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By Buck Woodward on 2010-06-13 20:52:43

A video package on the Ray-Neal match was shown. 

Brother Ray vs. Jesse Neal.

Before the match could start, Brother Ray said he wanted Devon to come out.  As Devon did, Shannon Moore ran out, thinking it might be a set up.  Brother Ray apologized to Neal, saying that Shannon was right, he has been a bully lately.  Ray said that Devon has talked a lot of sense into him, and continued to apologize.  Ray said Neal was a hero in the Navy, and he was wrong to call him a failure.  Moore left at this point.  Brother Ray offered Neal a handshake, then gave him a hug.  Devon and Brother Ray raised Neal's arms, then the three of them left the ring.  They were halfway up the aisle when Brother Ray nailed Jesse, then flung him into the ring. 

The bell rang, and an angry Devon was rushing back to the ring, but security stopped him and the referee, at Brother Ray's request, ordered him away, since the match had officially started.  Brother Ray kicked Neal.  Moore was watching from the stage.  Devon yelled "This isn't over" as security walked him off.  Ray dropped some elbows on Neal, then ripped off Neal's shirt and chopped his chest.  Brother Ray just mauled Neal, hanging him in the Tree Of Woe and slapping him.  Ray pulled Neal off the ropes with a neckbreaker.  Brother Ray ripped the dog tags off Neal, said "Your best friend's dog tags?  Ha!" and chopped Neal on the chest.  Neal fired back with some shots, building momentum.  Ray reversed a whip, but Neal jumped on the ropes and hit a flying bodypress, then slammed Ray with a belly to belly suplex.  Brother Ray avoided a punch and hit a Bubba Bomb full-nelson slam, then chopped him in the back.  

Tommy Dreamer, to a huge ovation, started walking down the steps in the stands.  Brother Ray was on the middle rope, then stopped and stared at Dreamer, who did his crucifix pose.  There was an "ECW" chant.  Dreamer moved into the crowd, and posed again.  Jesse Neal charged Brother Ray, who kicked him down.  Brother Ray went for the second rope senton, but Neal moved out of the way.  Neal hit Brother Ray with the spear for the pin at the four minute mark. 

Winner: Jesse Neal. 

Dreamer exited the crowd, a smile on his face.  Ray was dumbfounded in the ring. Ray argued with the crowd as he left.

Hernandez was interviewed about Matt Morgan, saying he watched while Morgan treated him, the tag titles, and the whole tag division as a joke.  Hernandez said he got a taste of Morgan at Impact, and tonight he would get the whole meal.  They then aired a video package on Morgan-Hernandez.

Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez.

Morgan came out in street clothes, wearing a neckbrace. Morgan came out and gave an "emotional" promo about how he could not perform on the PPV tonight.  Morgan claimed Hernandez "jumped him from behind" and injured his neck.  Morgan told the referee that he had a signed note from his physician that he could not perform.  Morgan apologized to the fans that he could not perform, then walked off.  Hernandez ran out and jumped Morgan from behind, ripping his neckbrace off and tossing him into the ring.  

The referee rang the bell, so I guess we have a match after all.   Hernandez choked Morgan with his t-shirt.  You know, that can get you fired in some places.  Hernandez choked Morgan in a corner. Sorry, couldn't resist.  The referee broke them up.  Hernandez picked up the referee and sat him in the top rope.  Morgan begged for mercy, then tripped Hernandez out of the ring.  On the floor, Morgan hit a discus lariat.  Back in the ring, Morgan threw Hernandez shoulder first into the ringpost, then did it a second time.  A third time, and Morgan tossed Hernandez to the floor.  Morgan seemed content to take a countout victory, and mockingly acted like his neck was hurt.  Hernandez rolled in at eight, and Morgan stomped him.  Morgan hit back elbows in the corner, then an avalanche. 

Morgan hit a sideslam for a two count.  Hernandez reversed a whip and hit a avalanche, then a shoulderblock.  Hernandez ripped Morgan's shirt off him and choked him with it.  The referee broke it up, but Hernandez went back to choking him again.  Hernandez grabbed the referee and tossed him to the mat.  The referee disqualified Hernandez at the five minute mark. 

Winner via disqualification: Matt Morgan. 

Hernandez went after Morgan, who was trying to exit, and rammed him back first into the ringpost.  Hernandez put Morgan's head against the ringpost, and went to kick him, the same thing Morgan did to Hernandez to injure him.  As Hernandez went for the kick, Morgan pulled referee Brian Hebner in the path, and Hebner got kicked in the ribs.  Morgan escaped, and Hernandez soon went after him, while Earl Hebner (Brian's Dad) and the other referees checked on Brian Hebner. 

Christy Hemme interviewed Hulk Hogan about Sting.  Hogan said Sting "crossed the line" and broke the "unwritten code" amongst wrestlers when he injured Jeff Jarrett the way he did.  Hogan said he would have his eye on Sting. 

Abyss vs. Desmond Wolfe in a Monster's Ball match.

Wolfe was accompanied by Chelsea, since her 30-days with Abyss are now over. Abyss started tossing weapons in the ring as soon as he came out.  They went right at it, with Wolfe missing with a kendo stick shot and Abyss hitting a boot to the face.  Abyss went for a chair, but Wolfe kicked it in his face.  Wolfe wedged the chair in a corner, then hit Abyss in the gut with a kendo stick.  Abyss reversed a whip and Wolfe went for a leapfrog, but Abyss caught it and hit a side slam for a two count. 

Abyss went under the ring and pulled out a barbed wire board, tossing it into the ring.  Abyss put it in a corner, but Wolfe hit Abyss with some forearms.  Wolfe went to whip Abyss into the chair in a corner, but Abyss put on the brakes.  Wolfe chargeed, Abyss moved and Wolfe went head first into the chair.  Abyss went and got two trash cans. As Abyss was getting in the ring, Wolfe kicked the middle rope into Abyss'  groin.  Wolfe hit Abyss with a pair of trash can shots.  Wolfe yelled something to Chelsea, that you couldn't make up.

Wolfe went into a trash can, and pulled out a teddy bear wrapped in barbed wire.  Wolfe asked out loud if this was some kind of joke.  Abyss bodyblocked Wolfe, driving the barbed wire teddy bear into Wolfe's midsection.  I should note, Wolfe still has his shirt on.  Abyss went to ringside and presented the barbed wire bear to Chelsea, then sort of barked at her.  Abyss pulled out a bag and got back in the ring.  Abyss emptied the bag, which was filled with broken glass, in the ring.  Wolfe said "I didn't sign up for this" and left.  Abyss followed, and Wolfe used Chelsea as a shield.  Wolfe grabbed a kendo stick and hit Abyss as he was distracted by Chelsea. 

Wolfe pulled Abyss over the the staging area, then up on a platform.  Wolfe held up the stick and said "Now he dies!" buy Abyss grabbed Wolfe by the throat and chokeslammed him, breaking up part of the platform when he landed.  Wolfe was convulsing.  Abyss dragged Wolfe to the ring and covered him, but Wolfe got his foot on the bottom rope at the two count.  Abyss put the barbed wire board in the ring, and set up Wolfe for a superplex.  Wolfe fought out of it, then used a sunset flip-style powerbomb off the top rope to sent Abyss into the barbed wire board.  Abyss' arm was sliced open.  Wolfe got a two count.

Wolfe grabbed a kendo stick and hit Abyss in the head twice, but missed on the third try.  Abyss grabbed Wolfe and hit the Shock Treatment backbreaker for a two count.  Abyss picked up Wolfe off the mat, but Wolfe hit a knee to the midsection.  Wolfe hit Abyss with a kendo stick shot to the back of the head, and Abyss fell down, face first, into the broken glass.  Abyss was bleeding from the head.  Wolfe still couldn't put Abyss away.  Wolfe told Chelsea to give him her purse.  Chelsea reluctantly gave it to Wolfe.  Wolfe opened the purse, but the brass knuckles weren't in it. Wolfe asked where the knucks were, and Chelsea had them in her hand.  She then tossed the knucks over Wolfe, to Abyss.  Abyss hit Wolfe with the knucks, then finished off Wolfe with a Black Hole Slam for the pin at the 12-minute mark.

Winner: Abyss.

Chelsea was expressionless at ringside.  In the ring, Abyss was tasting his own blood.  Abyss saluted the fans and celebrated his win.  Chelsea backed down the ramp along, still holding the teddy bear.  Wolfe, who rolled to the floor, was complaining about Chelsea costing him the match.

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