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By Mike Johnson on 2009-07-19 22:50:00

Jeremy Borash came out to ringside to interview the new Tag Team champions.  Booker said he told everyone they were going to do it, because they were Mafia.  Booker said if anyone wants some, they can come get some.  Steiner said they were going to get the Tag belts and they did it.  He claimed they were the greatest of all time.  Steiner promised that Kurt Angle was going to take Mick Foley down tonight.

Backstage, Lauren asked Samoa Joe if the mystery of his advisor will be revealed tonight.  Joe said that he's here and ready to war.  He said this person was the man who was responsible for everything he's become and as a gift, he's going to deliver him Sting's head.  He said it was showtime for Sting and it would be his final scene.  Usual good Joe promo.

Sting vs. Samoa Joe

Joe and Sting began brawling as soon as Sting hit the ring.  They went to the floor, where Joe slammed Sting into the apron.  Joe tossed Sting into the crowd.  They brawled towards one of the walls and Joe slammed Sting into it.  Sting fought Joe off and threw him into the wall.      They brawled back to the ringside area.  Joe suplexed Sting onto the rampway leading to the ring.

Joe continued to beat down Sting, who reversed a whip into the railing.  They returned to the ring.  Sting bit Joe on the face and began kicking away at him.  Joe came back and began peppering Sting with punches.  Joe hit a running elbow and then a kick in the corner.  Joe locked on a chinlock to wear Sting down.  Sting fought his way back but Joe began drilling him with chops, punches and headbutts.

Joe continued the assault on Sting, who began making the superman comeback.  Joe caught Sting with a sleeper but Sting dropped backwards to take out Joe.  Joe began nailing Sting with a series of rights but was caught with a clothesline.  Sting and Joe continued going back and forth.  Sting took Joe down with a kick to the side of the head.

Sting went to the top rope but changed his mind.  He nailed the Stinger Splash and went for the Scorpion Deathlock.  He locked it in and music began playing.  Out comes Taz in a black suit.  Joe escaped and wakes up.  Joe and Sting go back and forth.  Sting nailed an elbow and nailed a flying clothesline off the top for a two count.  Taz began screaming instructions.

Joe cuts off Sting and goes for the muscle buster.  Sting fights him off but is caught in the Tazmission.  Sting finally taps out clean.

Your winner, Samoa Joe!

Joe and Taz exchanged words afterwards and Joe glared into the camera. 

Match was decent but not the off the charts style their Bound for Glory bout last year was.  I can't believe they didn't give Taz a chance to cut a promo. 

They went right to a video feature on Bobby Lashley announcing he had signed with TNA.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Mick Foley.  Foley said perhaps it's just the Main Event Mafia's night.  He said that unlike most foes, he doesn't have a weakness to exploit in his opponent.  That said, he nailed Angle with an elbow and Angle was out for a minute so he knows he can take out Angle.  He said that backstage after Angle won the belt, he was having problems with his left hand because of his ongoing neck issues and knows that Angle was told he'd be OK unless there were extenuating circumstances.  Foley said those circumstances were him and said that if Angle wants to be champion, he's going to have to beat Foley.  Good promo.

TNA champ Kurt Angle vs. Mick Foley

This is their first-ever singles bout.  They really need to tear the house down as this show hasn't had any major memorable bouts, promos or moments.  The bad news is Angle has some sort of groin injury, so we'll see how this unfolds.  Foley's wife and kids are all sitting ringside in the second row under the hard camera.

They started slow.  Foley caught Angle with an elbow and Angle went to the floor to escape.  The locked up and Foley clobbered him across the back, then locked in a front facelock.  Foley nailed a suplex for a two count.  Angle raked Foley's eyes but is favoring his neck and head.  Angle began choking Foley against the ropes.

They went to the back.  Foley took a backdrop onto the ring steps.  Angle then slammed him into the steps face first.  Back in the ring, Angle continued to work on Foley's knees and legs.  Foley fought back, focusing on Angle's neck.  Angle went for a back suplex but Foley turned it into an armbar.  Angle rolled through and locked in an anklelock.  Foley was able to kick him off but was caught with a clothesline.  Angle went for a moonsault but missed.

Foley comes back with the sock but Angle shoved off Foley, who bumped the referee.  Angle hit the Olympic Slam for a two count.  Angle dropped an elbow on the referee.  Don West said he was upset over a slow count.  Angle grabbed a chair but Foley caught him with the Mandible Claw.  Foley then tossed Angle to the floor and hit the elbow off the apron to the floor.  Foley got Angle into the ring for a pin but Angle got his shoulder up before the three count.

Foley locked on the Mandible Claw while scissoring Angle's body.  The arm dropped twice but Angle fought Foley off and began mauling him with punches, then locked in the anklelock.  Foley fought his way to the ropes and finally made it, forcing a break.  Angle dragged Foley back to the center of the ring, then locked in the anklelock again.  Foley finally tapped.

Your winner and still TNA champion Kurt Angle!

I don't think anyone was expecting an all-time match classic here but if you were, it didn't happen.  It was another solid bout but nothing over the top memorable. 

The show ended with the entire Main Event Mafia, holding all the main titles, celebrating in the ring while Foley struggled to recover.  Taz was with them.

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