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By Richard Trionfo on 2009-10-18 22:50:00
We begin tonight’s pay per view with a video package that includes some of the comments from the video packages that aired on the Bound for Glory Preview Show.

We are live from Irvine, California and your announcers are Mike Tenay and Taz.

Zakk Wylde is at ringside to perform the Star Spangled Banner.

We see highlights from the pre show when The Motor City Machine Guns got into the Ultimate X Match by defeating Lethal Consequences.

Match Number One: TNA X Division Title Match: Amazing Red versus Suicide versus Homicide versus Daniels versus Alex Shelley versus Chris Sabin in an Ultimate X Match

Daniels, Suicide, and Shelley go for the towers but they are stopped. Suicide sends Shelley into the turnbuckles and then he hits an elbow and a side Russian leg sweep. Daniels works on Red while Homicide hits an overhead belly-to-belly throw on Sabin. Daniels blocks a hip toss but Red with an arm drag and tilt-a-whirl head scissors and Daniels goes to the floor. Homicide with the tope con hilo onto Daniels. Red and Suicide are the only ones in the ring and Suicide with a fireman’s carry slam on Red. Suicide with a pescado onto Homicide and then Shelley goes to the apron and Sabin with a suicide dive through the ropes onto Suicide. Red with an enzuigiri that sends Shelley to the floor. Daniels with a leg lariat to Red. Daniels climbs the tower since everyone else is on the floor or on the mat. Red crotches Daniels. Red with a rana that sends Daniels onto everyone on the floor.

Red climbs the turnbuckles and the Machine Guns stop him. Sabin with a giant swing and Shelley with a drop kick to Red. Daniels sends Sabin into Shelley and he hits a bulldog and clothesline on the Guns. Homicide has climbed the tower and he is up to the cables. Suicide tries to stop him and he leaps to the cables but Homicide with a jawbreaker as they both hit the mat. Sabin and Shelley with double team kicks to Homicide. Sabin holds Daniels and Homicide and Shelley with a double stomp onto Daniels’ back. They hit a double super kick on Homicide. Sabin misses a splash into the corner on Daniels. Daniels with a palm thrust to Sabin but Shelley hits Daniels to stop his momentum on the tower. Sabin with a missile drop kick while Daniels was on Shelley’s shoulders.

Red is on the turnbuckles and Sabin and Shelley stop him. Shelley and Sabin set for the Sliced Bread #2 and power bomb combination but Red with a rana to Sabin and then Red sends Sabin into Shelley. Red with a satellite inverted DDT. Suicide with a springboard drop kick. Daniels punches Red while Suicide and Homicide battle. Homicide with a pump handle suplex on Suicide. Homicide with a neck breaker to Red. Homicide climbs the tower and returns to the cable. Daniels tries to stop Homicide and he gets Homicide and hits a Death Valley Driver. Daniels runs into a boot from Red and Red with a head scissors DDT. Red climbs to the towers and is on the cable. Red kicks Suicide and then Red reconsiders. Daniels tries to pull Red down. Red is almost at the belt but Suicide with a missile drop kick and Red goes down. Daniels with a Blue Thunder Driver on Suicide. Sabin and Daniels are to the cables and Daniels and Sabin kick each other while by the belt.

They both go down but land on their feet. Sabin with an enzuigiri to Daniels followed by a springboard DDT. Suicide with the Suicide Solution to Sabin. Shelley with an Asai DDT. Homicide with a gourdbuster and clothesline to Shelley. Homicide tries for the Gringo Killer but Daniels lands on his feet. Daniels with a DDT to Homicide. Red with a DDT of his own.

Suicide and Red are on the tower and they battle. Red sets for a sunset flip power bomb and he hits it on Suicide while Sabin hits a German suplex from the turnbuckles and they go into Daniels. Shelley and Homicide battle on the turnbuckle and Shelley knocks him off. Homicide catches Shelley and hits a head and arm suplex. Red with a spin kick to Homicide. Red goes up top and he hits a Phoenix Splash and standing shooting star press. Sabin with a boot to Suicide. Suicide and Sabin are on the turnbuckles and Suicide hits the Flux Capacitor. Daniels with the BME to Sabin. Daniels climbs the turnbuckles and so does Suicide. They are going to the top of the structure and Red joins them too. Daniels slams Red’s head on the top of the structure. Daniels and Suicide are on top and they exchange punches. Daniels sets for a superplex but Suicide blocks it. Suicide and Daniels exchange more punches while they each try to stay on top. Daniels is standing on the cable and he sits on the junction.

Suicide and Daniels fight on top of the belt. Daniels and Suicide fall to the mat and both men are down. Sabin and Shelley are on the cable while Red goes through the top of the structure. Red knocks Sabin down. Red has the belt to win the match.

Winner: Amazing Red

We take a look back at highlights from the match.

Taz and Mike talk about the ‘big event feel’ of the pay per view.

Lauren is with the Beautiful People in the back. Lauren reminds them that they lost last month but they have their rematch tonight. Velvet starts to talk and Madison stops her and tells her that it isn’t JB. Velvet says that the tag division was due to their work. The belts were created for them, but they are on the waists of Taylor Wilde and Sarita. Tonight they are going to take what is rightfully theirs. Madison says that they were dealing with all of the drama about how she was out and back in. Then she mentions Angelina being out. Madison blames all of that on their loss. Tonight, they will accessorize by adding a few belts. Lacey says that even though they lost their love, they will show that a little bit of lace can make everything okay.

Jeremy Borash is with Taylor Wilde and Sarita. He asks them about The Beautiful People’s comments about not being prepared. Taylor says that they are ready for anyone. They will continue to make history. Sarita says that there is nothing more beautiful than gold. Sarita speaks in Spanish and Jeremy asks Taylor what she said.

Match Number Two: TNA Knockouts Tag Title Match: Sarita and Taylor Wilde versus The Beautiful People

Lacey tries to get close to the referee before the match starts and she kisses him. She convinces the referee to get a chair for her. Earl Hebner comes out and he forces Lacey to the back despite a kiss.

Wilde with a rollup for a two count on Velvet as the bell rings. Wilde with an arm drag or two into an arm bar. Sarita tags in and she hits a drop toe hold and Wilde with a drop kick. They hit a double drop kick on Madison. Sarita with forearms to Velvet. Sarita hits Madison on the apron and Velvet with a clothesline to Sarita. Madison tags in and she punches Sarita. Madison with a kick and drop kick for a near fall. Velvet tags in and Sarita with chops. Velvet and Madison drop Sarita to the mat and then they pose and then Velvet remembers that a match is going on and she gets a near fall. Velvet with an Irish whip and Sarita pushes Velvet off. Sarita takes Velvet to the mat. Madison and Taylor tag and Taylor with clotheslines and a drop kick. Velvet turns into a missile drop kick from Sarita. Taylor with a German suplex after a springboard drop kick from Sarita for the three count.

Winners: Sarita and Taylor Wilde

It is now time to take a look at the Legends Title match.

Lauren is with Eric Young and Kevin Nash. She asks them if there is any alliance between the two of them. Eric says that he has negotiated the deal of a lifetime. He mentions the Hernandez Summit. Eric talks about how he thought Hernandez was a brother and offered him a spot in the greatest group in wrestling. Eric says that both of them consider Hernandez to be a black mark on their industry. Lauren asks Eric if the $60,000 has anything to do with it. Nash says that it is a win win situation. He walks out the Legends Champion and $60,000 richer. Eric walks out unscathed.

Match Number Three: Legends Title Match: Kevin Nash versus Eric Young versus Hernandez

Hernandez brings Young into the ring by his shirt and the match starts. Hernandez with clotheslines to Young and then he hits a shoulder block that sends Young over the top rope to the floor. Hernandez attacks Young on the floor and Nash goes after Hernandez. Nash with knees and then he sends Hernandez into the apron. Young with a punch and then Nash sends Hernandez into the ring post. Hernandez Irish whips Nash into the ring post.

Young and Hernandez are in the ring and Hernandez with chops. Hernandez with a shoulder and then he hits a backbreaker on Young but Nash breaks up the cover. Nash with knees in the corner on Hernandez and Young with a chop and punch. Nash with some more work on Hernandez and Young jumps in for some punches. Nash and Young choke Hernandez with their boots. Nash with a back elbow in the corner. Hernandez with a kick to Nash and then he tries for a suplex on Young but Nash hits Hernandez in the back and Young with a suplex of his own. Nash chokes Hernandez in the corner. Young does the same.

Hernandez with forearms to Nash and Young but Nash and Young with a double back elbow. Young with a cover and Nash breaks it up after Hernandez kicks out. Young tries to apologize to Nash. Young kicks Hernandez in the corner and Nash punches Hernandez. Nash sends Young into the corner for a clothesline on Hernandez and then Young does the same. Hernandez fights off Young and Nash after getting on top and he hits a missile drop kick on Nash. Hernandez goes to the apron and Hernandez punches Young and hits the slingshot shoulder on Nash. Hernandez with clotheslines to Young and Nash. Hernandez with a back body drop to Young but Nash hits Hernandez from behind and all three men are down.

Hernandez with a double clothesline on Nash and Young. All three men are down again. Hernandez is up first and he catches Young coming off the ropes. Hernandez with a sit out power bomb and Nash breaks up the cover. Hernandez with a plancha onto Young. Hernandez rolls Young back into the ring and Nash with a big boot to Hernandez as he enters the ring. Young rolls Hernandez back in. Young goes up top for an elbow drop and then he pulls down Nash’s straps. Nash sets for the Jackknife power bomb but Hernandez is sent into Nash’s lower groin by Young and Young with the three count.

Winner: Eric Young

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