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By Mike Johnson on 2010-01-17 20:04:51
Welcome to's live coverage of the first PPV of the decade, TNA Genesis 2010. 

After a great opening video pushing the TNA title bout and a lot of pyro, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff made their way to the ring.  The fans chanted for Hogan.  He welcomed everyone to Genesis.  The fans popped.  Hogan welcomed them to the Impact Zone.  The fans booed and chanted, "We want six sides."  Hogan said, "You had it and it only got you so far.  We're going all the way now."  The fans booed him.  Hogan said they wouldn't have any six sides, eight sides or playpen rings.  He said this is where men wrestle.  The fans didn't like that.

Hogan said their competitor talks all about sports-entertainment but Hogan is proud to be part of a wrestling company and to be partners with Dixie Carter and Eric Bischoff.  Bischoff said that no one likes change and that's human nature, but it only started with the ring.  He said there's a lot more change coming.  Hogan looked at the mic and said, "What are you going to do Vince McMahon, now that TNA is coming for you?"

Mike Tenay and Taz welcomed everyone to the PPV and discussed the change to the ring.  They previewed the main events and sent it to the ring.

TNA X-Division champion The Amazing Red vs. Brian Kendrick

Red came out alone, as the Don West manager role is dead.  Kendrick came out to a big response.  Taz and Tenay sold it as a big shock.  Kendrick went for a kick but missed.  He and Red faced off.  They did some solid mat wrestling early.  They locked up.  Kendrick rode Red to the mat and worked over his arm with knees.  Red made his way back to his feet but Kendrick took him down with a sick looking Oklahoma Roll.

Red knocked Kendrick to the floor but he returned to the ring before Red could dive outside.  Kendrick dropkicked Red's knee while he was on the apron.  Red was knocked to the floor, right in front of Brooke Hogan and one of her friends,  The friend was showing more cleavage than most of Miami.  Kendrick worked over Red on the floor and tossed him back into the ring.  Kendrick worked over Red's knee on the mat.

The announcers talked about Bobby Lashley refusing to wrestle tonight as he didn't want TNA to make money off of him tonight and they'd have more about this later.

Kendrick continued to work over Red's knee.  Kendrick tossed Red out of the corner and went to the top rope.  Red dropkicked Kendrick off the top to the floor.  Red went to to the top rope and hit a forward flip to the floor on Kendrick.  Red tossed Kendrick back into the ring and nailed a big missile dropkick for a two count. 

Kendrick was kicked off by Red several times.  Red came off the ropes but Kendrick avoided him and locked in a single leg Boston Crab and cinched back.  Red tried to get to the ropes but was pulled back towards the center of the ring.  Kendrick cinched in a hold around Kendrick's neck and began headbutting him.

Red came back with an enziguiri.  Red dropkicked him in the back of his head as Kendrick got back to his feet.  They went back and forth with strikes and forearms.  Red nailed a glancing headscissors for a two count.  Red continued to sell his leg.  Kendrick came back with a leg lariat for a two count.

Kendrick began stomping Red's head and tossed him to the floor.  Red came back out of nowhere with Code Red and scored the clean pinfall.

Your winner and still X-Division champion The Amazing Red!

A fun opener.  The look of the building looks and feels fresh.  This was Kendrick's best showing I've seen some time.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff thanked The Band for having back against Mick Foley a few weeks back.  Eric Bischoff noted that Scott Hall and Sean Waltman were not under contract so this is their shot.  Hogan said they are all for life, but this was for real, so they had to prove themselves tonight.  Hogan and Bischoff left.  Hall said to Nash that he needs the contract tonight and he needs to make money.  Waltman tried to talk Hall into giving him the match instead.  Hall said he and Nash were advertised and it wasn't his shot tonight.  Waltman convinced Hall to do rock, paper, scissors for the right to tag with Nash tonight. Waltman won.

Sean Morley vs. Daniels

Morley came out and flirted with Brooke Hogan and her friends.  He took the mic as there was a small, "we want wrestling."  Morley said he would premiere his first TNA Productions film tonight, a "full frontal production" featuring himself.  He promised tonight would be the rise of Morley and the fall of a Fallen Angel. 

Daniels came out and said that was his problem with Morley.  He kicked the hell out of Morley three days ago and all Morley is talking about is films and sexual innuendos.  He said this is TNA and it's wrestling.  The fans popped.  Daniels told the fans to shut up because he wasn't saying it for them, but for himself.  He said that tonight, he was Morley's worst critic.  He said he wasn't giving Morley a thumbs down but "this" and shoved a middle finger in his face.

Morley chased him out of the ring and when returning in the ring, Daniels cut him off and nailed a leg lariat.  Morley came back with a clothesline and Daniels.retreated to the apron.  Morley flipped him back in but Daniels landed on his feet and nailed a number of palm thrusts.  Morley nailed a Russian legsweep for a two count.  Morley began working over Daniels' ribs and mid-section.  Daniels dropped Morley's face over the ropes and nailed a neckbreaker.

Daniels began choking Morley against the ropes, then snapped him backwards using the ropes.  Daniels locked in a triangle choke but the referee broke it.  Daniels continued to work over Morley's throat with chops and thrusts.  The fans were chanting, "Keep on going."  Morley began mounting a comeback but Daniels used another palm thrust.

Daniels pulled Morley to the ropes and scissored Morley's head to the ropes with his legs.  Daniels then used the ropes for momentum to kick Morley in the face for a two count.   Morley countered and began mounting a comeback with clotheslines and strikes.  Morley picked up and Daniels and dropped him across the top rope.  Morley hit a pumphandle sitdown powerbomb for a two count.  He then nailed a butterfly suplex but missed a clothesline.  Daniels nailed a STOP and locked in a Koji Clutch submission.  Morley nearly tapped but rolled Daniels into a pinning combination for a two count.

By the way, the crowd is all over Brooke Hogan with chants.

Daniels nailed another STO for a two count.  He went to the ropes for the BME but Morley rolled out of the way.  Morley went after the ribs and nailed a half nelson slam.  Morley went to the top rope for a splash but Daniels cut him off and nailed another palm strike to the throat.  Daniels went for a top rope hurancanrana but was shoved off.  Morley hits the Money Shot splash for the pin.

Your winner, Sean Morley!

Good match. The crowd hated Morley and some turned their back after the finish. They may have been better off having Morley lose to "prove himself" to the crowd by putting over Daniels, who went from an awesome main event last month to losing in the second match of a PPV by a guy the crowd wasn't buying as even being there yet.

They aired a video feature on ODB vs. Tara

TNA Knockouts champion ODB vs. Tara Best of Three Falls.

ODB grabbed at Tara and ripped out some hair extensions early  Tara came back with some hard shots and a standing moonsault press for a two count.  They began chopping at each other.  ODB was nailed with a series of kicks to the body and head.  ODB went down and Tara nailed a somersault legdrop into the ring for a two count.  Tara was surprised she didn't get the first pin.

ODB missed a clothesline.  Tara went for a high cross bodyblock but was caught and nailed with a Fall Away Slam.  Tara caught her with a small package for the pin.

Tara 1, ODB 0.

ODB attacked Tara immediately.  She grabbed Tara and ran her into the turnbuckles and used her leg to choke her against the buckles.  ODB choked her against the ropes, using her weight to shove Tara's throat into the ropes.  ODB charged into the corner but Tara nailed an elbow.  Tara locked her in the Tarantula.  ODB escaped and nailed a baseball sliding kick.  Tara went to the floor.  Tara was dropped face-first on the apron.  ODB got in Brooke Hogan's face.

Back in the ring, ODB tossed Tara over the ropes.  She covered Tara for a two count.  ODB scissored Tara's mid-section with her legs.  ODB used a roll around pin for a two count, holding the body scissors.  ODB locked in a rear choke to add to the submission.  The fans tried to rally Tara. 

ODB pulled something out of her bra and discarded it.  She slammed down Tara for a two count.  She whipped Tara into the ropes but Tara avoided her and nailed the Widow's Peak for the three count.

Your winner and new TNA Knockouts champion, Tara!


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