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By Buck Woodward on 2010-06-13 20:52:43

Rob Van Dam was interviewed, saying he wasn't going to let Sting play mind games with him, but what Sting did with the belt on Impact did bother him.  RVD said he doesn't care about Sting's agenda, he cares about his own.  Van Dam said he is at his best, and that it was "Showtime.... the Whole F'N Showtime".  

A video package on Styles-Lethal was shown. 

AJ Styles vs. Jay Lethal.

Ric Flair accompanied Styles to the ring.  Lethal kept glancing at Flair at ringside as the bell rang.  They locked up, and jockeyed for position.  AJ backed Lethal in a corner and chopped him.  Lethal responded with a slap, and Styles tripped over his own feet.  Styles went to the floor and regrouped.  They locked up again, and Styles grabbed a side headlock, taking Lethal to the mat.  Lethal grabbed a headscissors to escape and kept Styles on the mat.  Styles rolled out of it and got his headlock back.  Styles dropkicked Lethal in the leg, but Lethal fought back with punches and a chop.  Styles slid under Lethal and hit a chop.  Lethal went for a monkeyflip, but Styles landed on his feet.  Styles hiptossed Lethal, who reversed it and hit one, then dropkicked Styles in the face.  Lethal hit a snap suplex for a one count. 

Styles punched Lethal in the gut, but Lethal hit a series of punches, then chopped Styles.  Lethal rammed Styles in a corner, then hit a side backbreaker for a one count.  Lethal hit a spinning headscissors, sending Styles to the floor.  They did a nice spot where each teased a dive, then stopped themselves when the other moved out of the way, ending with Lethal tripping Styles on the ring apron, and Styles bumped to the floor.  Back in the ring, Styles choked Lethal, but missed a chop.  Lethal hit a chop, but Styles tossed Lethal crotch first on the top rope and he attempted a leapfrog.  Styles and Lethal exchanged chops, then Styles hit a jumping kick on Lethal for a two count. 

Styles slammed Lethal, then hit a kneedrop for a two count. Lethal battled back with shoulder blocks, chops and punches.  Lethal went for a backdrop, AJ stuffed it, but Lethal hit a side kick for a two count.  Lethal picked up Styles, and Styles quickly grabbed a back suplex.  Styles tossed Lethal to the floor, at the feet of Ric Flair.  Flair choked Lethal with his jacket while Styles distracted the referee.  Styles went to the floor and chopped Lethal, then tossed him into the ring for a two count.  Styles put Lethal in a chinlock, but Lethal elbowed out of it.  Styles tried a clothesline, but Lethal hit a handspring elbow as he bounced off the ropes.  Styles kept trying to grab a front facelock, but Lethal would slap, punch or elbow Styles every time he went for it.  Lethal hit a second rope leg lariat, then hit a second rope moonsault onto a standing Styles for a two count. 

Lethal chopped Styles, then hit a dropkick in a corner.  Lethal hit the backbreaker/faceplant Lethal Combination for a two count.  Lethal went to the apron and tried for a springboard, but Styles caught it and hit a neckbreaker across the knee for a two count.  Flair and Hebner argued about the count.  Styles went for a discus punch, but Lethal ducked it and hit a back suplex into a neckbreaker for a two count.  Lethal let himself get distracted by Flair for a moment, and Styles poked him in the eyes.  Styles put Lethal in a figure four leglock, but Lethal made the ropes.  Styles kicked at Lethal's leg, then hit a brainbuster for a two count.  Styles went for a Styles Clash, but Lethal rolled under it and gave AJ a released Dragon Suplex.  Flair pulled Styles towards the ropes to break up the cover.  

Lethal grabbed Styles by the legs, and despite Flair's protests, put Styles in a Figure Four leglock.  Styles managed to make the ropes.  Lethal gave Styles a backbreaker, then went to the top rope but missed the elbow smash.  Styles hit the Pele Kick, then went to climb the ropes, but his knee gave out under him, the result of the figure four.  Styles tried to jump up to the middle rope, but his knee buckled as he did so.  Styles jumped off the middle rope, but Lethal caught him and delivered a Northern Lights suplex for the pin at the 18-minute mark. 

Winner: Jay Lethal. 

Lethal celebrated with the fans at ringside, giving out a "Whoo!"  Flair yelled at Styles for losing, while Styles pointed at his knee.  Kazarian came down, and looked to calm down Flair.  Styles said "I'm sorry" and was sitting in the corner, as Flair and Kazarian left together. 

Sting did an interview, saying he would take the World Title from the "pawn" Rob Van Dam.  Sting said 'some want to rule the world, some want to make it a better place, and some just want to watch it burn'.  Sting asked who everyone thought he was. 

Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy did an interview, trying to come up with a name for their team.  They decided on "The Enigmatic A**holes." 

Mr. Anderson & Jeff Hardy vs. Beer Money.

Anderson and Roode started out, with the fans chanting "Let's go A**holes."  Roode tripped Anderson to the mat and tagged in Storm, who grabbed a front facelock.  Anderson reversed into a hammerlock and got away from them.  Hardy tagged in, and there was a chant for him.  Roode took Hardy down with a armwringer and Beer Money hit a reverse atomic drop/legsweep combo.  Roode screamed "This is a real tag team" as Hardy and Anderson conferred.  Hardy kicked Storm in the gut and tagged in Anderson.  Anderson and Hardy hit a double back elbow, then some of the old Hardy Boys spots.  Roode eye raked  Anderson and chopped him.  Anderson fought back, but Roode held the ropes open as Anderson was bouncing off them, and Anderson fell to the floor. 

Roode blasted Anderson and rolled him into the ring, where Storm got a two count.  Beer Money made a wish on Anderson, then Roode stomped him and hit a kneedrop for a two count.  The fans were spelling out the word "A**hole" in support of Anderson.  Anderson rallied with a clothesline on Storm.  Hardy tagged in and cleaned house, hitting a gourdbuster on Roode, but Storm broke up the cover.  All four men were in the ring, and Storm tossed Anderson to the floor.  Roode catapulted Hardy into Storm's DDT, and Roode got a two count.  Roode held Hardy , but Anderson pulled Storm out of the ring before he could deliver a superkick.  Hardy gave Roode a Twist Of Fate and a Swanton, but Storm pulled the referee out of the ring before the cover.  The referee thought Anderson did it, as Storm dropped to the ground after doing it.  Anderson was ordered back to his corner.  Roode punched Hardy, but Hardy unloaded with a flurry of shots.  Roode came in for a double team gutbuster, but Anderson broke up the cover.  

Storm gave Hardy an elevated DDT for a two count.  Roode tagged in and hit a side backbreaker for a two count. Beer Money hit a double vertical suplex, then did the "Beer... Money" pose.  Roode tagged in Storm, then slammed him.  Hardy grabbed a small package on Storm, but Roode was distracting the referee.  Roode tagged in and clotheslined Hardy.  Hardy rallied, but missed a Whisper In The Wind attempt on Roode.  Roode picked up Hardy, but Hardy hit a Twist Of Fate.  Anderson got the hot tag and cleaned house, including a rolling Samoan Drop on Roode.  Storm went to elbow Anderson, but he moved and Storm elbowed Roode.  Hardy threw Storm to the floor, then jumped off the back of Anderson and dove into Storm.  Anderson went for the Mic Check, but Roode blocked it and hit the spinebuster.  Hardy broke up the cover and kicked Roode.  Storm ran in and gave Hardy the Eye Of The Storm.  Beer Money set up Anderson for the suplex/neckbreaker combo, but Hardy pushed Storm out of the ring.  Anderson floated out of Roode's suplex with a Hardy assist, and Anderson, who was bleeding from the eyebrow, hit Roode with the Mic Check for the win at the 14-minute mark. 

Winners: Mr. Anderson & Jeff Hardy. 

Mr. Anderson's mic came down, and Anderson and Hardy proclaimed each other as the winner.  Hardy wished TNA a happy anniversary.

They hyped the main event. 

World Champion Rob Van Dam vs. Sting.

The cameras followed both men for their whole entrance, with Sting starting in the bleachers, and Van Dam (who had a singlet painted like Iron Man) starting in the back.  Jeremy Borash did the "big match introductions" for the bout.  They locked up at the start, with Sting putting Van Dam in a corner and kicking him.  They went right to the rampway, then Sting dragged Van Dam to the floor.  They went over the guard rail and into the crowd.  Sting told the referee "I've got business to take care of" as he tried to whip Van Dam into the wall.  Van Dam stopped it, kicked Sting, and threw him into the wall repeatedly. Van Dam punched Sting, who was leaning over the guard rail.  Van Dam jumped off the guard rail and legdropped Sting in the back of the head. 

Van Dam battered Sting around ringside, then Sting backdropped Van Dam over the rail.  Sting threw Van Dam into the wall a few times.  They made it back to ringside and exchanged punches, then Sting raked his eyes.  We finally made it back into the ring, with Sting stomping RVD.  Sting hit a Stinger Splash to RVD's back, then one to the front.  Sting scored a two count.  Sting put Van Dam in a chinlock, but Van Dam battled up.  RVD ducked a clothesline and hit a double leg lariat. RVD hit some punches, then a pair of clotheslines and a superkick. 

RVD did his pose, and hit a second rope thrust kick after ducking a Sting clothesline.  Van Dam hit a powerslam and a split leg moonsault for a two count.  Sting muscled Van Dam into a corner and pounded Van Dam.  Somehow Earl Hebner caught a shot in the eye and  was stumbling around.  Van Dam went to the top rope off a Sting whip and dove into a bodypress, but Sting moved and Van Dam slammed into Hebner.  Sting picked up his baseball bat and hit Van Dam in the gut, then the face, then the leg.  Hebner was down and didn't see any of this. 

Jeff Jarrett walked down to the ring and snatched the bat away from Sting.  Jarrett hit Sting in the gut with it, then in the jaw.  Jarrett gave RVD a thumb's up, then walked off, keeping the bat with him.  RVD hit Sting with a Rolling Thunder backsplash.  Hebner crawled over for the count, but Sting got his shoulder up at two.  RVD missed a monkey flip attempt in the corner.  Sting missed a Stinger Splash, hitting the turnbuckles hard.  Van Dam hit a kick to the head and the Five Star Frog Splash for the pin at the 11-minute mark. 

Winner: Rob Van Dam. 

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