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By Mike Johnson on 2010-01-17 20:04:51
Christy Hemme interviewed D'Angelo Dinero.  He said he was told there was a party tonight and it must be because he's here and "Pope is pimping."  Hemme asked him about his match with Desmond Wolfe.  Dinero went into a great promo and said he was going to beat Wolfe like he did on 1/4.  Really entertaining.

Nick Hogan and Joey Fatone are at ringside.

TNA Tag Team champions The British Invasion vs. Matt Morgan & Hernandez

Brutus Magnus was stalling early.  He caught Morgan with a thumb to the eye.  Hernandez tagged in.  So did Doug Williams.  Williams nailed a running knee in the corner and went for a suplex but Hernandez was too strong.  Hernandez reversed but Williams landed on his feet.  Hernandez backdropped him (bad bump) and hit a running splash into the corner. 

Williams came back with a flying bodypress but was caught.  Hernandez went for a powerbomb but Magnus clipped Hernandez' leg.  Williams covered him for a two count.  Williams worked him over with kicks in the corner.  Hernandez kicked him off and pulled himself to the top rope.  Williams nailed him and went for a superplex.  Magnus nailed Morgan, then helped and they hit a double team superplex.

The Invasion worked over Hernandez with double team maneuvers.  Magnus cinched in a side headlock.  He locked in an abdominal stretch.  The referee caught Doug Williams helping Magnus and kicked his arm.  Hernandez hit a hiptoss and tagged in Morgan who cleaned house.  Morgan nailed the elbows in the corner.  Taz threw out a vintage line to mock Michael Cole.

Williams charged Morgan and was tossed over the top to the apron.  He thumbed Morgan and came into the ring with a splash.  Hernandez took him out but was attacked by Magnus.  Morgan drilled Magnus with a clothesline and everyone was out.    Williams rebounded off the ropes but was caught and chokeslammed by Morgan for a two count.

Magnus nailed Hernandez then kicked Morgan in the chest as Williams nailed a German suplex for a two count.  Williams went to the top but Morgan shoved Magnus into him in the corner.  He tossed Magnus out of the ring, then slammed Williams off the top.  Hernandez nailed a shoulder.  He powerbombed Magnus.  Morgan hit the Carbon Footprint and scored the pin.

Your winners and new TNA Tag Team champions Hernandez and Matt Morgan!

Backstage, Bobby Lashley entered Eric Bischoff's office.  Abyss was in there arguing with Bischoff about not getting to wrestle and attacked Lashley and destroyed him.  Lashley was knocked out.  Bischoff just screamed at Abyss for knocking out his opponent in "our semi-main event."  Hogan walked in and asked what the hell is going on.  Abyss apologized and said he was trying to protect Mr. Bischoff.  Hogan told Abyss he was crazed and overwhelmed.  Hogan promised Abyss was going to have his match tonight.  Hogan told Abyss to leave all the hardcore stuff in the locker room and show him what Abyss was really made of, because he and everyone else has to make an impression tonight.  Abyss promised he would.  Abyss asked who his opponent would be and Hogan told him not to worry about it and he'd find out later.  Hogan walked off and Abyss said to himself that he had to make an impression tonight. 

They never went back to Lashley, so it seemed like they were writing him off.

Desmond Wolfe vs. D'Angelo Dinero

Wolfe came out with a hot brunette, who disrobed him of his pants while he posed like Rick Rude.  Dinero kissed her as she left the ring and fans chanted "Pope is pimping."  Dinero came out fast with several shots and a shoulderblock.  Desmond charged into the corner and nailed a back elbow.

Dinero came back with a leg sweep.  He charged for a splash out of the corner but Wolfe shoved him to the floor.  Pope tied up Wolfe in the ropes.  Dinero nailed a fistdrop off the rope for a two count.  Dinero laid out Wolfe and then slid across his back, landing on the floor.  Wolfe attacked him on the floor with elbows to the leg and back. 

Wolfe started working over Dinero and cranked his neck as he snapmared him into the ropes several times.   Wolfe locked in a single leg Boston Crab.  Dinero finally made it to the ropes.  Wolfe continued to work over his legs, scissoring them and tying them up in several different leglocks.  Wolfe continued to control the bout with a ton of great mat wrestling and holds.  He snapped Pope's hamstring in the ropes and dropkicked the knee.

Pope began chopping away but Wolfe took him out. Pope finally came back with a clothesline.  He picked up Wolfe for a nice spike into a suplex.  He covered Wolfe for a two but Wolfe got his foot on the rope.  Wolfe draped Pope in the ropes, nailed his back and clobbered him down in the chest.  Wolfe tied Pope around the ringpost and twisted him.  Dinero tried to walk off all the damage.

Wolfe began arguing with the referee.  He turned into Dinero, who caught him with a spinebuster.  Dinero began selling the knee.  Dinero came back with a series of rights.  Wolfe went for a backslide but Dinero turned it around into a small package for a two count.  Dinero came back with a head snap onto the mat, using the ropes for momentum for a two count.  Wolfe went for the handstand in the corner but Pope caught him with a flapjack powerbomb for a two count.

Dinero teased the Elijah Experience but was caught with a lariat as he was charged and pinned.

Your winner, Desmond Wolfe!

From a technical standpoint, this was easily the best thing on the show so far.  Lots of unique and innovative moves and submissions.  Dinero did a great job as the babyface in peril and showed a lot of charisma as well.  Wolfe may be the most well rounded guy in TNA.  Great stuff.

Jeremy Borash was going to introduce someone for an interview.  Eric Bischoff showed up and told him he was being taken off television until further notice as punishment for helping Mick Foley because Borash's "head wasn't in the game. The crowd HATED this. You usually hear nothing during the pre-tapes and you heard tons of boos. It came off like he was being written off, which would be insane if true.  The dude is the modern day Gene Okerlund.  Bischoff teased he might be used in catering or to drive the ring truck.  Bischoff handed the mic to Christy Hemme.  Hemme then interviewed Ric Flair.  Flair said why he was in TNA was his business and did his usual Flair spiel and a Woo.

Beer Money vs. Kevin Nash & Sean Waltman

Kind of lame they advertised Scott Hall and then he doesn't wrestle, but probably better for the actual match.  Robert Roode and Kevin Nash opened.  Roode nailed several clotheslines but Nash wouldn't budge.    Beer Money worked over Nash.  James Storm nailed Waltman off the apron but was caught with a Nash clothesline.

Waltman tagged in and nailed a spinkick to Storm's face.  Nash tagged back in and worked over Storm in the corner.  Waltman whipped Storm into the corner and Nash hit a big boot.  Waltman hit the bronco buster and the crowd crapped all over it.  It's obvious the core TNA fans aren't accepting some of the new faces.

Nash hit a sideslam and covered Storm but Roode broke up the pin.    Nash nailed Roode and he got knocked onto the ramp.  Storm nailed a lungblower to Nash's chest.  Waltman tagged in but Storm made the hot tag.  Roode nailed several clotheslines on Waltman and backdropped him.  Nash hit the ring but Roode met him with chops.  Roode nailed Nash with a knee.  Waltman charged but was caught by a Roode spinebuster.  Nash broke up the pin.

Nash got nailed in the corner.  Beer Money set up for DWI on Waltman.  Scott Hall came down the ramp, distracting Beer Money.  Nash clotheslined them.  Nash chokeslammed Roode but Roode kicked up at two.  Hall pulled a fan over the rail and attacked him.  Waltman tried to stop him.

Nash went for a powerbomb on Roode.  Storm superkicked Nash and Roode rolled through and scored Nash clean.

Your winners, Beer Money!

Nash was pissed at the others for getting pinned.

Backstage, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff were watching what happened.  Hogan said he can't believe these guys are still pulling their crap.  Bischoff said he had hopes for those guys but he's giving up.    Hogan said on Impact he was calling them out.  Hogan then referenced JFK, saying it was time not to show what TNA could do for Hulk Hogan, but what Hulk Hogan could do for TNA.

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