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By Buck Woodward on 2009-06-07 22:50:48

They showed the commercial for the Randy Savage DVD, which comes out this week, and you can order in the Superstore.


Josh Mathews interviewed Batista, and they reviewed the Randy Orton-Ric Flair street fight from this past Monday.  Batista said that he was going to make Orton "pay" for kicking Flair's head.  Batista said he was going to take Orton's title, pride, dignity, health and that he was not going to stop until he wipes out his "entire Legacy." 


CM Punk vs. Umaga in a Samoan Strap match.


The match is being held under traditional "touch all four corners in succession" strap match rules.  They had a cool graphic to show who had touched corners.  Punk charged Umaga, and Umaga quickly took him down with an elbow.  Umaga went for a corner, but Punk attacked with a jumping knee and some shots, then tried to touch corners, but Umaga yanked him over with the strap and hit a Samoan Drop.  Umaga then whipped Punk with the strap repeatedly. Umaga hit a diving headbutt, then yanked Punk across the mat, stood on the floor, and used the strap to yank Punk's shoulder against the ringpost.  Umaga slammed Punk's arm against the ring steps twice and returned to the ring.


Umaga dropped Punk across the top rope gut first, then superkicked him off the apron and to the floor. Umaga started touching corners, with Punk on the floor and the strap going over the top rope.  Umaga had trouble reaching three, and went towards Punk.  Punk hit a kick to the head from the apron, then a springboard clothesline.  Punk called for the GTS, but Umaga slid off and hit a spin kick.  Umaga missed an avalanche, and Punk yanked the strap between Umaga's legs.  Umaga fell to the floor in pain, and Punk used the strap to pull Umaga into the ringpost.  Back in the ring, Punk hit a running knee and a bulldog, then touched three corners.  Umaga pulled Punk towards him with the strap and hit a spinning side slam.


Umaga touched three corners, but Punk clung to the ring ropes so Umaga could not get to the fourth.  Umaga charged Punk, who ducked and sent Umaga over the top rope and to the floor.  Punk touched two corners with Umaga on the floor, and managed to reach the third.  Umaga yanked the strap to pull Punk down and stop his momentum.  From the apron, Umaga hit a thrust chop to the throat.  Umaga went to the top rope, but Punk pulled him down with the strap, almost like an extended armdrag.  Punk touched three corners, but Umaga pulled on the strap to stop him on his way to the fourth.  Umaga pulled himself closer and closer with the strap, and went for the Samoan Spike, but Punk ducked it, hit the GTS on Umaga, and touched the fourth corner for the win at the nine minute mark.


Winner: CM Punk.


Gregory Helms interviewed Christian.  Christian talked about how if he wins tonight, he ends the career of Tommy Dreamer.  Christian acted like he was in deep thought about it, and then said "I'm sure going to miss him" and cracked some jokes about Dreamer, saying his body looks like a melted candle.  Christian then said he hoped he and Dreamer could still be friends, but he was keeping the ECW Title.  Dreamer entered, cracking on Christian, saying if he was the candle, Christian had the body of a wick, and the two argued.  Jack Swagger entered, and was about to start talking, but Christian and Dreamer just walked away from him, ignoring him.


ECW Champion Christian vs. Jack Swagger vs. Tommy Dreamer in an Extreme Rules match.


They did the "big match" intros for this bout after all the entrances were done.  Christian and Dreamer advanced on Swagger at the start, with Dreamer chasing Swagger around the ring and getting caught with a Swagger kick on the way in.  Christian hit Swagger with shots, but Swagger slammed him down.  Swagger tossed Christian from the ring and backdropped Dreamer, who fell to the floor.  Dreamer and Christian went under the ring and pulled out weapons.  There was an "ECW" chant.  Dreamer hit Swagger with a Singapore Cane and Christian hit him with a trash can lid.  They took turns hitting him, and Dreamer hit the old Sandman White Russian Legsweep on Swagger, but Christian broke up the cover.  Christian and Dreamer traded weapons shots, and Dreamer gave Christian a suplex using the cane. 


Christian rolled to the floor and Swagger attacked Dreamer, ramming him into a corner and hitting punches and kicks.  Swagger went for a trash can lid shot, but Swagger got backdropped over the top rope by Dreamer.  Dreamer took a trash can on the apron, and hit a somersault off the apron into Christian and Swagger with the trash can across his back.  Dreamer tossed Swagger back in the ring and hit a second rope cane clothesline.  Dreamer put Swagger in the Tree Of Woe, then put a trash can in front of his face.  Dreamer set up for the baseball slide kick, but Christian tripped him.  Christian then did the baseball slide kick into the trash can, into Swagger.  Christian and Dreamer traded shots, and Christian kicked Dreamer from the ring. 


Swagger hit Christian several times with the Singapore Cane, then hit a belly to belly suplex for a two count.  Swagger hit a gutbuster, then a Gorilla Press slam for a two count.  Swagger went to pull off a turnbuckle cover, but as he did, Dreamer hit him with a cane from the floor.  Christian went to cover Swagger, but Dreamer hit Christian with a trash can lid.  Dreamer slammed Christian on a trash can lid, but missed a second rope elbowdrop.  The fans wanted tables.  Christian went for a dive from the ring on Swagger, who caught him with a trash can. Dreamer tossed more weapons into the ring, and Swagger got in and picked up a trash can lid.  Swagger got hit in the gut with a caneshot, but Swagger came back with a belly to belly suplex.  Swagger hit Dreamer with a trash can, then lined up three trash cans on the mat.  Swagger set up to superplex Dreamer into the trash cans.  Christian got in and powerbombed Swagger as he did the superplex.  Swagger went into the mat, Dreamer into the trash cans.  Christian covered Dreamer for a two count, then Swagger for a two count.


Christian went to the floor and got a wooden crutch.  Christian went to the top rope, but as he came off, Swagger caught him with a kick to the gut.  Swagger grabbed the crutch and swung, but Christian ducked it.  Christian went for the Killswitch, but Swagger blocked it and rammed Christian into the turnbuckle that has been exposed earlier.  Swagger went for a powerbomb on Christian, but Dreamer hit Swagger in the gut with the crutch as he lifted him.  Dreamer broke the crutch across Swagger's back, and DDT'd Swagger for the three count at the nine minute mark.


Winner and new ECW Champion: Tommy Dreamer.


Dreamer went into the crowd and celebrated with the fans.


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