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By Mike Johnson on 2009-06-21 22:55:00

They aired a Knockouts championship promotional video.

TNA Knockouts champion Angelina Love vs. Tara

They had a staredown at the onset of the match.  Tara teased the Widow's Peak, grabbing Love by her hair before dropping her down.  Tara whipped her across the ring by her hair for a one cout.  Love rolled out of the ring into the arms of the other Beautiful People.  Tara slipped through the ropes to kick Love into the railing backwards.  She tossed Love back into the ring but as she prepared to step through the ropes, the other People pulled her off the apron to the floor.  Tara was tossed back into the ring but kicked out of a pinfall attempt.

Love came off the ropes with a dropkick for another pinfall attempt.  Tara came back with a sunset flip attempt.  Love returned with a spin kick for another two count.  Tara continued to kick out.  Tara was tossed to the floor, where Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne worked her over and tossed her into the ring steps.  Love was unable to score the pin and threw a tantrum about it.

Love began kicking at Tara in the corner.  Tara came back with a kick to the mid-section and began firing back with rights.  Tara clotheslined her several times and slammed her down.  Velvet Sky was able to blind her with hairspray, leading to Love getting the pin.

Your winner and still Knockouts champion Angelina Love!

Match was good until the finish.  I'd like to see what more these two can do in the future.  Tara looked really good.

Backstage, Lauren interviewed Dr. Stevie who had Raven and Daffney with him.  Stevie said that Lauren was unprofessional and has some sort of issues they will have to put to rest after the Monster's Ball.  Stevie said he spent hundreds of hours trying to put the jigsaw puzzle that is Chris Parks back together but he can't be put back together.  Raven cut one of his really intelligent cryptic promos that when you boil it down, mean nothing but sounds cool.  Raven said he and Abyss are both addicts for the pain and misery.  Raven promised it would be his glorious night of redemption because nothing is ever going to change and they are both hopeless addicts on their way to hell.  He promised that he and Abyss would both have a breakthrough, even if it kills them both.  Raven began laughing maniacally and crying as he hugged Richards.

Raven & Daffney (with Dr. Stevie Richards) vs. Taylor Wilde & Abyss - Monster's Ball

All four brawl in the ring.  Abyss whipped Raven into Daffney, then charges Raven in the corner.  Raven moved, leaving Daffney to take it full force.  Richards tossed Raven a trash can but Abyss punched the can, knocking down Raven.  I thought Abyss sliced his hand on the can since he pierced it.  Abyss pressed and tossed Daffney out of the ring on all the heels.  Daffney then hit a dive onto all three.  Fun opening sequence.

Abyss and Raven brawled into the crowd.  Daffney and Taylor brawled on the floor.  It was some fun carnage.  Raven grabbed a guard rail and held it over Abyss' throat.    They brawled towards some tables.  Raven tossed Abyss into steel railing.   Daffney and Wilde brawled into the same area.  Wilde climbed atop some of the staging equipment and dove off, putting Daffney through one of the tables. 

Raven and Abyss made their way back to the ring.  Raven grabbed a Singapore Cane but Abyss drilled him with a right.  Abyss grabbed a bag of thumbtacks from under the ring.  He entered the ring but was drilled in the head with a chair by Dr. Stevie.    Abyss was busted open.

Raven nailed the drop toe hold into a chair spot on Abyss.  Richards began tossing weapons into the ring.  Raven began beating Abyss with a cane.  Abyss made his way back and began destroying Raven with the cane and trash can shots.  Abyss grabbed a new trash can and Abyss teased a chokeslam.  He went for the chokeslam but the trash can rolled.  The announcers claimed Raven kicked it out of the way, which was a great save.

Richards got on the apron to argue with the referee.  He distracted Abyss.  Raven attacked Abyss and went to nail him with a trash can, but instead nailed Stevie.  Abyss used a Rocket Launcher, sending Taylor onto Raven.  Abyss grabbed the bag of tacks.  He dumped them in the ring.  Daffney attacked him from behind.  Abyss stalked her.  She tried to run but the tacks stopped her.  Wilde grabbed her with a spinebuster into the tacks.  She dove onto Daffney, going for a pin in the tacks but Richards broke up the pin.

Abyss grabbed Richards for a chokeslam on the tacks but Raven drilled Abyss in the back with a chair.  Raven hit the Evenflow DDT but Abyss kicked up.  Abyss nailed the Black Hole Slam into the tacks and scored the pin.

Your winners, Abyss & Taylor Wilde!

If you hate weapons and bumps, you won't enjoy this.  It was your typical match of that style with the new twist being Daffney taking the tacks.  I thought everyone involved worked really hard.  It was Raven's best PPV match in forever.  Daffney and Wilde worked far beyond any expectations to be sure.  Abyss put in his usual tough performance. 

Jeremy Borash interviewed Jeff Jarrett.  He noted that Jarrett said that he claims he has no desire to be TNA champion but says tonight will be the "night he takes his company back."  He asked if that was a contradiction.  Jarrett says that he doesn't want to be the TNA champion as he has a lot of responsibilities, but Foley is a ticking timebomb and until the title is off of him, Jarrett can't sleep.  He said he is sick of Mick Foley's head games.  He said that after he gets the belt off Foley, then he will figure out what he is going to do.

They aired a Sting vs. Matt Morgan video feature.

Matt Morgan vs. Sting

They locked up and Morgan shoved him right out of the ring to get over his power.  Morgan followed him to the floor and slammed Sting into the railing.  Morgan grabbed Sting by his legs and slammed his head into the railing.  They battled back to the ring but Sting snapped him over the ropes and kicked him to the floor.  Sting went after Morgan's leg and chopped and kicked at him.

They announced Team 3D just arrived in Detroit.

Morgan powered Sting into a corner and began drilling him with back elbows.  Morgan picked up Sting and slammed him down.  He dropped a leg and scored a two count.  Morgan continued to control the match, choking Sting against the ropes.  Morgan nailed a guillotine legdrop with Sting's head braced over the bottom rope on the apron.  Morgan locked on a side chinlock as Sting battled his way to his feet and tried to escape.  Morgan forced him back to the mat for another two count.

Sting avoided a charge in the corner then hit a missile dropkick off the top.  Didn't expect to see that out of Sting.  Morgan drilled him with the Carbon Footprint for a two count.  Morgan called for the Hellavator but Sting got out of it.  Sting was supposed to grab him for the Scorpion Death Drop but they just slipped down.  Morgan scored a two count.  They got to their feet.  Sting nailed the Death Drop for a two count.

Sting called for the Scorpion Deathlock but Morgan powered out.  Sting grabbed Morgan in the corner and hit the Scorpion Death Drop off the center turnbuckle and scored the pin.

Your winner, Sting!

They worked really hard.  Morgan was a perfect opponent for Sting since he always worked best with larger adversaries.  Solid match and probably the best either have looked in awhile.

They officially announced Bound for Glory would be in California.

Backstage, Lauren interviewed Samoa Joe and Legends champion AJ Styles.  She said they may have to work on the same page in order to get ahead.  Styles said the match is all about strategy and sticking to it.  He said that he and Joe have been talking strategy for weeks.  He said that he doesn't care if he or Joe win the title because they are putting the company back in the hands of the Originals.  Joe said that he promised to bring a Nation of Violence to TNA and did that to the Main Event Mafia.  He said it was down to Kurt Angle and said that tonight, they would become the most powerful force in wrestling.

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