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By Richard Trionfo on 2009-10-18 22:50:00
All of the participants in the tag title match except for Team 3D and Brutus Magnus says that the important thing is to take out Team 3D. Doug points out that Team 3D has the advantage in any match with tables, ladders, and chairs. He says that Team 3D invented Full Metal Mayhem, and that they did this in Houston in front of 70, 000 people.

Match Number Four: TNA Tag and IWGP Tag Title Match: British Invasion versus Booker T and Scott Steiner versus Team 3D versus Beer Money in a Full Metal Mayhem Match

One of each of the tag title belts are hanging above the ring for the team to claim those titles.

Booker kicks Ray and then the British Invasion goes after Devon. Storm and Roode go after everyone. Magnus, Williams, and Storm punch Devon while Booker with a back heel kick to Ray. Storm punches Devon as well as Williams and Steiner. Devon is sent to the floor and Steiner sends him into the rails. Magnus sends Devon into a ladder held by Steiner. Steiner hits Devon with one of the title belts that is not above the ring. Booker with knees to Ray but Ray with a kick to Booker. Magnus and Williams set up the ladders and decide to pose with the handshake that allows Roode and Storm to stop them. Roode with a neckbreaker to Williams. Steiner drops Devon on the guardrails as they fight by the stage.

Storm and Roode work on Williams in the ring and they send him into a chair. Roode catapults Williams into a Storm DDT. Booker with a leg lariat to Roode and a spinebuster to Storm. Booker sets up a ladder but Roode hits him from behind. Booker with a scissors kick to Roode and it is time for a spinaroonie because there isn’t anything else going on. Storm with a super kick and then Beer Money with a DWI. Steiner with clotheslines and an overhead belly-to-belly to Roode and Storm. Then he hits one on Williams and finishes off with Magnus. Steiner puts Williams on the turnbuckles and it is Frankensteiner time. Steiner puts Magnus on the turnbuckles and he hits a T-Bone Superplex on Magnus. Booker is calling for a referee and Sharmell comes out. Steiner puts Roode on the turnbuckles and Steiner with an overhead belly-to-belly superplex. Steiner sets up the ladder while Booker cries over his injury. Steiner is on top of the ladder but Williams knocks him off. Williams and Magnus with a cross arm clothesline and then they pose again. The British Invasion with the Wassup Headbutt on Steiner and then then call for the tables.

Booker is being put on a stretcher.

A table is set up in the ring and on the floor. Devon hits Magnus with a chair and then they hit Williams with one. They hit Storm and Roode as well. They give Magnus a double flapjack and then Williams gets the neckbreaker and belly-to-back suplex combination. Bubbabomb to Roode while Devon with an inverted slam to Storm. Zakk Wylde throws a beer in Magnus’ face and then Wylde hits him with a chair. Devon takes Storm and Roode down and then he hits a choke slam through the table on Williams. It is time for Team 3D to hit the Wassup head butt on Williams. Now it is time for Ray to ask for the tables.

Three tables are put in the ring. Roode has a chair and Devon stops him from using it. Team 3D with stereo choke slams to Beer Money through tables. Steiner with chair shots to Team 3D. Steiner brings the ladder back into the ring and he hits Ray and Devon with it. Steiner sets up the ladder again. Steiner takes some time to kick the table away. Team 3D stop Steiner and they hit a double choke slam through the table. Team 3D sets up the ladder and Devon grabs the IWGP title. Rhino hits Ray with the chair and he is knocked off. Rhino hits Devon but Devon gets the IWGP Tag Title belt.

Rhino hits Ray and Devon some more with the chair and he leaves. Magnus hits Devon with the chair. Magnus holds Devon up for Williams to hit the corkscrew back elbow from the turnbuckles. Magnus and Williams have ladders set up and Roode and Storm stop them. Roode with a belly-to-back suplex on Williams. Roode and Storm climb the ladders as well. Roode and Storm with a double suplex from the top of the ladder on Magnus. With nobody to stop them, they do their Beer Money dance.

Magnus hits Roode with a chair shot. Magnus is on the ladder and Storm returns to the ring and he punches Magnus. Storm takes a drink and spits the beer in Magnus’ face. Storm with a sunset flip power bomb. Williams hits Storm with a chair. Williams climbs the ladder and he is stopped by Roode. Roode with punches and he drops Williams head on the top of the ladder. Rob with a press slam of Roode through the table on the floor. Rob helps Williams to get the TNA Tag Title belt.

Winners: Team 3D (IWGP) and British Invasion (TNA)

We see Bobby Lashley and Samoa Joe getting ready for their match, but the Knockouts Title is next.

Match Number Five: TNA Knockouts Title Match: ODB versus Tara versus Awesome Kong

Kong attacks Tara before the bell and then she goes after ODB. Tara punches Kong and kicks her. Tara tries for a clothesline but Kong stays up. Tara with punches and ODB with chops. Kong with a double clothesline to Tara and ODB. Kong sends ODB into Tara in the corner and then Kong with a splash. Kong with a slam to ODB and then to Tara. Kong goes to the turnbuckles but Tara and ODB part like the Red Sea and then Tara and ODB with kip ups and a double shoulder tackle. Tara and ODB with a double suplex to Kong and Tara tries to cover Kong but ODB pulls her off. Tara returns the favor.

Tara and ODB exchange punches while Kong is on the apron. ODB catches Tara on a cross body attempt and ODB with a fallaway slam and kip up. ODB with a chop in the corner followed by an Irish whip but Tara moves out of the way and then Tara puts ODB in a tarantula. Kong with a splash to both women and then Kong brings Tara back into the ring. Kong charges into a boot and ODB with a rollup for a near fall. Tara with a moonsault onto both women and gets a near fall on ODB. Kong picks Tara up by her throat and then she sends Tara to the floor. Kong chokes ODB in the corner.

Tara goes after someone in the crowd but security stops her. Tara leaves while the action stops in the ring.

Kong gets ODB up but ODB escapes the hold. Kong with an Irish whip but she misses a splash and ODB with a splash in the corner. ODB tries to get Kong up and she does and hits a Samoan Drop for a two count. ODB goes to the turnbuckles but Kong catches her and Kong runs ODB into the turnbuckles. Kong with a clothesline and then Tara returns to the ring and stops Kong.

Kong goes to the turnbuckles and hits a splash but Tara breaks up the cover. Kong with a choke slam and then she kicks Tara to the floor. Kong with the Implant Buster but ODB kicks out.

Raisha Saeed comes to the ring and she gives a chair to Kong but Kong kicks it back. Saeed gives it back and Kong kicks it again. Kong sets up for the Implant Buster but the chair is pushed into the ring and ODB with an X Factor for the three count.

Winner: ODB

Lauren is with Matt Morgan and Matt says that there are things that are personal and some that are business. Matt says that this is both. Matt says that Kurt felt that it was a smart business decision to have Matt in his corner. Matt says that he is not a fie fi fo fum freak. Matt says that he is college educated and he is not trying to brag . . . maybe a little bit. Matt says that Kurt tried to run away from him, but it didn’t work. Even some of the Mafia members were afraid to get in the ring with him. For the first time in Angle’s life, he is an underdog. Matt says that he is the future.

Match Number Six: Submission Match: Samoa Joe versus Bobby Lashley

Joe with a kick to the shoulder and Lashley tries for a takedown but Joe stays on his feet. They lock up and Joe puts Lashley in the corner. Joe with a few slaps to Lashley and Lashley with a spinebuster into a cross arm breaker and Joe escapes and he punches Lashley. Joe with a leg bar and Lashley escapes. Lashley with a take down and he mounts Joe. Lashley sends Joe into the turnbuckles and he punches Joe. Joe goes to the floor to slow things down.

Joe returns to the ring and Joe kicks Lashley in the leg. Joe kicks the refere in the leg and then Joe sends Lashley to the floor after going for the ribs. Joe with the suicide dive onto Lashley. Joe runs Lashley into the ring apron as he continues to work on the ribs. Joe chops Lashley as they stay on the floor.

They return to the ring and Lashley with punches but Joe with a rake of the eyes. Joe with a punch to the ribs and a kick after he stops short of a leap frog. Joe with a version of an abdominal stretch. Lashley with a hip toss. Joe with a power slam and then Joe with a cross arm breaker but Lashley punches to escape the hold. Lashley with punches but Joe runs Lashley into the turnbuckle and chops Lashley. Joe with jabs in the corner but Lashley with a full nelson slam and both men are down.

They get back to their feet and Lashley with clotheslines and a kick. Lashley with a forearm to the back and a t-bone suplex. Joe with an uranage to Lashley in the corner. Joe with a uranage but Lashley with a leg sweep and he has Joe choked out.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

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