and the Lumberjills had their way with her for a moment.  They tossed her back in and Melina nailed a dropkick to the lower back, then Matrixed out of a kick.  McCool grabbed her by the hair and slammed her back into the mat.  Melina and McCool battled to the top and fell over to the floor.  McCool tossed Melina back in and was attacked by all the other girls except for Layla.  Layla attacked Melina in the ring but was battled off and tossed out.

McCool re-entered the ring from behind Melina and drilled him with a boot to the face, then scored the pin.

Your winner and Unified champion Michelle McCool!

Layla El and Michelle McCool celebrated together so their entire issues were all a ruse to begin with.

Todd Grisham interviewed Wade Barrett and noted it was his first chance at the WWE championship and asked him what he felt his chances were.  Barrett said that his opponents represent greatness but also the status quo in WWE.  He said that he stated months ago that the winds of change were blowing and he has his chance to prove that tonight.  He said that he was the future of WWE and the next WWE champion.


Undertaker did his grand entrance, then attacked Kane as he came down the aisle.  They brawled on the stage.  He propped up Kane up against one of the giant columns for the stage and beat him with punches, then whipped him into another one.  Kane hit it and fell to the floor in front of the stage.  Undertaker stalked Kane but the champ kicked him in the knee and worked him over with punches on the ramp.  Undertaker came back and choked him on the ramp.  Kane came back with a boot to the face.

They battled their way back to ringside and Kane whipped Taker into the steel ring steps.  Kane grabbed the World championship belt and drilled Taker with it on the floor.  He then measured Taker and kicked him low.  They battled back in the ring where Kane trapped Taker in the corner and clotheslined him again and again.  Taker crumpled to the mat but kicked out when Kane covered him. 

Kane dragged Taker back out to the outside of the apron and began drilling him with punches.  Taker fell off the apron to the floor.   Kane  slammed Taker head-first on the announcer's table, then nailed him with the covering for the table.  The storyline was that Undertaker was completely overpowered by Kane's strength.  Taker finally reversed a whip and sent Kane into the stairs.  They battled back and forth with punches on the floor.

Kane was prepped on the apron and Taker nailed a guillotine legdrop on the apron.  Undertaker kicked Kane over the barrier, then dove over it onto Kane.  Kane came back to drill Taker with a chair.  Kane continued to work over Taker with punches.  Taker wandered, glazed eyed in the crowd.  Kane followed and they exchanged punches in the crowd.  They battled near a  production area and then back into the ringside area.  Kane clotheslined Taker off the barricade to the floor.

Back in the ring, Kane battered Undertaker with kicks.  Kane beat Taker with punch after punch in the corner.  Taker went down to one knee but pulled himself back up, wobbly.  Kane continued the onslaught in another corner.  Kane just totally dominated Taker with punches, beating him down.  Taker fought back and they began exchanging big shots in the middle of the ring.  Undertaker finally got the better of the exchange but Kane kneed him in the gut.  Taker came back with a heat seeking missile, but Kane was back to his feet first.

Undertaker got the better of their back and forth again and nailed Snake Eyes followed by a big boot.  Undertaker legdropped Kane for a two count, then called for the chokeslam.  Taker nailed the chokeslam.  Taker went for the tombstone but Kane reversed it and scored the clean pin.

Your winner and still World champion, Kane!

Kane left victorious and the story was that Kane had dominated Taker.  Taker took a long time leaving, crumpling over in pain and dropping to his knees at moments.   The announcers wondered if we were seeing the end of an era.  Lawler said, "I hate to say it, but I think Undertaker's powers are completely sapped."

Legendary film promo.  They announced the film was a Wal-Mart exclusive on DVD, which explains why it was yanked from online retailers.


The first team out are the Usos, who are with Tamina.  Tyson Kidd and Jey Uso start off.  They go back and forth.  Kidd nailed a forward roll for a two count.  Jimmy tagged in and they nailed the old Demolition finisher for a two count.  Jimmy missed a charge in the corner and Smith tagged in.  Hart nailed several clotheslines and nailed a belly to belly suplex.  The Usos regrouped outside on the floor but Kidd hit a springboard moonsault off the top rope to the floor on them.  Kidd tossed them back in the ring for a two count.    Hart went for the Sharpshooter.  Tamina and Natalya got into it.  Jimmy clotheslined Hart from behind and scored the pin.

The Harts are eliminated so we'll have new champions tonight.

Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov hit the ring.  Santino cleaned house but when he went for the Cobra, Tamina got on the apron and made it as well, distracting him.  When Santino finally went for it, Jimmy caught him in a Samoan Drop and scored the pin.

Santino and Kozlov are eliminated.

Next out are Mark Henry and Evan Bourne.  Bourne scored with several flying knee strikes.  Bourne escaped a splash in the corner and tagged Henry.  Henry nailed a big punch on Jimmy then knocked Jey off the ropes.   Henry tagged in Bourne, who nailed the shooting star press off the top and scored the pinfall.

The Usos are eliminated.

The final team are Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes.  They hit the ring.  Drew and Bourne go back and forth with Drew getting the better of the exchange.   Cody and Drew begin tagging in and out while working over Bourne.  Drew drilled Evan with an uppercut forearm.  Bourne gets cut off with a clothesline for a two count,  McIntyre began working over Bourne's arm but was tossed off.  Bourne tried to make the hot tag but was cut off by Cody.  Cody and Drew continued their back and forth tags as they controlled Bourne.  Bourne kicked at Drew but was cut off with a forearm smash while rebounding off the ropes.  Bourne was knocked to the floor, where Cody went right after him before tossing him back in the ring.  Drew locked in a reverse chinlock. 

Drew picked up Bourne for a suplex but Bourne drilled him with kicks while suspended upside down.  Bourne finally made the hot tag to Henry, who cleaned house on Drew, then hit a running Avalanche in the corner on Cody.  Henry pressed and dropped Cody, then tagged in Bourne for a shooting star press off Henry's shoulders.  Drew kicked Henry in the knees so Bourne fell off.  Drew kicked Henry out of the ring.  He went after Drew but Cody grabbed Bourne and nailed him with the CrossRhodes for the pin.

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