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By Mike Johnson on 2009-07-19 22:50:00

Mick Foley was having a locker room meeting with TNA Tag Team champions and TNA Legends champion AJ Styles.  He said that he may not have been the best boss in the world, but he never messed with their jobs.  He said that if they lose the belts tonight, The Mafia will use everything they can to their advantage and everyone's jobs will be in jeopardy, including his own.  Kind of funny to see serious Foley after all his goofiness of the last few months in TNA but no one will do a better job of getting the storylines over than him.  Foley asked him to retain their belts so at the end, he's not the only defender of TNA when the night comes to an end.  He asked them if they were in and they agreed.

IWGP Tag Team champions Team 3D vs. The British Invasion (with Rob Terry)

Doug Williams and Devon opened the bout.  Magnus tagged in.  Brother Ray handed him some clubbering.  Ray clotheslined Magnus over the top to the floor.  Magnus improves every month.  Putting him in the UK unit was a great idea.  Williams distracted Ray for Magnus to attack him but Ray was too smart for it.  Still, The Invasion double teamed Ray.  Williams nailed an uppercut off the ropes.   Magnus choked Ray against the middle rope.

The Invasion began making fast tags in and out.  Williams caught Ray with an elbow as he charged the corner.    Ray came back.  Devon went to the top for the wazzup headbutt but Rob Terry shoved him off the ropes.  Williams used his boot to choke out Ray.  The Invasion continued to work over Ray.  They nailed a double backdrop on Ray.  Magnus began punching Ray, who fought back.  Ray finally got the better of him and made the hot tag to Devon.

Devon began working over Magnus and Williams.  Devon slammed Williams and dropped down into a headbutt for a two count.  He nailed a sideslam for a second but Magnus broke it up.  Devon and Ray nailed a back suplex/neckbreaker combination for a two count on Magnus.  Devon went to the top for the wazzup and this time, nailed it off the top rope.    The fans called for 3D to get the tables and chanted for it.

Devon brought onto into the ring but was attacked on the floor by Rob Terry.  Ray set up the table but was attacked by Williams and Magnus.  Ray tossed Magnus out of the ring.  Rob Terry went to clothesline Ray, who ducked and he drilled Williams.  3D tossed Terry out of the ring and then nailed the 3D on Williams for the pin.

Your winners and still IWGP Tag Team champions Team 3D!

Kiyoshi and Sheik Abdul Bashir, allies of the British Invasion, hit the ring and attacked 3D.  3D made their own comeback and Ray nailed a superbomb of the ropes through a table for the big pop.

Good tag match.  Williams has always been great, 3D have good showings when they have the time to put together a strong match and Magnus is continuing to improve.  Solid, entertaining tag bout here.

Mike Tenay and Don West talked about the controversy of the finish of the Knockouts championship bout with Tara having her leg on the rope.  Lauren was standing by with Slick Johnson.  He said he was out of position and feels bad that he cost her the title, but the referee's decision is final.  Johnson said he was going to Jim Cornette to request Tara get a rematch.

Jenna Morasca (with Awesome Kong) vs. Sharmell (with Sojourner Bolt)

Morasca was slapping hands on the way to the ring.  Physically in her ring gear, she didn't stand out compared to some of the women in the company.  Hey, isn't she a heel, because she's playing babyface.  Sharmell is wrestling in her evening gown.  They lock up and Sharmell knees her in the gut.   Sharmell slams her head first into the mat.  She begins stomping on her and tearing at Jenna's hair but the referee breaks them up.  Sharmell covered Morasca for a two count.

Sharmell locked on a camel clutch to make her humble.  This is all Sharmell killing Jenna early.   Sharmell begins kicking and slapping her in the corner.  Jenna landed the WORST slaps in the history of the business.    They began doing the catfight roll around on the mat with Hebner ending up rolling around.  Jenna began choking Sharmell but Hebner pulled her off.  They showed that she had ripped out some of  Sharmell's hair.

Sharmell charged Jenna, who moved.  Sharmell nailed Sojo, who bumped off the apron to the floor. Jenna gave Kong the hair.  Sharmell asked for it back and Kong obliged, then punched out Sharmell.  Jenna covered Sharmell and did a pseudo lapdance during the cover.

Your winner, Jenna Morasca!

After the match, Morasca was all riled up by her win and began giving Kong static.  Kong laid her out and splashed her.

This may end up being one of the worst segments of the year.  WOW.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Kevin Nash, asking him his reaction to Kurt Angle's announcement that if they lost, they'd be fired.  Nash said all the stuff Mick Foley said to the other locker room was garbage.  Nash said he was so confident tonight that if he didn't win, he would retire.  He promised to win the Legends championship.

TNA Legends champ AJ Styles vs. Kevin Nash

Obviously, the size difference should be the story here.  They circled each other for a long time.  Styles did some hit and run tactics early.  Nash finally caught Styles with several knees in the corner.  Nash lined up Styles and drilled him with a standing elbow in a corner.  Nash drilled Styles with a clothesline for a two count.

Styles came back with a back elbow out of the corner.  Styles came off the ropes but Nash nailed him with a big boot and Styles went over the top to the floor.  Much slower paced bout than usual for Styles so far.  Nash rolled Styles back into the ring.  Nash went for a powerbomb but Styles rained down with punches and Nash fell backwards with Styles on top.  Styles scored a near fall.

Styles began ducking and weaving while nailing strikes and kicks.    Styles began working over Nash with a series of rights.    Styles began using the Garvin Stomp on  Nash's legs.  Styles continued stomping on Nash's knees.  He locked up Nash's legs in a submission attempt but Nash fought him off.  AJ came back with the springboard forearm smash into the ring for a two count.  Styles went for a kick.  Nash blocked it and Styles hit the Pele Kick.  He went outside for a springboard but was caught by Nash and chokeslammed for the pin.

Your winner and new TNA Legends champion Kevin Nash!

They showed Styles beating the mat in frustration and anger after the bout.

This was about as good as it could have been given the limitations of the match.

Lauren was in the women's locker room trying to get an interview with Tara.  Slick Johnson came out of the shower, followed by Madison Rayne, so she was screwing with him in exchange for Love getting the belt back.  Rayne told Lauren to mind her business and keep her mouth shut, since, you know, everyone who was watching on CAMERA couldn't see all this to begin with.  Dumb.

TNA Tag Team champs Beer Money Inc. vs. Scott Steiner & Booker T

Booker and James Storm started out.  Storm got the better of a nice exchange and drilled him with some rights.  Storm nails him with a knee to the face and a neckbreaker.  Roode and Steiner tagged in.  Steiner shoulderblocked him down but Roode came back with a kneedrop for a two count.

Roode and Storm nailed a double suplex.  Booker was clotheslined over the top to the floor and Beer Money celebrated.  Storm nailed a baseball slide kick to the outside on Steiner.  Storm worked over Steiner when they returned to the ring.  Booker nailed Storm from behind.    Booker pulled him out of the ring and dropped him across the railing.

Steiner and Booker continued to work over Steiner.  Storm fought his way out of a Steiner chinlock but was nailed with an overhead belly to belly suplex.  Storm tried to fight off Steiner but continued to get worked over with chops in the corner.  Storm finally nailed a Tornado DDT out of the corner on Steiner and finally makes the hot tag to Robert Roode.

Roode cleans house on Booker and Steiner.  He ducks a clothesline and nailed Steiner with a neckbreaker. Roode elbowed a charging Steiner and went to the middle rope for a snapmare, getting another two count.  Booker was going to interfere but Storm nailed an enziguiri.  Storm and Roode worked over Steiner, who kicked up at two.

Steiner nailed an STO on Roode for a two count.  Storm spits beer in Steiner's face.  The ref got bumped.  Beer Money hit the DWI but Booker pulled the referee out of the ring.  Hebner began yelling at Storm to get out of the ring, allowing Booker to nail the Ax Kick on Roode.  They scored the pin.

Your winners and new TNA Tag Team champions Booker T & Scott Steiner!

Match never really got out of first gear, sort of like this show.

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