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By Buck Woodward on 2009-06-07 22:50:48

A very serious looking John Cena was shown getting ready for his match in the back.  The events leading to the Submission Match was shown.


John Cena vs. Big Show in a Submission match.


Show threw jabs in the air at the start, and Cena threw and connected with leg kicks until Show caught one and hit a clothesline.  Show went for the camel clutch, but Cena slid out behind him and went for the STF, but Show was too big, so Cena backed off.  Show smiled as he got up.  Cena kicked the leg again, got caught again, but this time dodged the clothesline.  Cena threw some body blows, then bounced off the ropes and got caught with a Big Show kick.  Show punched Cena in the gut twice, doubling him over.  Show put Cena in a corner, then hit an avalanche.  Cena crumbled to the match.  Show said "You didn't think this was going to be easy, did you?" and tossed him into a corner.  Show missed an avalanche and Cena went for a bulldog, but Show shoved Cena out of the ring. 


Show rammed Cena gut first into the ringpost.  Show punched Cena in the gut as he got back in the ring, then headbutted him. Show went to tie Cena's arms in the ropes, but Cena started throwing punches to get away.  Cena went for a shoulderblock, but bounced off of Show.  Show punched Cena in the gut, and said "I can last all day.  I'm going to break you, you know this" and headbutted him. Show applied a full nelson, but never got his fingers locked, a Cena strained to block it.  Cena powered out of it, but Show headbutted Cena in the back.  Show ran into a Cena kick, and Cena jumped on Show's back with a chinlock.  Show went down to one knee, but then armdragged out of it.  Show kicked Cena in the gut and gave him a reverse powerbomb. Both men were down on the mat, with Show getting up first.


Show dropped his weight on Cena by the ropes, driving his rear end into Cena's side.  Show put Cena in a corner and chopped him.  Cena tried to fire off some shots, but Show hammered him to the mat.  Show punched Cena in the gut, then hit a vertical suplex.  Show stood on Cena's mid section.  Show choked Cena with the ropes, but Cena escaped, only to be knocked back down to the mat.  Show stepped on Cena again, then went for the middle rope V-Bomb.  Cena rolled out of the way, then went to slam Show, only to collapse under the weight.  Show locked in a head and arm choke as he was on top of Cena. 


Cena fought out of the hold and Show went for a chokeslam, which Cena blocked, and Show instead shoved Cena over the top rope and to the floor. Back in the ring, Show applied an abdominal stretch, then added in a body claw as well at one point.  Cena powered out of the move, but Show grabbed him by the throat for a chokeslam.  Cena blocked the chokeslam and hit a DDT.  Cena went for the STF, but Show kicked Cena off, sending him through the ropes and to the floor.  Show pulled Cena up to the apron but the head, but Cena kicked Show from the apron, then went to the top rope.  Cena jumped into a Big Show bear hug, but Cena punched out of it and poked Show in the eyes to escape.  Cena gave Show the Throwback, then did the "You Can't See Me" gesture and hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle fistdrop.  Show got right up and went to chokeslam Cena, but Cena floated out of it and gave Show the Attitude Adjustment.  Cena went for the STF, but Show elbowed it away. 


Show decked Cena with a right hand, and Cena fell to the floor.  Show went outside and picked Cena up off the mat for a slam, but Cena floated over him and rammed Show headfirst into the ringpost. Both men crawled into the ring, and Cena went to the top rope and nailed Show with a legdrop to the back of the head.  Cena tied Show's leg in the bottom and middle rope, then applied a crossface to Big Show.  They made it seem like it was an STF because the leg was locked in the ropes.  Show tapped out at the 19-minute mark.


Winner: John Cena.


The events leading to the main event were shown.


World Champion Edge vs. Jeff Hardy in a Ladder match.


Ladders all around the ring and up the aisle, including two ridiculously tall ladders on the stage.  The belt was already hung above the ring before Edge came out.  No facepaint for Hardy tonight, and he purposely walked under ladders as he came out.


They locked up and Edge hit a right hand in the corner.  Hardy leapfrogged Edge after a whip by Edge and hit a clothesline.  Jeff rammed Edge into a corner and kicked him repeatedly.  Jeff slammed Edge, then hit a legdrop.  Edge came back with a knee to Hardy's gut, then delivered an elbow to the back of the head.  Edge hit Hardy with a shoulderblock in a corner, then went for an Implant DDT, but Hardy blocked it and hit a gourdbuster.  Hardy rolled out of the ring and went for a ladder, but Edge hit him with a baseball slide kick, knocking the ladder into Hardy.  Hardy came back with a forearm as Edge was getting a ladder, and both returned to the ring with no ladder (although one was now leaning against the ring).  Edge charged Hardy, and Jeff backdropped Edge out of the ring.  Edge collided chest first with the ladder that was leaning against the ring.  Jeff pulled the ladder in and started to climb.


Edge pulled Hardy off the ladder and rammed him into it.  Edge went for a Hot Shot into the ladder, and Hardy got tangled in the ladder, bending it as he crashed into the mat.  Edge tossed the bent ladder and got another one.  Edge propped the ladder in a corner and whipped Hardy into it.  Edge rammed Hardy into the ladder, then went for a spear, but Hardy leapfrogged him and Edge ran into the ladder.  Hardy put the ladder in front of Edge in a corner, then hit the elevated kick into it.  Hardy tossed Edge into the ladder, then went for a baseball slide kick, but Edge moved and Hardy crashed into the ladder.  Edge put Hardy's leg between the halves of the ladder and rammed the top half down on it.  Edge then pulled Hardy so his torso was trapped in the ladder, and applied a Sharpshooter.  Hardy tapped, but there are no submissions in a ladder match.


Edge tossed Hardy to the floor, and Jeff clutched his leg.  Edge set up the ladder and began to climb, but Jeff went to the top rope and dropkicked the ladder, sending Edge crashing to the mat.  Hardy put the open ladder, upside down, against the ropes.  He picked up Edge for a suplex, then dropped him gut first across the supports of the ladder, causing the ladder to close on Edge as he hit them.  Hardy went to the floor and brought in a bigger ladder.  I mean, a HUGE ladder.  Jeff gave Edge a Twist Of Fate, then climbed the ladder, which was far away from the title belt.  Edge rolled away from the ladder.  Hardy tipped the ladder and jumped onto the cable holding the title belt as the ladder fell.  Edge grabbed Jeff's legs and pulled Hardy down to the mat before Jeff could grab the title belt.  Hardy hit the ladder on the mat when he landed.


Edge set up the ladder in the corner, but Hardy rammed Edge into it, then climbed halfway up the ladder and hit the Whisper In The Wind.  Hardy pulled another ladder into the ring.  Hardy set up this ladder closer to the title belt.  Edge got up, and Hardy clotheslined him, both men tumbling to the floor.  Edge hit a running kick on the outside.  Edge bridged a ladder between the ring apron and security wall.  Edge went for a suplex, but Hardy blocked it and rammed Edge into the security wall.  Hardy threw a ladder into Edge at ringside.  Hardy set up the ringsteps and went to whip Edge, but Edge reversed the whip and sent Hardy into the steps.  Edge threw Hardy into the security wall and a ladder. Edge grabbed the steps, but Hardy tripped Edge into them.  Hardy then used the steps to launch off, hooking Edge's head and ramming him into the security wall. 


Hardy put Edge on the ladder that was bridged at ringside, then set up a huge ladder, fairly far away.  Hardy climbed up, but Edge rolled off and climbed up the other side.   They fought on top of the ladder, which toppled, and both Edge and Hardy crashed through the bridged ladder, breaking it in half. Referees checked on both men.  Hardy clutched his shoulder, which didn't hit the ladder, but bounced off the floor upon landing.  They got back in the ring and slugged it out, with Jeff Hardy knocking Edge into a referee.  Hardy climbed the ladder under the belt, while Edge climbed the one in the corner.  Edge jumped off the ladder, looking to spear Hardy off the ladder, but Hardy caught him with a Twist Of Fate off the ladder as he attempted the move. 


Jeff Hardy climbed the ladder, but Edge climbed the other side and knocked Jeff down.  Jeff reached between the halves of the ladder and yanked both of Edge's legs though the space between two ladder rungs.  Hardy kept pulling, so Edge's body was wedged between the rungs, his legs dangling between the ladder. Edge was trapped, and Hardy climbed the ladder and grabbed the title belt at the 21-minute mark. 


Winner and new World Heavyweight Champion: Jeff Hardy.


Jim Ross entered the ring to interview Jeff Hardy, when CM Punk's music hit. Mixed reaction to Punk coming out.  Punk ran out, gave the Money In The Bank briefcase to a referee, and the bell was rung.  Punk grabbed Hardy and gave him a GTS.  Hardy kicked out at the two count.  Punk grabbed Hardy for a second, but Jeff rolled Punk into a small package for a one count.  Punk kicked Hardy in the head, delivered a second GTS, and hooked both of Punk's legs for the pin at under a minute.


Winner and new World Heavyweight Champion: CM Punk.


The show ended with CM Punk celebrating with the World Title, while a referee attended to Jeff Hardy in the ring.


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