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By Mike Johnson on 2009-06-21 22:55:00

TNA Tag Team champions Team 3D vs. Beer Money Inc.

Remember, the storyline is that 3D didn't arrive until just a short time ago after a 20 hour travel day from Japan.

Robert Roode controlled Devon early.  Ray tagged in.  He and Roode slugged each other back and forth.  Ray caught him with a boot.  Ray caught Roode with several chops in the corner.  Roode fired back but Ray caught him with a release back suplex.  3D caught Roode with some double team maneuvers.

James Storm tagged in but Devon caught him with a boot in the corner.  Roode grabbed Devon's legs and crotched him in the ringpost.  Storm drilled him with a running clothesline.  Roode tagged in and began choking Devon.  3D made a comeback and called for the tables.

Devon set up a table outside the ring.  Storm attacked him from behind.  He went to powerbomb Devon through it but Ray grabbed him by the hair.  Roode grabbed Ray with a spinebuster for a two count.  Beer Money nailed a double suplex on Ray. 

The British Invasion made their way to the ring.  Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams joined Tenay and Williams at ringside.  Beer Money continued the assault on Ray.  Ray came back to kick Roode and nail Storm with an uranage.  Devon tagged in and cleaned house on Beer Money.  He clotheslined Storm then delivered one to Roode for a two count.  Storm broke up the pinfall attempt.

Devon nailed a scoop powerslam then a chokeslam on Roode but Storm broke it up.  Ray dispatched Storm.  Ray nailed a back suplex while Devon hit a neckbreaker.  Storm hit a crossbody off the top.  Devon came back to clothesline Roode.  3D set up for the Doomsday Device but Storm broke it up and hit a back cracker on Ray.  Storm hit a top rope hurancanrana on Devon.  Roode hit a frog splash for a two count.

3D nailed the Doomsday Device on Roode but he kicked up.  Storm returned to the apron and spit beer at Devon who ducked.  Roode was blinded and nailed with 3D but Rob Terry got on the apron.  Ray drilled him, then dove off the top onto Terry and Magnus.  Williams got on the apron but Devon sent him off through the table.

Roode and Storm nailed Devon with DWI and scored the pin on Devon.

Your winners and new TNA Tag Team champions, Beer Money!

Good tag match.  I could have done without the British Invasion at the end, but you needed to keep them in the mix after their great performance last month and this finish sets up a more heated three way feud for the tag straps. 

Jeremy Borash interviewed Kurt Angle.  Borash asked him if tonight would be the night Samoa Joe fulfills his destiny.  Angle said tonight is about him and Joe, no one else.  Angle said he survived Joe's wrath and when he is done tonight, the Main Event Mafia will fulfill their position at the top of TNA.  He said tonight, he and Joe will settle their differences for once and for all.

TNA champion Mick Foley vs. Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. TNA Legends champ AJ Styles: King of the Mountain

Angle came out wearing a Pittsburgh jersey and a fan hurled something at him.  Joe put on a Red Wings jersey and attacked Angle immediately.    Since Joe attacked Angle, he was DQ'd before the bell, so Angle was eligible and Joe had to start in the penalty box.  Given Joe's tricep tear, actually a smart way to work around it.  Angle is a dead wringer for Randy Couture now.  Styles and Jarrett worked over Angle immediately as Foley stayed outside protecting himself.

Foley's pants actually say Tweak and Tweet across the legs.  LAME!  You can, however, follow PWInsider at twitter/pwinsidercom.

The entire first two minutes was Jarrett and Styles working over Angle.  Foley picked up Jarrett for a slam and fell backwards.  Foley wanted to get pinned and did.  Joe returned to the ring and began clotheslining everyone.  Joe caught Jarrett with a running back elbow in the corner.  

Styles ducked a Joe clothesline and hit a sliding kick to Angle on the outside.  Joe dropped Jarrett with an inverted atomic drop and hit a clothesline and back senton splash for a two count.  Styles dropped Angle across the guard rail outside.  Angle returned to the ring but Joe clotheslined him out of the ring.  Foley and Joe went at it.  Joe hit a discus forearm shot.  Joe locked on a Tazmission as the other three all brawled out of the ring.  Jarrett got tossed over the rail into the crowd.  Joe choked out Foley and could now hang the belt.

Angle, Jarrett and Joe are now able to hang the belt.

Angle pulled a ladder into the ring but Joe used it as a weapon on Jarrett and Angle.  I love how the ladder has the TNA website address.  Joe hit a suplex onto the ladder on Angle.  Jarrett sets up the ladder in the corner.  Jarrett whipped Joe into the corner but Joe reversed and Jeff ate ladder.  Joe stomped away on his opponents as Styles began recovering outside.  Foley was released from the penalty box.

Joe made his way to the top of the ladder but Foley took the ladder out and Joe took a nasty bump backwards, nailing the ladder on the way down.  Foley whipped Joe into the corner.  Jarrett threw a ladder at Angle on the floor.  Jarrett set another ladder up in the center of the ring and began ascending. He was pulled down.  Angle and Foley began brawling in the ring.  Styles began kicking Angle in the corner.

Styles set up the ladder in the corner.  AJ went to smash Angle into it.  Angle blocked and went for a back suplex.  Styles landed on his feet but was caught and hit with a suplex into the ladder.  Jarrett went to hit the El Kabong but Angle kicked him.  Jarrett went for a move but it was reversed into the anklelock.  Jarrett kicked Angle off and nailed him with the guitar over the head.    The crowd chanted, "TNA".

Jarrett set up the ladder and made his way.  Foley caught up on the other side.  Foley asked Jeff to give him the belt.  Jarrett began punching him.  Styles hit a springboard off the ropes and dropkicked the ladder.  Foley and Jarrett went flying.  Styles came up holding his back.  Styles and Foley battled.  Joe worked over Jarrett in the corner and Jeff rolled out of the ring. 

Joe began setting a ladder across the center turnbuckle.  Foley went to the top of the penalty box.  Styles followed.  Foley teased a suplex off but Styles fought him off.  Styles teased suplexing Foley off the cage through the announce table but Foley fought him off and tossed him into the ring.  Joe went for the choke but Jarrett nailed him with the stroke into the ladder. 

Angle attacked Jarrett and locked on the anklelock.  Foley came off the top of the penalty box with an elbow on Angle and pinned him.  Foley began climbing up.  Styles grabbed the Legends title and drilled Foley with it.  Foley took a bump off the ladder.  Styles and Joe took turns working over Foley.  Styles nailed the Pele Kick on Foley, who rolled out of the ring.  Joe backdropped Styles out of the ring into a flip dive on Foley.  Styles pinned Foley on the floor to become eligible.  Everyone can now win.

Jarrett got back to his feet and began to set up a ladder.  He nailed Joe with it, then began climbing the ladder.  Styles followed on the opposite side.  Angle went after Jarrett, trying to pull him off.  Jarrett dove off the ladder onto Angle.  Styles dropped the title and when he went to retrieve it, he and Joe began battling back and forth.  Styles nailed him with a dropkick.

Foley drilled Styles with the TNA title.  Joe dropkicked the title belt into Foley's face.  Jarrett and Foley began brawling on the floor.  Foley nailed the Mandible Claw.  Joe climbed up the ladder but Styles grabbed his leg.  Styles pulled Joe off the apron.  Styles began pulling him off the ladder and tossed Styles into the corner.  Styles reversed a whip and Joe dove through the ropes on Jarrett and Foley.  Joe was grabbing the ladder.

Styles was attacked by Angle but hit the Styles Clash.  Styles went to the top but was powerbombed off the ladder by Joe.  Joe was faking the injury.  Joe went to the top of the ladder.  Angle followed.  Joe handed Angle the title and let him hang it, so Joe turned heel.

Your winner and new TNA champion Kurt Angle.

The Main Event Mafia came out on stage to applaud the new champion as they went off the air.

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